Dragon God System Chapter 80: He finally moved.


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When little Miu arrived in front of the stairs, many people were shocked, it was because the girl was too young, she looked 11 or 12 years old.

"Young lady, this exam is complicated, it's better to come back in 3 years. "Suddenly the voice of an elder rang out.

Little Miu looked up and looked at the eldest and said, "Grandpa, I'll show you that I'm going to climb to the 500th step! »

"Grandpa? "The eldest was stunned, it was the first time he was called that, but considering the girl's young age and innocence, he smiled and shook his head.

The other elders next door had smiles on their faces.

Suddenly little Miu climbed the stairs, everyone was waiting for her to collapse, but not at all, she was jumping from step to step.

When the other young cultivators saw a little girl passing them, they all had a black face.

Little Miu had already reached the 50th step in 5 minutes, which had surpassed everyone except Luo Yue.

"It's actually in the 8th stage of the basic foundation! "Suddenly an elder shouted in the sky, everyone was shocked except Jiang Ran because she already knew it. She was eagerly waiting for Alan to do the test.

"Hi, sir, sorry to double-cross you. "Suddenly Luo Yue who was in the 70th step heard a voice, when he turned around he saw a pretty little girl, but ten seconds later she had disappeared and when he looked in front of him, he saw that she was in the 80th step.

"Damn it! Who is she, I'm not going to be passed by a little girl. ! "Luo Yue was grinding his teeth.

2 hours later, the little Miu was at the 180th step, it was much harder for her to climb, the energy consumed to climb the steps was high, as for Luo Yue, he was in 8th place at the 112th step. Those who doubled it were cultivators who had stayed outdoors before finally leaving for the test. They had climbed more than 100 steps in one hour.

The only ones left were Yan Fei, Alan and the young man. Alan had a smile when he looked at little Miu. Yan Fei was the same, she considered Miu as her little sister.

"Husband, I'm going to go. "Says Yan Fei.

When Alan heard this, he opened his eyes, looked at Yan Fei and smiled warmly.

"If you don't reach at least 600 steps, let's see how your butt turns red. "Alan smiles maliciously.

"Hmph, pervert! "Yan Fei pulled out his tongue and left.

When Yan Fei finally moved, she attracted a lot of attention because there was almost no one left.

When they finally finally saw Yan Fei's face, many men were shocked, unable to leave his face.

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"What a goddess, just to see such a beautiful face in my life, I'm going to enter the sect! "A disciple to shout, his will had become stronger.

"How could such a beautiful face exist in this world, I who believed that the most beautiful face in the world was that of the daughter of the lord of the city, today I discovered a true goddess! "When Yan Fei arrived, all the male disciples had a much stronger will.

Naturally, the heckling caused by Yan Fei was heard by the daughter of the city lord, when she saw Yan Fei, she was shocked, it was much better than her. A girl's appearance was sacred, when she saw someone more beautiful than her, she was naturally angry.

"Hmph, even if you look good, let's see how many steps you'll take. "The daughter of the city lord laughed. But she was immediately shocked because in a single jump, she had climbed 60 steps, which shocked everyone, even the elders.

"Even this woman is a monster, who is he. "Jiang Ran became more and more curious. "Someone who took the heart of such a strong woman was not an ordinary person.

Suddenly, Yan Fei jumps again, she arrived directly at the 100th step overtaking the young daughter of the city lord who was stunned. Looking at Yan Fei, she had a mad rage, even though she knew she didn't have the best talent, she was beaten by an unknown girl who had a better appearance and a better will and strength than her, for her it was a slap in the face.

"A celestial genius has appeared again! with the girl, that makes two of them. "An elder could no longer hold back, he burst out laughing.

Only 2 jumps and she had reached the 100th step, it never happened in the history of the exam, if no seniors were surprised, it would be weird.

The young man who had remained seated with his eyes closed opened his eyes and looked at Yan Fei, a hint of astonishment passed through his eyes. Then he looked around, he saw only one person, that person was naturally Alan. Looking at Alan, he frowned, this youth had his eyes closed, but he couldn't see through it.

"Well, it's time, brother, you said I'm a waste, let's see when I get back, you won't expect that, the legacy I received is not something a Jiang continent can stop! »

After that, the young man disappeared at an extremely fast speed, when he reappeared, he was already at the 150th steps, this shocked many people.

"Who is he, I didn't even see her leave! »

"A few moments ago, his eyes were closed outside. How could he reach the 150th step so quickly! "The disciples felt like they were hallucinating.

"Haha another celestial genius has just appeared! "Another elder could no longer hold back, he burst out laughing.

"5th stage of the earthly realm at such a young age, an extremely strong will and strength, he has a great chance of reaching the martial lord see above! »

Alan opened his eyes and looked at the young man and frowned and said. "What is this energy inside him, it is extremely powerful, could it be that he is received an inheritance from an overpowering character who has surpassed the martial emperor? "Alan thought, but he shook his head, he didn't care, on the contrary, he was happy, finally an interesting character had appeared.

"Well, let's take a look, then it'll be time to go, I wonder how many jumps it will take me to reach the top... I hope the top will have enough pressure to increase the strength of my body. "Says Alan, increasing his body was his priority, it had many advantages.

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