Dragon God System Chapter 87: Fighting a beast of rank 6


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Alan didn't take long to find a beast of rank 6, the power and aura of a beast of rank 6 was extremely strong, Alan knew there was a beast of rank 6 in the area because he hadn't seen any demonic beasts for a very long time, all were afraid by the aura emitted by the beast of rank 6.

"Let's find this beast! "Alan was excited, even though he knew he didn't have much chance of winning, his fighting experience would increase. And then even if he can't defeat it, he can escape, there were still 5 days left before the end of the examination, Alan was sure that he could reach the 6th stage of the earth realm, then thanks to the solar body, he can reach the 1st stage of the sky realm, at that moment, he would be confident to defeat a beast at the beginning of rank 6.

"Human, what are you doing on my territory? "Suddenly a voice came out of nowhere and was heard. Shocked by this, Alan looked directly above him, what he saw was a middle-aged man with golden fur on his chest.

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"I had forgotten that animals of rank 6 could turn into human form." Thought Alan

"Considering the aura of the beast of rank 6 above me, it is much lower than the five masters of sect, it must be a beast of rank 6 in the early stage. "Alan's eyes shone, a target was right in front of him.

"I came to seek challenges by facing beasts of rank 6 like you! "Says Alan, he had no intention of lying to her, after all, what good would it do?

"Oh? A simple human at the earth stage wants to fight a beast of rank 6? But if you could come here either the beasts at the top of rank 5 are not worthy of you or that your luck is really good. "The man was a little surprised, but after all, even if he said his first sentence, he didn't think much about it, even in the memories of his ancestors, he had never seen a human being able to overcome 2 realms.

"That's right, there's no challenge, come and fight! "Alan shouted, suddenly his cultivation moved from the 5th stage to the 9th stage of the terrestrial realm.

"Huh? "The man was surprised, he had never seen this before.

"Kid, you're interesting, if you die you can be happy. "The man smiled, then he raised his palm, suddenly a gigantic fireball formed.

50 meters, 100,200 meters. A fireball of more than two hundred meters in length was shining in the sky, Alan was stunned, what was this skill? But he didn't care, after all, his body was completely flame resistant.

"It is the hereditary competence of the lava Lions, the descent of the sun, it is also an evolving competence that can go from a mortal competence to a holy competence! I have already cultivated it at the top of the sky rank. "In saying that, the man was proud.

"Lava lion? Descent of the sun? I can make a fireball too, I can even add lightning bolts. "After saying that, in Alan's hands, a ball of fire filled with lightning formed. Unlike the lava lion or it was an inherited skill, for Alan, flames, and lightning were part of his body, so he could handle them as he pleased.

Alan's fireball grew to a height of 60 meters, and when he saw this fireball filled with flashes of tribulation, Alan was happy, it was almost the first time he had used its elements. Actually, Alan wasn't thinking about it much anymore.

The man was stunned when he saw this ball of fire filled with lightning, he had the impression that he was dreaming.

"Hmph, the power is much lower than mine. "By saying this, the man threw the fireball at Alan, Alan did the same and threw the fireball and lightning at the lava Lion.

When the two fireballs met, there was no explosion because Alan's fireball was directly destroyed by the man's fireball.

"Shit. "Alan hadn't anticipated this, even though he knew there was a difference, he hoped there would be more resistance.

Alan ran at a mad speed to dodge the fireball, even if he was insensitive to fire, he didn't want to destroy the clothes Yan Fei made for him, for Alan his clothes were as important as his life, it was the first gift his wife had given him.

"BOOM" Miles from there, Alan heard a loud explosion, he guessed it was the fireball that had come into contact with the ground to explode, a suffocating heat extended to hundreds of meters, all the trees, and plants in the area were completely burnt.

"Human, you're flame are just normal flames, you can't compete with mine. "Suddenly, the man's voice echoed in Alan's ears, Alan knew he was right above him. He couldn't match it at all in speed.

"Well, I'll show my true strength! Form Asura! "Suddenly a gigantic wave of black energy filled the surroundings, an extremely strong murderous intention appeared, it was something that even the Lava Lion felt shivers. He had never seen such a murderous intent in his life. Then his eyes landed on Alan with a trace of shock.

At that moment Alan had red eyes decorated with gold, red hair and a huge amount of energy escaping from his body.

"What power, this is the first time I've really used this, let's see the strength of its two Bloodlines mixed together! "After that, Alan looked at the man above him and smiled.

When he saw Alan's smile, strangely enough, he had a chill. He, a martial lord, had felt the thrill of a human being in the earthly stage.

"Human, you are worthy to be a good opponent. "After saying that, the Lava Lion rushed at an extremely fast speed towards Alan. Alan's energy was boiling, his speed was also extremely fast, in a few seconds, they had already exchanged dozens of blows, their fights caused extremely strong shock waves.

"Annihilation of darkness! "Alan shouted, a gigantic wave of black aura surrounded the sword, Alan stretched the sword towards the lava Lion. The black aura was about ten times more powerful than against the snake because Alan used the Asura form, which drastically increased his bloodline skills and strength in general.

"Innutil competence! "The Lion of Lava shouted, suddenly a sword of flame appeared in his hands, the sword was condensed with his energy. The Lava Lion roared and then his sword faced the black aura that Alan had on his sword.

Fire and darkness clashed in explosive ways.

"Dragon Hand, 6th Claws! "Alan didn't waste any time, he directly used the dragon's six claws to attack.

"HAAAAAA! "The Lion of Lava roared, he pointed his sword at the 6 claws, suddenly a gigantic column of fire escaped from the ground, it faced the 1st claw, then five other gigantic columns of fire followed to face the remaining five claws.

"Human, you pissed me off, I'm going to offer you an honorable death. "Suddenly, the sword disappeared, but the man turned into a beast, he regained his true form. It was a Lion with a flamboyant and golden mane, thick flames constantly burning on her back, it was impressive. Even if beasts of rank 6 and above could transform into human form, their main form was that of a beast, moreover, their strength would be greatly strengthened because a demonic beast was always much stronger than a human.

When Alan saw that he had regained his shape and his strength had increased, he became more cautious. He had almost used all his turns, but his opponent had not, now he understood that a beast of rank 6 was not something he could easily face.

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