Dragon God System Chapter 82: Man in the white dress


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Alan's screams shook the whole region, the voice was full of energy and an indomitable will.

Following this, Alan stepped forward. He stepped on the 1000th step.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! "A howl that could tear the eardrums of everyone escaped from Alan's mouth, the voice was high-pitched, you couldn't even believe it was a man's voice anymore.

"Husband... Stop... I beg you! "Looking at Alan's figure and extremely sharp screaming gave Yan Fei pain comparable to Alan's, except that it was not physical but mental.

"Big brother! "Little Miu was crying all the tears in her body.

"Alan, stop it! "Jiang Ran couldn't stay calm anymore, she shouted as she tried to convince Alan to stop. But how could Alan, who was a stone's throw from the summit, afford to stop? Even if the pressure of the 1000th step was similar to someone in the martial king's realm, he didn't care.

"I wouldn't give up, if I can't even reach the 1000th step, then everything I've lived through so far would be of no use, everything I've earned, everything I've accomplished doesn't just come from the system! "Alan roars in his head as he says his words.

What he didn't know was that his body was undergoing great change, especially Alan's blood. Alan's blood of red origin like everyone else was gradually becoming golden. Even if it wasn't all his blood, but a few drops, it gave Alan more strength.

"I won't give up! "Alan bit his tongue, blood was flowing from his mouth.

"Alan.. Alan... Alan! "Suddenly many disciple cries shouted Alan's name, even if they could not compare themselves to Alan, everyone wanted Alan to succeed in reaching the 1000th step, it was a solidarity rarely seen between the disciples of geniuses. Because everyone knew that each genius had his own arrogance.

But at that moment thousands of disciples shouted Alan's name, Alan's name echoed to heaven. The whole City of Lights could hear Alan's name.

When Alan heard his name screamed by thousands of disciples, how could he afford to fail? He then put his second foot on the 1000th step. When Alan put his second foot down, everyone stopped screaming, no one made a sound, even the five cult leaders and the elders were watching while waiting for what was going to happen.

Strangely enough, when Alan put his second foot on the 1000th step, he no longer felt any pressure, it made him sigh, he could finally breathe.

Suddenly, an astronomical amount of spiritual energy formed around Alan, an extremely ancient energy that swept the entire staircase.

"What's going on? "The five sect leaders were all stunned, not knowing what was going on.

"COME ON! COME ON! "Alan shouted and circulated the Dragon God's method, all the ancient energy rushed towards Alan at an alarming rate.

Alan's cultivation was only increasing, after a few minutes he switched to the 4th stage of the terrestrial realm and ten minutes later he switched to the 5th stage of the terrestrial realm, he increased by two stages in a few minutes, it was the reward of the 1000th steps.

"BOOOM! "Suddenly, the sky opened, everyone looked at the sky with an extremely strong fear.

"What is this thing? "The five leaders of the sect were shaking. Even they had never felt such pressure before. It was something far too strong for them.

Alan looked up at the sky, what he saw was the image of a person, he wore a white dress, he had a sword at the end, the sword was surrounded by ten golden dragons.

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Alan's body was shaking, he had never felt such an aura before, the only question Alan was asking himself was "Who is this person? »

Suddenly the image of the man looked at Alan, he pointed his finger and then a white light escaped at full speed towards Alan's forehead.

Alan's body was surrounded by a white glow, everyone was looking without even daring to breathe. For them, what they had just seen was far too shocking.

Suddenly the silhouette disappeared and the sky returned to its normal state. Meanwhile, Alan who was surrounded by a white light was stunned, his intention of the sword had passed to the stage of great perfection. But the most shocking thing was the new fighting skill Alan had just had.

"Nine swords of the firmament"

The first sword capable of shaking the world, the second sword capable of breaking the void, the third sword capable of destroying planets, the fourth sword capable of shaking immortals, the fifth sword capable of breaking space, the sixth sword capable of destroying the gods, the seventh sword capable of destroying the universe, the eighth sword capable of breaking chaos and the ninth sword capable of breaking the nine worlds.

"What is this skill, how can I cultivate such a powerful skill?

[Nine swords of the firmaments → the cultivation of the host is too low to know the rank.

The host is unable to cultivate it because the host's cultivation is too low

Cultivation required for the 1st sword: Realm of the martial emperor and origin of the sword.]

"Far too powerful! "Alan was completely shocked, who was this man who gave him this? Breaking the nine worlds, breaking the void, the universe, all those things that completely shocked Alan.

[Ding! the host has completed a hidden quest

The quest was to climb to the 1000th step and provoke the celestial phenomenon

reward: 2 legendary draws.]

Looking at the award he just received, Alan was even happier, he thought it was worth it.

"Alan... Alan... Alan... Alan... Alan... "Suddenly, Alan heard screams again, looked around and saw that everyone was shouting his name. Alan smiled, he had really underestimated this staircase, if there hadn't been all his encouragement, maybe Alan wouldn't succeed.

Looking at all her people, Alan met Yan Fei's eyes, she had tear stains on her cheeks, but she had a big smile. Alan felt sorry for Yan Fei, he was only thinking about reaching the top and he hadn't thought about the woman he loved.

The five sect leaders were still shocked by what had just happened and especially the individual who managed to open the sky.

"The examination is ongoing! "Suddenly, one of the sect leaders shouted, even though Alan had triggered the celestial phenomenon, the examination for some was not yet finished. While the others were trying to climb, Alan consolidated his realm because he had just passed 2 stadiums in a few minutes, his realm was not consolidated.


[Host: Alan Cheng]

[Age: 16 years old]

[Cultivation: 5th stage of terrestrial realm]

[Cultivation with solar body: 9th stage of terrestrial realm]

[Body culture: Asura Dragon God body with 6 claws]

[Soul Cultivation] Soul child final stage

[System point: 19,545,000]

[Bloodline: Asura Dragon God (Fusion) 100% Purity]

Bloodline's skill: King's aura, dragon's breath, invulnerable to the 7 elements (water, earth, air, air, fire, lightning, darkness, and light), understanding of the 7 elements, dragon's claw, demon's eye, an abyss of darkness and 18 Asura's change.]


[Heavenly Hammer] Level 1/? = 400/500

[Nine energy waves] Level 5/9 = (180/2000)

[Nine Lightning Movement] Level 9/9=(10000/10000)

[Art of the sacred sword] Level 3/? = (2/50000)

[Five Celestial Fingers] Level 3/5 = (250/500)

[Nine swords of the firmaments → the host's cultivation is too low the cultivate.]

[Culture technique: Dragon God culture method]

[Soul Culture Technique: Divine Soul Technique]

[Scarlet tribulation lightning technique]

[Intention of the sword → great perfection]

[18 Asura change] 3/3 = (800/1000)

1. Annihilation of hell

2. Asura Shape

3. crimson sky

"My strength has increased a lot and especially my body, if I had to face the pressure of a martial king, I would not end up in the same state. "Thinking about it Alan smiles

Suddenly, he noticed that some of his blood was golden, he wondered why his blood would turn golden?

"I will be sooner or later, at least it is thanks to this staircase that I was able to improve so much. "Alan smiles, he's still staying two more days before the end of the exam.

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