Dragon God System Chapter 8: Gluttonous Bird


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Alan looked closely at the broken egg, he was anxious to see the bird. After a few minutes the egg shell stopped breaking and it was not moving.

"What's going on? Why did it stop? Alan asked himself many questions, normally, the egg breaks until the end and does not stop halfway, Alan sat down and waited.

"Krr... Krr " After 20 minutes the egg shell started to break again. Alan could see a red wing trying to get out, he was shocked, the wing was beautiful, it shone with a fiery red color.

"Screech! »

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Accompanied by a sharp scream the bird broke the shell, Alan could see the bird, he had a very beautiful coat of a fiery red color with a hue of blue as ice. The bird gave off a strong heat and a feeling of freshness at the same time.

"System, show me his status," said Alan as he looked at this little animal

[Ding! Status in progress...]

[Icefire Phoenix Hell (variant)]

[Bloodline: Weak]

[Cultivation: Refinement of the body 8]

[Skill: Improved regeneration, Hellfire, Ice Wing, Phoenix Cry.]

Improved regeneration: Thanks to the blood of the phoenix, regeneration is 6 times faster than normal.

Hellfire Flame: A very large black flame attack that covers a surface of 50m. Its black flames are destructive and its power is doubled

Ice wing: The wings turn into ice and allow you to throw these icy feathers which are like arrows.

Phoenix Cry: A cry that scares flying beasts with a weaker Bloodline or if the beast has a weak will.

When Alan saw this, he was shocked, it was a variant of Phoenix, even if Bloodline is weak, he is overpowering and he is already at the 8th level of body refinement.

Little Phoenix looked at Alan and ran towards him, Alan was scared but it's quick to calm down.

"Screech! Screech !"The Phoenix shouted, Alan didn't understand why, but when he saw the Phoenix looking at it like a piece of meat ready to eat, he immediately understood.

Alan pulled out a demonic beast he had killed before. As soon as he got out, the little Phoenix rushed on and ate it at an extremely fast speed, a few minutes later there was nothing left. A 200kg animal was swallowed in not even ten minutes by a bird that weighs less than 50kg.

Alan had his eyes wide open in front of that bird. He pulled out a bigger beast and the Phoenix rushed on it again. After 15 minutes the beast was completely swallowed and the Phoenix fell asleep.

Alan sighed with relief, he knew he would end up poor with a bird like that. This bird consumes too much food, it consumes more than a clan of 200 people.

"Damn gluttonous bird" Alan thought to himself, he really needed to breed demonic beasts in his little world. But when he looked closer, he could see that the Phoenix had grown, he decided to see his status and was shocked.

[Icefire Phoenix Hell (variant)]

[Bloodline: Weak]

[Cultivation: Refinement of the body 9]

[Skill: Improved regeneration, Hellfire, Ice Wing, Phoenix Cry.]

He had moved to the 9th level of body refinement just by eating, Alan was amazed.

"What kind of witchcraft is this?! "Alan looked at the bird again in shock and left a slight sigh.

"If everyone could increase their strength by eating, it would have been much easier," Alan said, laughing at himself.

After all this, he entered his little world to plant his titan fruit and heavenly herb. He chose the most appropriate place for this, a small plot of land just next to the water with a high concentration of energy. He planted the grass and fruit and was shocked, the grass was growing extremely fast, even though it was already ready to be used as deadly grass when he bought it, it kept evolving. The tree seed grew even faster, there was already a small trunk coming out of the ground.

Alan was happy, with a little world like that he could even build his own sect and raise it to the top of the continent before embarking on his journey into the immortal world.

"System, is there a function of sect creation? "Alan asked, because to create a cult, he would need the system.

[Ding!] In response to the host the system needs to evolve to undertake cult creation and take disciples.]

Alan was surprised, evolve the system? He didn't know how to do it. "How do I make you evolve?" Answer Alan.

[Ding! The system will evolve on its own, the strength of the host must be in base foundation, for this first evolution, with each evolution the system adds new functionality.]

Alan understood, he needed strength, strength does everything in this world even the system would grow thanks to him. He decided that tomorrow he would finish the main quest and leave the forest some time later. As he looked at the system store he suddenly heard.

[Ding! Update of the main quest

Defeat the wolf king and his army in the lower part of the forest

Wolf King's cultivation level: Spiritual refinement 1

Level of cultivation of its armies: Refining of horns 4 to 9

Number killed: 0/500

General wolves: 0/10

Wolf King: 0/1

Reindeer wolf 0/1

Time: 1 day and 8 hours

Description: The king's army has evolved and the Wolf King has entered the spiritual scene, he plans to attack the villages in a few days. Kill him before the time limit.

Rewards: 20,000 system points, nine flash movement techniques (high level of the earth at low sky level), Black Moon Sword (high level earth) and offensive spiritual talisman.]

Alan was surprised, the quest was changed, the rewards are much more impressive. The number has more than doubled and there is also a Queen Wolf. In not even 3 days, it has evolved so much, Alan decided to go directly to the quest. He put the Phoenix in his little world and went to the depths of the lower forest.

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