Dragon God System Chapter 86: Sinking into the fores


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Alan accompanied Miu and Yan Fei to the entrance of the forest so that she could return safely, he had not met any bandits or other disciples.

"Well, go see the five elders who are a few hundred meters away, I'll leave. "Says Alan while smiling.

"You have to be careful. "Yan Fei looked Alan right in the eye.

"Don't worry, I now know my strength. "Alan was happy, a beauty without equal who cared about him, it was really the best.

"Big brother, come back soon! "Says Miu waved her hands at Alan as she left with Yan Fei.

As he watched the two leave, Alan turned around and left at high speed into the devils' mountain. Alan did not care about the animals of the terrestrial Realm, only the animals of the sky Realm were interesting to Alan.

As he went further and further into the forest, the demonic beasts became stronger and stronger, now Alan only met beasts at the top of the terrestrial Realm, he had ventured far enough into the forest.

"Roaarrr" Suddenly, a roar rang at the bottom of the forest, the roar was quite loud.

"A beast of rank 4 who screams like that, she must have been killed by a beast of rank 5" Alan was a little surprised, he had only seen beasts at the top of the terrestrial Realm and a few kilometers from there there there was a beast of rank 5, it was quite impressive.

"Let's see the strength of a beast in the realm of heaven! "Alan smiled and then rushed in the direction of the sound, a few minutes later, Alan arrived on the scene. When he arrived, he saw a snake with 3 colors, at that moment he was eating a beast of rank 4. The snake was a beast in the intermediate stage of the Realm of Heaven.

"Dragon's hand, first claw! "Alan roared, suddenly a huge hand with six claws appeared, the first claw fell on the snake.

The snake surprised by this, dodged easily, but his body was shaking in some way, it's true, it was a suppression of Bloodline, the snakes were the beginning of the evolution of a Dragon.

Alan knew that his attack would be avoided by the snake, Alan came out of the place where he was, when the snake saw Alan, he couldn't help but say, "Human, who are you and why your Bloodline is a dragon's. "The beasts of rank 5 could speak human language, which gave them good intelligence during the fighting.

"Who I am has nothing to do with you. Just die! Annihilation of hell! "Alan used Asura's first change, a thick black aura formed around the sword of chaos, all the trees and plants hundreds of meters away had turned black. This was the first change of the Asura, and also one of the main skills of an Asura.

Alan moved his sword, the black aura moved directly towards the snake at an extremely fast speed, the snake didn't have time to dodge, at that moment he was bathed in the black aura, his extremely resistant body was gradually turning black.

"Human, why are you doing this, we have the same Bloodline! "The snake shouted, his voice was weak.

"Hmph, you're just a common snake and you dare to say we have the same bloodline! You have only an extremely weak simple bloodline from a 7-color snake. You're just giving me your spiritual core.

"Fourth claw! "Suddenly his hands in the sky moved, three more claws fell on the snake, which unfortunately could not escape.

[Ding! the host received 600,000 points + 100% through the common bloodline = 1,200,000 points.]

Alan's eyes were filled with excitement, if a rank 5 beast was worth so many points, Alan had only one thing left in his mind, to kill the most rank 5 beasts. Alan took the nucleus and left.

Three days passed, only 180 participants out of more than 250 remained, some died, others gave up and some had succeeded before. At that moment, Alan was fighting a huge bear, he was a beast at the top of the realm of heaven. Alan had activated his solar spiritual body to be able to have an equal fight with this bear without using his big skills, Alan considered this bear as a training.

"Human, I'm going to kill you! "The bear roared, he understood that Alan was having fun with him, Alan smiled at the bear's cries, suddenly he turned his arm, then an extremely fast sword flew towards the bear. The bear had not even had time to understand how he died

[Ding! The host received 1,000,000 points.]

"Too bad he didn't have a bloodline, otherwise the points would be doubled or even tripled, Alan sighed, during his three days, his system points increased extremely quickly.

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"System, show me my points! "Says, Alan

[System point: 39,545,000]

"I killed about fifteen beasts in the realm of heaven and my points increased by 20,000,000, if all the beasts had no bloodline, my system points would be greatly reduced." Says Alan. Most of the beasts Alan killed had no bloodline and some had a common bloodline like the three-colored snake, but it was quite rare.

"I want to test my limits! "Alan had his hands clasped, if he wanted to test his limits, Alan knew it very well, he would have to fight against a beast at the martial lord stage. But what was the strength of a beast of rank 6, it was something that even a sect leader of a force of rank 5 would take seriously.

[Ding! Hidden Quest Unlocked

Fighting a beast of rank 6

Reward: Fist of extinction of the world (high spiritual rank and unlocking the first heaven meridian.

If the host succeeds in killing the beast of rank 6, the rewards will be doubled and there will be a hidden reward.]

World Extinction Fist: A skill that uses the fist as a weapon of mass destruction, if the skill is cultivated to the maximum, it can destroy mountains and sweep away forests several kilometers long.

Alan was completely stunned by the quest but especially by its rewards, celestial meridians? He had never heard of it before.

"System, what are the meridians of the heaven? »

[Ding! In a person's body, there are 49 meridians, it is necessary to open the 49 meridians to break into the realm above the martial emperor, the meridians are classified into mortal, earth, and heaven. The higher the rank of the meridians, the higher the speed of the absorbed energy will be, each open meridians allows the energy to pass more freely so it increases the speed of the person and the speed of using the skills.

Alan was stunned, with the system, he learns some every day, but Alan was happy, he knew that the realm after the martial emperor was a legendary realm in the continent, so opening the deadly meridians was incredibly difficult, not to mention the earth or heavenly meridians. Yet Alan, thanks to the system, could unlock them. It was against the sky!

"That's all the more reason to fight a beast of rank 6 or even kill it! Also, I would have a technique of high spiritual rank. "Alan's eyes were filled with determination. The high-ranking spiritual technique was also very dominant, Alan was eager to cultivate it. Because apart from his sacred sword art and bloodline skills, Alan had no great fighting skills.

"Well, let's go find a beast of rank 6! "After his words, Alan disappeared deeper into the forest.

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