Dragon God System Chapter 89: 4th change of Asura


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Suddenly, Alan saw his body changed, his heart was now golden, his breathing was easier, and especially now, Alan had become imperturbable, it was as if the pain had disappeared, it was an absolute calm. There was no ripple.

The lava lion frowned. He didn't know why Alan was so calm when he had just lost an arm.

"System, what rank of pill do I need to grow my arm back? »

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[Ding! You need a regenerative pill of rank 10 to grow a limb back.]

"Rank 10 pill? It is worth 500,000,000 system points because it is a care pill. "Says Alan, now he knew he could have a new arm with 500,000,000 system points. But it will still have to reach a little bit, 500 million system points are huge.

"System, buy me a regenerative pill of rank 7 and an energy pill of rank 5." A pill of rank 7 was worth 5,000,000 system points. Although this will not push his arm back, it will allow blood to stop flowing and heal the wounds extremely quickly. The energy pill can restore his energy. The pill cost 10,000,000 system points.

This will allow Alan to continue to fight with all his energy, the Lava Lion had also wasted a lot of energy with his competence of holy rank. But when Alan looked into the air, the meteorites were still there, but they were stopped.

"It must be the lava lion who stopped his competence so he could kill me by surprise. "Thought Alan.

Alan took the regenerative pill and the energy pill at the same time. The pain in her arm and belly immediately disappeared, while her energy was almost at its maximum.

Alan smiled, then he looked at the lava lion and said, "It's time to finish. "Suddenly Alan's eyes emitted an absolutely shocking golden light, his eyes shone as he looked at the lava Lion.

He had used the new skill he had just had "Golden eyes piercing the heart. "The pressure emitted by his eyes were much stronger than under the king's aura. "But even with that, the expression of the lava lion didn't change much, there was just a little frown, as if the pressure was nothing to him.

"The king aura! "Alan decided to use two skills based on pressure and mind, hoping that a combo of the two would at least weaken the lava lion so that he could finish it.

He had guessed correctly, the fusion of the two skills made one feel enormous pressure, the "king's aura" skill that emitted royal pressure and the "golden eyes piercing the heart" that emitted pressure on the mind and heart of the person, the combo of the two was absolutely terrifying.

"What have you done to me! "The lava lion roared, he felt that his speed had decreased by at least 15% with such pressure on him.

"I reveal my strengths. "Smile Alan, of course, if he didn't have the main quest over, he would have taken both pills and run away. His skills were much lower than those of the Lava Lion.

"How can you have hidden assets when you didn't use them when you were about to die? And also how your wounds were healed so quickly? And your energy that has been restored? Who are you?! "The lava lion didn't understand anything anymore, a few moments ago, Alan was about to collapse, but now he was at his best.

"A miracle maybe. "Alan smiled as he rushed straight for the lava Lion to start the fight, at that moment he had only one arm left, naturally he was holding the sword with it. With the heart of gold, his understanding soared. Each sword strike was more precise and violent than the last, it was something magical.

"I'm going to turn your world into hell. Crimson sky! "Alan roared, suddenly an extremely thick aura escaped from Alan, the sky of blue origin turned red, a murderous intention encompassed the whole area. It was as if a battlefield where millions of people died had appeared. If the lava lion was at its peak and Alan didn't have the golden eye technique of piercing the heart, it wouldn't do any damage to the lava lion, but right now he was shaking.

"The world becomes nothing, I am the God of death, I erase the existence of those who oppose me, 4th change of Asura, eternal abyss!" Alan's voice was cold, there was no emotion. Asura's 4th change of change had appeared in her mind a few seconds ago.

Suddenly the ground opened, a thick death aura emerged from it. The lava lion was completely stunned, he didn't understand what was going on.

"Today the dead will be resurrected! Everyone, get up, and make your revenge a reality! Kill the one who killed you and free yourself from your shackles to access the path of resurrection! "As a result, thousands of spirits emerged from the ground, most of them being humans, while the others were beasts.

"Yo... You what have you done? You're a demon, how did you get the people I killed to come here? "The lava lion roared, his mind was shaken.

"It is only those who have an immense hatred against you who are there, those who could not go to the path of resurrection, those to whom your death was more important than their new lives, all his spirits are those who had his emotions! Died with them to leave their minds at peace. "Says, Alan. Her voice still had no emotion and had a coldness that would make the weakest of minds freeze.

All the spirits rushed to the lava lion to take it with them to the abyss.

"Even if I die with them, you will die too! "Suddenly, the lava lion raised his arms pointing the meteorites in the air, then before he went to the underworld with the spirits, he freed them all. The meteorites no longer fell one by one or five by five but all at the same time.

"Fuck, I forgot that! "Alan was running away at full speed with his "movement of nine lightning bolts" pushed to the maximum.



When the meteorites hit the ground, it caused shock waves of unprecedented violence. Shock waves would kill the weakest cultivators of the earth's realm. It was a show that could be seen from ten kilometers away.

"Without that big cat sticking behind me and with my restored energy, it's much easier to dodge them and destroy them. "Says, Alan. Even if he had only one arm, he had not lost any strength.

If someone lost an arm, they would lose 50% of their strength or become disabled. But for Alan, it was just embarrassing.

After about ten minutes, all the meteorites had fallen, there were craters everywhere. Alan was sitting on one of the meteorites. At that moment, he had put on the dress of the heavenly emperor. With a sleeve that was floating because of the lack of an arm. This gave him an absolutely divine charm, Alan's golden and cold eyes mixed with a beautiful face would captivate the coldest beauties.

[Ding! Lava lion killed, you received 2,000,000 system points + rare Bloodline = 6,000,000 system points.]

[Ding! Congratulations on completing the hidden quest

You have received the skill "fist of extinction of the world (high spiritual rank)" and unlocking the 1st heavenly meridian.

You killed the beast of rank 6, your rewards are doubled.

Hidden reward: Competence "Nine Seals of the Dragon (Medium Saint Rank)" and 2nd Celestial Meridians Unlocked.]

When Alan saw this, his eyes lit up, he was a little disappointed not to have recovered the body of the beast of rank 6 and especially its nucleus, but now he had unlocked 2 celestial meridians plus a technique of high spiritual rank and a saint skill of medium rank. It was amazing.

When Alan circulated his energy, it was at least 9 times faster than before, it was completely crazy, just 2 celestial meridians and it increased his energy circulation speed nine times.

"Let's see how fast I can go! "Alan moved with the movement of the nine flashes, it was even faster, he used less energy and in addition, his speed was increased by 20%.

"Unbelievable! "Alan was overjoyed. Misfortune has become happiness.

"Status! »

[Host: Alan Cheng]

[Age: 16 years old]

[Cultivation: 5th stage of terrestrial realm]

[Cultivation with solar body: 9th stage of terrestrial realm]

[Body culture: Asura Dragon God body with 6 claws]

[Soul Cultivation] Soul child final stage

[System point: 30,545,000]

[Bloodline: Asura Dragon God (Fusion) 100% Purity]

Bloodline's skill: King's aura, dragon's breath, invulnerable to the 7 elements (water, earth, air, air, fire, lightning, darkness and light), understanding of the 7 elements, dragon's hand (1 to 9 claws), demon's eye, Abyss of darkness and 18 Asura's change.]


[Celestial hammer (unknown)] Level 1/? = 400/500

[Nine energy waves (high land rank)] Level 5/9 = (180/2000)

[Movement of the nine flashes (high ground rank)] Level 9/9=(10000/10000)

[Art of the sacred sword (unknown)] Level 3/? = (1200/50000)

[Five Celestial Fingers] Level 3/5 = (250/500)

[Fist of extinction of the world (high spiritual rank)] Level 1/6 = (0/1000)

[Nine dragon seals (Medium Saint Rank)] Level 1/10 = (0/2000)

[Nine swords of the firmaments → the host's cultivation is too low to know the rank.]

[Culture technique: Dragon God culture method]

[Soul Culture Technique: Divine Soul Technique]

[Scarlet tribulation lightning technique]

[Intention of the sword → great perfection]

[18 Asura change] 4/4 = (150/5000)

1. Annihilation of hell

2. Asura Shape

3. crimson sky

4. Eternal abyss

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