Dragon God System Chapter 88: Fatal injury


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The eruption of power when he switched to his true form made Alan frown, he didn't expect his true form to be so powerful. At that moment, he thought that even if he fled, it was impossible, because the opponent's speed was much too high.

He was even wondering if he would have to buy an offensive talisman in the system to defeat him, but when he saw the 30 million price, he immediately rejected it, it was far too expensive, he preferred to fight and buy it if he really could not do anything.

"Human, die! "Suddenly the Lion's cry rang out, he ran straight into Alan. Alan didn't even have time to react that the Lion was already in front of him, his sharp claws tore his upper body, his clothes and skin couldn't resist this attack. Alan's blood was flowing, there was a large cut on the top of his body. If someone ordinary at the terrestrial stage received this attack, he would be shredded in half.

"Sorry Yan Fei, I couldn't save the clothes you made for me. "Alan didn't care about his injury, the only regret was Yan Fei's clothes, it was something precious to him. »

"Demonic beast, you touched something you shouldn't. "Alan seemed calm when he said that, but an extremely strong rage was in his heart, his murderous intent was skyrocketing.

Alan rushed to the Lava Lion with his sword of chaos mixed with the annihilation of darkness and his intention of the sword at the stage of perfection. Unfortunately, the lava lion dodged all this and although some sword blows touched the body of the lava lion, its body was now much stronger and more resistant than on its human form.

"Dragon Blow! "An absolutely gigantic breath came out of Alan's mouth, there were three mixed elements, fire, lightning and water, these were the three elements that Alan had in his body, even if the water and fire was basic and had no attributes, the lightning was extremely powerful, it was the lightning of the tribulation.

When the lava Lion saw this, he roared, suddenly he opened his mouth and then a gigantic fireball formed in front of her, even if it was much less big than her hereditary skill, it was as big as the fireball Alan had called before.

"BOOM" The two faced each other, but quickly, Alan's dragon's breath lost, then a quarter of the lava Lion's fireball rushed towards Alan.

Alan stretched out his hands, then a gigantic column of water formed to stop the rest of the fireball.

This was easily mastered, the only problem was that if Alan continued like this, he would be exhausted. The endurance in his body was much lower than that of a beast of rank 6.

Even if he knew it, Alan's eyes were full of will, at that moment he was calm, there was no undulation of energy, all was contained in his body, at that moment because of the pressure, he had managed to control all this perfectly, it allows him to better manage his attacks and to last longer.

"Abyss of darkness. "Alan says softly. His soul was strong, he wondered if the illusions were working on the lava Lion. Unfortunately, he was quickly disappointed, the illusion was broken by the lava Lion a few breaths later.

Suddenly the Lava Lion returns to his human form, Alan was surprised, he wondered why?

"Finishes having fun... I'll show you something that even the other martial lords and beasts of rank 6 are afraid of, it's a human skill I found in the ruins of the forest, I can only use it in human form. I spent more than a hundred years understanding this technique"

A bad feeling went up in Alan's heart, but he didn't show it to the surface.

Suddenly the lava Lion put his hand's palm to palm, then he shouted "Technique of holy rank: A thousand meteors! "When he finished saying that, he looked up to the sky, Alan naturally looked up to there too, but when he saw that, he couldn't help but say.

"Not good! "What Alan saw were hundreds of meteorites over a hundred meters in size that fell directly on him at a completely insane speed. But he knew he couldn't escape that, it's not only the place where Alan and the lava lion are going to be destroyed, but a large part of that part of the forest.

Alan faced this, he took his sword and with all the energy he had left, faced the meteorites.

When the lava lion saw this, he couldn't help but laugh while saying, "It's useless, even martial lords would die, it's a skill of holy rank, something legendary in this part of the continent, it's skills that have gone beyond logic. »

"Nothing is impossible in this world! "Says Alan, his sword was pointed at the first meteorite, his intention of the sword and his annihilation of the underworld greatly increased the power of the sword and therefore of Alan.

An extremely powerful Slash hit the first meteorite, which cut it in half, followed by the second, the third... The lava lion could not help but smile. Even if he could destroy a hundred of them, so what? There were a thousand of them, his forces will have long since disappeared. A meteorite with a wingspan of more than a hundred meters at this speed could crush a cultivator in the realm of the earth easily.

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"If only I had reached the origin of the sword, its meteorites would be nothing! "Alan regretted bitterly, he had not spent much time studying the art of the sword, despite this, he had reached the stage of perfection in the intention of the sword.

Suddenly, he thought of something "My system of competence is a leveling system, the more I use it, the more I increase my capacity, if I reach the 4th level of the art of the sacred sword, will I have reached the origin of the sword?

[Art of the sacred sword] Level 3/? = (1200/50000)

But when he saw the number of experiences he still needed, he could not help but smile bitterly, even if the more than 1000 experience points had been won in this battle, his spiritual energy would have disappeared long before his increase in strength.

Alan had already destroyed 40 meteorites, he could because the meteorites were in succession, but when he saw what was happening in the sky, he couldn't help but regret it.

At that moment the lava lion in human form moved his hands. The meteorites in the sky were no longer falling one by one, but five by five. If he wanted, he could drop the thousand at the same time, but that would not only destroy Alan, but for him too.

"Damn it! "Alan roars, at that moment, he was lost, he clearly didn't know how to counter it, he had only one thought in mind to run away.

Unfortunately, it wasn't as easy, every time a meteorite fell to the ground, it was often very close to Alan, and Alan had to protect himself with his energy not to take any damage.

After a few minutes, he couldn't hold on, he spits out a sip of blood. He looked at the sky, which still had hundreds of meteorites, he could only smile bitterly, he had been too confident.

With his last strength, he wielded his sword towards the meteorite, even if his energy was quickly exhausted, his body could still hold, the tenacity and strength of his body could not be compared to the lava lion.

As Alan wielded his sword to destroy the meteorites, he felt a bad intention behind him, when he turned around, he saw the lava lion in human form wielding the sword of fire.

"Not good!" Thought Alan. He didn't have time to completely dodge the attack.

"Died! "The lava lion roared, suddenly an arm flew into the air and fell to the ground.

Alan's eyes were red, because it was his arm, unfortunately, the price he paid was an arm to dodge this attack. He knew he had to stay calm, but the pain was terrible, the blood was spurting out, Alan was getting exhausted more and more quickly. It was the first time he had ever seen death up close.

Suddenly, the system sounds

[Main quest over!

You have managed to remain calm in the most dangerous situations.

Reward: Golden Heart, sovereign heart technique and competence of the golden eyes piercing the heart.]

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