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The young man had just impressed everyone, just one jump and he had reached the 150th step. The young man did not listen to all the praise he received. He continued to climb the steps.

160,170,180, he climbed the stairs as if there was no pressure, while some at the 50th step put all their will into it, it was almost unthinkable for some of them who were considered geniuses in their clan, but here, it was only ordinary.

"Waaaa sir, you caught me so fast! "Suddenly the young man heard a voice, when he looked beside him, he saw a young girl about 11 years old looking at him with big eyes.

The girl was a little Miu. She was at the 180th step too. The young man was a little surprised to meet such a young girl at the 180th step, but he didn't pay attention and continued on his way.

When little Miu saw this, she kicked and said, "Hmph, when my older brother goes up the stairs, you'll be defeated easily! »

The young man, of course, heard that, he just frowned thinking that his older brother was the young man with whom he couldn't see through. But he didn't think too much about it, for him, getting first place in all the exams was essential.

5 hours had passed since the examination, most of the people were above the 100th step, Yan Fei was on the 280th step, Miu on the 285th step and the young man on the 400th step, it was a distance they could not catch up.

[Ding! Secondary mission!

Objective: To reach the 1st place in the three exams.

Rewards: 5 epic draws and 5,000,000 system points]

When Alan saw this, he was happy, he hadn't had a mission for a long time, and the rewards were excellent.

"Well, it's time to go. They say that if you get to the 1000th step, there is a celestial phenomenon, it can be very useful. Following this, Alan got up, Alan's movements did not go unnoticed, the five elders were all looking at Alan, but the one who paid the most attention to Alan was the heavenly fairy Jiang Ran, the moment she was waiting for would finally come.

Alan walked quietly towards the heavenly staircase, he was in no hurry, there were more than two days left before the end. When he arrived at the stairs, Alan put his foot on the first step.

"What is he doing? "Jiang Ran looked up, she couldn't understand what Alan was doing.

"A pressure from a cultivator to the earth realm for the first step is interesting. "Alan smiled, suddenly a tremendous energy came out of Alan's body, sweeping everyone away, the wind came up.

"Is he really a person in the 3rd stage of earth realm! "The elders were shocked, the energy coming out of Alan's body was far too strong for someone in the 3rd stage of the earthly realm.

The energy Alan released did not go unnoticed among the competitors, almost everyone turned around to find out who was releasing such power.

When they saw an extremely handsome young man standing on the first step, they were all shocked, because the power came from him and yet he was extremely young.

Yan Fei smiled when she saw that Alan was finally going to enter the exam, while little Miu was screaming for joy, she was eager for Alan to beat the young man who ignored her.

Suddenly, Alan disappeared, everyone watching Alan was shocked because he had not emitted any energy, so almost no one could know where he went.

When they all turned around to continue the examination, they were petrified because what he was seeing was really too surprising. Alan who was at the 1st step a few moments ago was now with the extremely beautiful young woman worthy of a goddess, so at the 280th step! "He had walked 280 steps in one breath, it was far too hard to believe.

"Husband! "When Yan Fei saw Alan next to her, she smiled. Alan looked at Yan Fei with a loving smile, when everyone saw this, they couldn't help but curse Alan and his eighteen generations.

"Damn it, our goddess has made a man! "It was most of the thoughts of the young geniuses. But Alan didn't care, Yan Fei was his wife.

"Remember what I said. "Alan smiled maliciously and then pinched Yan Fei's cheek and disappeared.

"I won't let you do that! "Yan Fei kicked and then looked at the 285th step where little Miu was because now there was Alan.

"Big brother! "Little Miu jumps into Alan's arms.

"Little sister, you mustn't forget the rewards I told you, you have to give it you're all! "Alan smiled and then tapped little Miu's head.

"Hmm, I won't forget! "Little Miu smiled, Alan disappeared after that, when he reappeared, he was already at the 380th step.

It shocked everyone, it was much faster than the young man who was at the 400th step.

Alan looked at the young man who was 20 steps above him and smiled, then he slowly climbed the steps.

381,382,383...398,399,400th steps. The young man who was resting turned around because he felt someone behind him, when he turned around, he saw two golden eyes staring at him, he felt naked in front of Alan. He regained his mind and then shouted.

"It's you! "He knew that Alan was not ordinary, but he didn't think that Alan could reach the same level as him in such a short time.

Alan looked at the young man and said, "You are interesting, your will is good and the sky has not abandoned you, the energy you give off is powerful and ancient, I hope you can give me some surprises. "Alan smiled and then disappeared from the 400th step.

When the young man heard his words, his body trembled, he thought Alan had discovered all his secrets, he looked in Alan's direction with a trace of fear. He was the clearest about the legacy he received and his cultivation technique. Even if others could guess his cultivation, they could not see a strange energy in his body all these thanks to his cultivation technique, even a martial emperor could not, yet Alan had discovered it.

"Has he received a more powerful inheritance than mine? "That was the only question in the young man's mind.

Meanwhile, Alan continued to climb the steps easily.

450,475,500,500,550,600th steps, for Alan it was nothing.

However, for the others, it was love at first sight, everyone looked at Alan as if he was looking at a god.

"He broke the record that had lasted 250 years in a few minutes. "The voice of an elder was shaking when he said that, it should be known that after passing the 500th step, the pressure emitted was identical to the early stage of the sky realm.

"I knew it, he's not someone who can be measured with common sense!" Jiang Ran's eyes were wide open, but a catchy smile was on her lips, Jiang Ran's beauty was not inferior to Yan Fei, which is why her nickname was the heavenly fairy, and she had reached the 6th stage of the sky realm at the age of 30. He was a genius that even the great powers of level 7 and 8 would want. Because it was rare.

A woman like Jiang Ran was a man's dream.

When Alan reached the 600th step, he frowned and said, "Reaching the top is going to be more complicated than I thought, the pressure is already comparable to someone in the middle stage of the sky realm. "Alan smiled, the more pressure there was, the more his body would benefit.

10 hours later, everyone had passed the 100th step, some had given up, others stopped at the 200th step because they could not continue.

But everyone was looking at a person, and that person was Alan, at that moment Alan was at the 890th step, but he could hardly move forward.

"Will he reach the top? "Everyone was hoping that Alan would reach the top of the stairs, this would be absolutely shocking news that would spread throughout the Jiang continent.

"He can hardly move forward, that must be the limit. "Several people sighed as they looked at Alan.

"A simple pressure at the top of the realm of heaven dares to stop me, let's see how I will break this pressure! "Alan roared, suddenly his body emitted a golden aura, the temperature increased, the pressure emitted from Alan's body was absolutely shocking, it was dozens of times stronger than at the beginning.

4th stage, 5th, 6th, 7th stage of the terrestrial realm, Alan's cultivation had reached the 7th stage of the terrestrial realm, he was using his solar energy in himself.

900,910,920,930,940,950th steps, Alan had climbed 60 more steps in a few seconds, everyone thought the 890th step was Alan's limit, but Alan had still surprised them.

960,970,980,989th steps, Alan came a few steps from the end. The elders and all the young geniuses looked at Alan breathlessly, thinking, "Can he do it? »

When Alan stepped on the 990th step, a pressure he had never felt before fell on him, it was so strong that Alan spits out a sip of blood, his organs had almost exploded.

"At step 990, the pressure emitted is equivalent to the 1st stage of the martial lord and each step increases by one rank, the pressure of 991st steps is equivalent to the 2nd stage of the martial lord and so on until reaching 999th steps or the pressure is equivalent to the 9th stage of the martial lord, as for step 1000, it gives the pressure of a martial king, if successful, this will cause a celestial phenomenon which is highly beneficial. If he wants to reach the top with his cultivation, he must have a divine will and want to surpass everyone.

The person's voice came from heaven, when everyone looked up, they saw five middle-aged men floating above the heavenly staircase.

"Sect Master" The five elders who supervised the examination bowed. They were the five strongest people in the city of lights, the five heads of sects.

"The five sect masters have come to look at this man, what luck! "The other disciples were all shocked.

"pressure at the martial lord stage? When Alan heard his words, a burst of determination shone in his eyes. »

"Look, he's getting up.! "The disciples shouted.

Alan put his foot on the 990th step again, the same thing happened, absolutely shocking pressure fell on Alan, he felt like a mountain had fallen on him, but he endured.

His organs were about to explode, but at the same time, his body was getting stronger. Alan was clenching his teeth, but he spit out a sip of blood again, but he didn't flinch and kept having one foot on the 990th step.

"How can I reach the top, if I can't resist that! "Alan shouted.

"My will is not something that a simple pressure from a martial lord can destroy, even the gods can never do that! "Alan shouted, as a result of this, a huge amount of energy escaped from Alan, alarming everyone.

"Husband. "Yan Fei had tears in his eyes when she saw Alan spitting out bloodsucking and suffering to surpass himself.

Alan's black hair was rising in the air, a red hue was now visible on his black hair.

"Asura's transformation! "After that, gusts of wind and a completely shocking amount of power swept through the area. Alan was still trying to restrict much of the murderous intent of Asura's transformation, but he couldn't contain it all.

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Alan's hair was now blood red, his golden eyes adorned with red gave off terrible power, everyone's heart was tight when looking at Alan.

"What murderous intent, what did he experience? "The five sect masters and the five elders frowned. Alan's power and murderous intent were frightening. They could hardly believe it was from a 16-year-old kid.

"Boom" Alan's two feet were on the 990th step, Alan's body had metamorphosed, he had reached the body of the Dragon God with 6 claws.

991,992,993,994,995,996th steps, Alan advanced, each step emitted a power that made the stairs tremble, each step Alan took was like an earthquake, now everyone knew that Alan could reach the top, even the young man looked at Alan with a brilliant look.

"My ambition, my martial path, is not something the world can bear. The mortal worlds will only be a springboard, I will sweep away the immortal worlds and become a God! "Alan's voice was heard by everyone, it had a sovereign aura so that everyone admired it, even the five sect masters felt their blood boiling. They hadn't felt that way in decades.

Following Alan's words, he arrived at 997 steps, then 998 steps and finally 999 steps, Alan had reached the summit, but to trigger the celestial phenomenon, it was necessary to reach the 1000th steps.

There was only one step left, Alan was out of breath, looking at the small platform a few centimeters from him, he knew it was the most of all, a pressure that could crush him like an ants, but his body had evolved, he was certain he would not die and even if he was about to die, he would still climb the 1000th step.

"This is the last step, if I succeed, I will be known throughout the world, I will be an example of determination, I must succeed! »

"I, Alan, will climb the top of the stairs! "his voice was heard from hundreds of miles away!

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