Dragon God System Chapter 85: 3rd exams


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"The 2nd exam is now over, those who have passed please stay and those who have not passed, please leave. "Jiang Ran's voice echoed.

Many were disappointed while others were happy. All they had to do was pass the last exam and they could enter the sect.

"Well, the 3rd exam will take place in the devil's mountains, it will put your survival skills and choice in the face of death. »

When everyone heard the words of Jiang Ran, many trembled because here everyone knew the mountains of the devil.

The Devil's Mountains were a chain of mountains and forests filled with demonic beasts, it is said that the king of this mountain a demonic beast at the martial king's stage, it was an existence that even the five sect leaders combined could not even hold two movements.

"The exam will last 10 days, to pass the exam, you must have a minimum of 5000 points. The nuclei of beasts of rank 3 at the top are worth 100 points, the nuclei of beasts at the beginning of rank 4 are worth 500 points, the nuclei of beasts in the middle of rank 4 are worth 1000 points, the nuclei of beasts at the top of rank 4 are worth 5000 points and the nuclei of beasts at the beginning of rank 5 are worth 10 000 points and 1000 points of sect. You can form groups, no one will help you inside, murders or other are allowed.

Everyone was stunned, most of them had never killed, others were in luxury clans and they were treated like kings and now for ten days, they were going to have to survive.

"Interesting. "Alan smiled, then he looked at Yan Fei and Miu and said, "For you, it's a good training. You lack a lot of combat experience, especially you Miu." When he finished his sentence, his eyes settled on the little Miu.

"Big brother, I'll do my best! "Little Miu screamed, she wanted to impress Alan.

Alan smiles when he sees this, then his gaze set on Yan Fei and he says, "The world of cultivation is cruel and even if you hate murder and value life, if there are people who want to rob us or bandits in the mountains and they are weaker than you or in your ability to manage them, you will take care of them and kill them. "Alan is serious about this. He didn't want what she experienced with the Zhao empire to happen again.

Yan Fei had a benevolent spirit, she would not kill anyone, but often being kind in this world is often a sign of betrayal, if one day Yan Fei travels alone, Alan would not want her to be betrayed and end up miserably.

Yan Fei was aware of this, she looked at Alan and said, "I'll try. »

"Well, please come with me. "Jiang Ran shouted, then the more than 250 disciples admitted left at high speed for the devil's mountains.

About twenty minutes later, the group arrived towards the Devil's Mountains, looking at the six great mountains in the middle of the gigantic forest, Alan felt a strong demonic energy, thanks to bloodline Asura, he was quite familiar with it.

"Well, before you go to the devil's mountains, you have to pay attention to many things, not only demonic beasts want you dead, there are also bandits, plants and others. Of course, there are also many mystical treasures that even martial lords would fight to have, but you have to be lucky. Those who have 5000 points before ten days, can still leave the devil's mountains. »

When hearing the words of Jiang Ran, many disciples were afraid, but if they wanted to enter the sect, this test is mandatory, no sect would want fearful people.

"Let's go," Alan said to little Miu, then to Yan Fei, together they went into the forest at full speed.

When everyone saw Alan, Yan Fei, and little Miu leaving, they were shocked, one can say that they were not afraid to go into the forest. Some mentally prepare themselves for tens of minutes before entering.

Alan was not aware of this. When he entered the forest, he had already noticed hundreds of beasts hundreds of miles away thanks to his divine sense. Most of them were at the top of the base foundation, it was a good training for little Miu.

"Little sister, go attack that big cat over there, it'll be good training for you. "Says Alan while smiling.

The demonic beast that Alan showed was a panther, she was at the top of the base foundation, for Miu it was something good.

Little Miu nodded, suddenly her body emitted an absolutely frightening heat, of course, Yan Fei with his ice technique and his higher cultivation could easily protect itself. As for Alan, this heat had no effect.

"Sea of flame! "Little Miu shouted, suddenly a gigantic tide of flame several meters high and about ten meters long fell on the panther, thanks to the body of the solar spirit of little Miu, the attacks that used fire were much more powerful.

A few breaths later, there was no trace of the panther left.

"Little sister, hold back, you even destroyed her nucleus, if you do that every time, how are you going to pass the exam? "Alan laughed, little Miu had scratched all traces of the panther's existence.

"He was too weak! "Little Miu swelled her cheeks to show that she was unhappy, which gave her an even cuter face.

Alan smiles at little Miu's answer and then says, "Let's go a little deeper, I'd like you two to have 5000 points quickly, so I can go kill demonic beasts of rank 5." Alan wanted to get as many beast nuclei of rank 5 as possible, it will give him a lot of sect points, which will be useful for what Alan plans in the future.

Yan Fei and Miu nodded, they naturally understood Alan, for Alan his beasts were just too weak, they could kill them just by looking at them.

Two days have passed. In one place, the ground was littered with demonic beasts, a man stood on a huge Lion, if someone saw the lion, most of it would fall from fear because it was a three-tailed Lion, a beast at the beginning of rank 5

The man had clothes covered with beast blood. He had a nucleus in his hand, then he said, "A beast of rank 5 in the early stage is really strong, if I didn't have this sword technique, I would probably have died. "The man was naturally Wen Jiang, he had fought for a day and a night against the three-tailed Lion.

"With a beast at heaven stadium, I'd probably be in the top first or second, the only opponent I can't see through and Alan, he has a mysterious feeling.

In another place, Alan, Yan Fei, and the little Miu were wandering around, they had killed a lot of beasts at the terrestrial stage, Yan Fei had even managed to kill a rank 4 beast at the intermediate stage, which was quite impressive. Little Miu now managed to control her flames and not destroy the beast's nucleus, they now had 12,500 points, which was crazy in just two days.

"Well, I'll take you out of the forest, you both have 6,250 points, which is excellent in two days. "Says, Alan.

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"Husband, if we go out, even if we're accepted, we won't end up in the top 10 on this exam. "Says Yan Fei, the rewards were an average of the 3 exams. Many people will exceed 5,000 points in ten days.

Alan naturally understood Yan Fei's question, then said, "6,250 points in two days, while others in ten days will get 7,000 points. It will naturally be you they will take. Besides, the rewards are not very high, if you want I could give you better ones. "Alan smiles.

Upon hearing Alan's answer, Yan Fei nodded, thinking back, the things that Alan gave them were all simply divine. Little Miu naturally didn't understand that, she was always thinking about the treats Alan was going to buy for her.

When Alan saw a dribble of drool coming out of Miu's mouth, he knew what she was thinking, he thought that now he had two gluttons to feed.

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