Dragon God System Chapter 84: Destroy the formation


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The exam continued, more than 400 young geniuses passed, but only a few hundred passed the second round, this proved that having a minimum orange talent was rare. Those who could take the exam could be proud.

"Yan Fei... "Suddenly Jiang Ran's voice rang, ten geniuses were called, but this time there was Yan Fei in the group. When she heard his name, Yan Fei was a little stressed, she knew that without Alan, she would never have thought of reaching her current level.

She wasn't even sure she was going to take the exam. Seeing a form of sadness in his eyes, Alan took his hand and said, "Don't worry, don't think that this formation can limit your future, with me coming to the top is not impossible."

Listening to that voice, Yan Fei smiled, nodded and left. Alan had understood Yan Fei's concern and knew what she was thinking. But Alan didn't care, if Yan Fei had been born into a force of rank 4 or 5 like the daughter and son of the city lord, his strength wouldn't be far from now. Especially since Yan Fei was very young, she was only about 20 years old.

When Yan Fei entered the formation, the formation lit up red, orange, green, blue! Finally, the color stopped on blue. She was extremely happy.

Everyone applauded, a blue talent is extremely rare, she could become a martial emperor, in a level 5 force, a martial emperor level existence was like a God.

The applause rang out, when little Miu and Wen Jiang passed by, no one had applauded, but there, everyone was applauding. There was, of course, an exception, in the crowd someone was watching Yan Fei with fierce rage.

This person was naturally the daughter of the city lord.

"Damn it! How can a stranger get so much attention, why does she look so beautiful and have such good talent! "She, who was seen as a talent rarely seen in the City of Light, had only a green talent, but Yan Fei had stolen all her glory.

Yan Fei naturally didn't notice this, she walked towards Alan with a smile that could enchant all men. But only Alan could benefit from it.

"Alan, is my talent worthy of you? "Yan Fei smiles as he looks at Alan.

Surprised by Yan Fei's question, Alan looked at his little wife and said, "Of course how your talent can be measured, even if your talent would be red, you will even surpass indigo, purple or black talent if you stay with me. "Alan smiles at Yan Fei.

Surprised by Alan's answer, Yan Fei smiled, as long as she was with Alan, even if her talent was inferior, so what? If she could, she wanted to lead a quiet life with her family.

The examination continued always, many people passed, there were many disappointments but also many who were happy.

"Alan... "Suddenly, Jiang Ran's voice rang, Alan and 9 other geniuses were called.

When everyone heard Alan's name, it caused a huge stir, everyone discussed what talent Alan had.

In the air, the five sect masters looked at each other, suddenly one of the sect leaders said.

"Could he have the legendary black talent? »

The other sect leaders also thought the same thing, otherwise as a genius of about 16 could have such strength and will.

"Let's see what surprise this kid will show us. "Another sect leader said. He had a smile on his face.

All the disciples talked about Alan's talent, they were all convinced that Alan had a purple talent or even the legendary black talent.

Faced with all his agitations, Alan smiles. He was also curious to know what the training will show. With Alan's rebirth thanks to bloodline, his talent was considered as maximum. Excluding the time it took him to merge the Asura bloodline, Alan only cultivated for 1 month.

To pass from the realm of the refining of the body to the realm of the earth in 1 month would make the greatest geniuses die of shame.

When Alan entered the formation, he did not put his hands on the pole, on the contrary, he analyzed the formation, but he quickly shook his head, he understood absolutely nothing.

Suddenly Alan put his hands on the pole, everyone's eyes were riveted on Alan's pole.

"BOOM" Suddenly after laying hands on the pole, the formation to completely explode. It knocked everyone out. No one had seen anything.

The only ones who could see anything were the five cult leaders and Alan.

One of the sect leaders spoke with a trembling voice, "You all saw what I saw, didn't you? »

The other sect leaders nodded while their bodies kept shaking.

Suddenly one of the sect leaders spoke up and said, "Red, orange, green, blue, indigo, violet, black and that golden color that blew up the formation, would it be the talent above black? "It should be known that the sight of a martial lord was extremely good.

"Yes, I saw that too, that gold color that swallowed all the colors, and that gold color emitted an extremely strong aura. »

"No one should make this known, if it spreads throughout the continent, it would cause a war between the three continents, even some overpowering unknown force could enter. »

The others nodded, they had seen Alan's monstrous talent, if he could have a good relationship with him, in the near future they could be at the top of the world.

"This gold color encompassed all the other colors and blew up the formation. "Alan was a little surprised, he never thought he'd destroy the formation. "Alan's sight was also very good thanks to his bloodline from the Dragon God.

"My God, is his talent so powerful that he destroyed the formation? "One of the disciples could not help but shout"

"It's really too scary, how can someone like him exist? »

There was a lot of discussions, some said Alan was too talented for training, others said the training was broken.

"Alan is accepted. "Jiang Ran's voice echoed, she was naturally shocked by Alan's performance. She didn't know what to say at first, but the voice of a sect leader told her he had succeeded, so of course, she didn't disobey.

Alan smiled, then he looked up at the five sect leaders, Alan was sure that the five sect leaders had seen what had happened.

Then he went back to where Yan Fei and Miu were, many people looked at him with adoration, but some had a murderous look.

Alan didn't care, for Alan, his kind of people was like ants he could crush.

"Alan, really tell me she's really your talent? "Yan Fei couldn't help but ask, little Miu had her eyes wide open ready to hear Alan's answer.

"If I tell you that this has gone beyond black, do you believe me? "Alan asked while watching Yan Fei and little Miu.

"Of course I believe you! "Yan Fei didn't wait long before answering, she naturally believed what Alan was coming to say, destroying the formation, that didn't mean that his talent was too high for the formation to support him?

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"Big brother, could it be that you're an old monster who's reincarnated? "Suddenly the voice of little Miu resounded. She looked at Alan while blinking while waiting for his answer.

When Alan heard his words, he almost choked.

Yan Fei couldn't help laughing, for her Alan didn't have the behavior of an old monster.

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