Dragon God System Chapter 79: 3 exams 10 rewards


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"Hello everyone, today is the day of the selection of the external disciples of the five sects, there will be 3 exams. The first will determine your will and strength, the second your talent and the third your combat experience and your choices in the face of death. "The one who was speaking was the heavenly fairy, her voice was sweet, which caused a great determination in the male disciples. The only ones who remained calm and had no reactions were Alan and the young man in the 5th stage of the terrestrial realm.

"Hmm? "Jiang Ran's gaze as he swept through the disciples stopped before Alan and the young man. Alan had his eyes closed not even caring about them, while the young man cultivate and paying no attention to anyone.

"There are some uninteresting people" Jiang Ran smiled and then she continued her speech.

"Now I'll tell you the rewards. "When she said that, everyone paid attention, the rewards were naturally what the young geniuses expected most.

"How will they react for the rewards? "Jiang Ran looked at Alan and the young man again.

"For 5th to 10th place, you get 150 energy pills! "When she announced this, there was silence in the square, everyone was shocked, the energy pills were rank 5 pills. Even if it was extremely easy to refine and there were many of them every time. This helped the earth realm cultivators a lot.

"For fourth place, you will receive a high ranking sky competence and 100 energy pills." Jiang Ran's voice resounded again. A high ranking competence from heaven were some of the things many dreamed of having. Even if some clans and lords of the city had high-ranking sky skills, this was quite rare.

"For third place, a earth foundation pill. »

"WHAT! The 3rd place is actually the 1st place from last year. "someone shouted in shock, the earth foundation pill was a divine pill for the cultivators of the earthly realm, it allowed to go directly to the next stage with an extremely solid foundation. With any luck, we'll be able to skip two stadiums with the pill. It should be known that in terrestrial realm, it took months or even years for some to reach the higher stage.

"For the second place, you will have access to 1 year of access in the white dragon cultivation room. "The shock of the disciples did not stop, the white dragon room was a specialized room for cultivation, the energy was ten times denser and pure inside, one could practice martial arts and cultivate much more quickly. Normally it would take a lot of points to get access to one of the White Dragon's rooms for 1 year.

"Still no reaction? "Jiang Ran looked at Alan and the young man again, but she saw that he had not moved. She then muttered, "Let's see if you'll stay calm for the first place award.

"For 1st place, you will have access to all the rewards from 2nd to 10th place, plus you can learn a technique of spiritual rank! »

When she finished uttering her words, the young geniuses trembled, a technique of spiritual rank was something legendary, even the daughter and son of the city lord did not have the chance to possess it.

"Hey, finally, he knows how to wake up. "Jiang Ran looked at the young man, then she looked at Alan and saw that he had not moved, she frowned.

"Hmph, he's too arrogant, we'll see if you have the same face on the test. "Jiang Ran sniffed, then she said. "The will test will be done on the celestial staircase, it's an ancient artifact that measures the will and strength of the person." Following this, a gigantic staircase of 1000 steps landed on the ground.

"Each step at a higher pressure, to pass the first exam, you have to climb 200 steps in three days. In the entire history of the sect the record was 510 steps! »

"In addition, the higher you climb, the stronger your body will become, this can be considered a gift even for those who cannot pass the exam. »

Everyone was happy when they heard this, even if everyone dreamed of rewards, almost everyone knew that there were other geniuses stronger than them. At least they hadn't come for nothing, that was the thought of most young geniuses.

"Big brother, you'll break the record, won't you? "Suddenly the voice of little Miu resounded. When Alan opened his eyes, he saw that she was a few centimetres from his face looking at him.

Alan backed up a little bit and said, "I'll try. "Alan shrugged his shoulders, when Alan opened his eyes, it didn't go unnoticed by Jiang Ran. But when she saw the little girl about 11 years old next to Alan, she was shocked because the little girl had reached the 8th stage of the basic foundation, even if it was in the weakest, she was only 11 or 12 years old it was absolutely shocking.

Suddenly Alan looked up at the sky, his eyes met those of Jiang Ran. When Jiang Ran met Alan's eyes and face, she couldn't help but say, "What a beautiful man! "But Alan's eyes contained an extremely strong aura that put pressure on Jiang Ran. Alan smiled and then lowered his head and kept talking to little Miu.

"What is his identity, this pressure just with a look? He's only at the terrestrial realm! "Jiang Ran regained her mind, when she woke up, she saw that the 4 elders were looking at her strangely.

"The first exam begins! "Following Jiang Ran's words, many disciples rushed to the stairs.

"AHHHHHHHH! "A disciple who just climbed the first step collapsed directly, he couldn't resist the pressure.

30 minutes passed, most of the disciples were already on the stairs, the first one had reached 25 steps, only Alan, Yan Fei, Miu, the young man and some other cultivators had stayed outside.

Suddenly a character climbed the stairs extremely quickly.

"Look, it's Luo Yue! "A disciple shouted

"Luo Yue of the Luo clan of the City of Lights! They say it's the best talent of the Luo family since it was created! With his strength, he will easily reach the top 10.

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Luo Yue had already reached the 50th step, which was well above everyone else.

"Big brother, I can go climb, it sounds fun. "Suddenly the voice of little Miu echoed in Alan's ears.

"Hey, little sister, go teach everyone that this staircase is nothing to you. If you reach the 500th step, I'll give you a lot of jewellery, candy and other sweets! "When she heard Alan's words, little Miu's eyes lit up and she ran straight up the stairs.

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