Dragon God System Chapter 78: Arrival of elders


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After entering the city, there was a lot of discussion, but most were talking about entrance exams to enter the sects, what surprised Alan was that the exam will start tomorrow.

"Let's go to an inn, the entrance exam is tomorrow" Alan smiles at the girls.

The girls nodded and then followed Alan. Alan took time to find an inn where there were still rooms, knowing that he wanted two rooms, one for Miu and his mother and the other for Yan Fei and himself.

But, the city of lights was already prepared so after a few tens of minutes of searching, they finally found an inn with two free rooms.

After moving into the inn, Alan left to talk to his mother about something.

"Alan, what do you want to tell me? "Mu Qianqian looked at his son with a beautiful smile.

Alan smiled and said, "Mother, tomorrow I would go with Miu and Yan Fei to a sect, you will probably be alone, because unfortunately you are too old and even if your talent now exceeds everyone else in this city, they will not believe it. "Alan sighed, he wanted his mother to be able to cultivate in a sect as well, even if the resources weren't as good as Alan, you just had to show your talent and the resources will be free. Unfortunately, Alan's mother is over the age limit for entering a cult.

Mu Qianqian looked at Alan and smiled, she had already guessed that she could not enter a sect with them. Then she says, "Don't worry Alan, as long as you come to see me from time to time I'll always be happy, of course I'll do my best to increase my strength and not be behind. »

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"Mother, don't worry, I'll buy a nice house in the city as soon as possible and some servants so you won't be alone. "Alan says that with determination. Even if the wealth of the Level 3 sect was great, a house in this city was expensive, it would take almost half of Alan's wealth for a beautiful house in the city center, he didn't want an old house.

But Alan was not discouraged, he just had to buy pills in the system or something and sell them at auction and it would drive the whole city crazy, Alan's wealth would naturally rise.

"Well, I'll wait," Mu Qianqian smiles.

The next day, everyone got up early, today was naturally the day of the examination of the new disciples. The city was full of noise, all the young cultivators wanted to show themselves.

Alan and Yan Fei had their natural appearance, they didn't have their mask or others who hid their faces because they couldn't and above all they will be discovered.

The beauty of Alan and Yan Fei had eclipsed most of the girls and boys. Yan Fei who was a stunning beauty and Alan who was a handsome man with a look that would melt women's hearts did not go unnoticed. But the minds of the people were much stronger than in the Yan empire, at least no one came to ask for Yan Fei's hand, even though many men looked at it with a perverse look.

Alan shook his head, he knew it would happen but he had no choice.

Alan arrived at the gathering place, there were about 1000 people, it was just huge.

"Big brother, there are a lot of people! "Little Miu was impressed, she was looking at everyone so much that she didn't even know who to look at.

"Yes, there are many of them. "Alan smiles.

"I hope she will find a good master who will take care of her like her own daughter." Alan thought. It was certain that with the talent of little Miu, she ranked among the first, found a master who would take her as a disciple would be simple. He also wanted Yan Fei to find a master, preferably a woman, with the beauty of Yan Fei, he would not trust men.

"Look, the son and daughter of the city lord have arrived! "Suddenly a scream resounded, when they heard this, everyone turned their heads, even Alan turned their heads.

When he turned around, Alan saw a girl and a boy, what shocked Alan was that the girl was almost at the same level as Yan Fei in beauty. As for the boy, he could be considered handsome. They looked like they were 20 years old and were both in the 1st stage of earth realm, which could be considered as not bad.

When Yan Fei saw the girl and Alan's surprised look, she elbowed Alan and said, "Hmph, you're already going to chase other girls away. »

Alan smiled and said, "I was just a little surprised, it's rare to see a woman almost on the same level as you. »

"At least you know how to say nice things" Yan Fei smiled and then took Alan's arm as if she didn't want him to run away.

After that, Alan no longer looked at it, their cultivation came just from the resources and status they had, if they came from the Yan empire, Alan wondered even if they would have reached the basic foundation.

Analyzing everyone with his powerful spiritual sense, Alan noticed that there were about 15 cultivators in the 3rd stage of terrestrial realm, they were all about 30 years old. But what surprised Alan most was that there was someone who was in the 5th stage of the terrestrial realm, he was about 20 years old and was alone in a corner closing his eyes. When Alan analyzed it further, he was surprised because the young man was surrounded by an extremely powerful energy. Even if he was trying to hide from others, for Alan it was useless.

"Interesting, there's finally someone worth paying attention to," Alan smiles.

Suddenly five powerful aura arrived, the five characters were standing in the air, Alan lifted his head and looked at them saying, "Must be the five elders sent by the 5 sects for the exam. "After that he returned to a position to meditate, he didn't care about that.

"Look, it's the eighth elder of the black sect! »

"This old man and the first elder of the cloud sect piercing! »

"This young woman is the fifth elder in the Mystery Sect. »

"The one who came from the Five Elements Sect is the mysterious Great Elder! »

"There's even better, it's Jiang Ran, the celestial fairy of the deep river! What a beauty! "a lot of people exclaimed when she arrived, she had a lot more effect than the other elders

When the five people came, it caused great agitation in the crowd, because, 3 years ago and the other years, it was all inner disciples who came to do the examination and now it was all elders.

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