Dragon God System Chapter 77: City of Lights


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A few days later, Alan arrived at the Yan Empire, of course, he was on foot, he was not going to show the Phoenix in the capital. When he arrived at the palace, he went straight to see Yan Fei.

When Alan went to Yan Fei's yard, he saw that she was training in the skills Alan had given them six months earlier. Alan was a little surprised, Yan Fei had already reached the initial realization on the 3 skills, in 6 months it was excellent. It should be noted that these were high-ranking earth and sky grade skills. Of course, she didn't have the system like Alan. Alan just needed to do the skill moves and the experience went up.

Alan didn't hide his aura, so when he approached, Yan Fei naturally turned around, when she saw Alan, a beautiful smile formed on her face while saying "you're back. »

Alan naturally smiled, then said, "we're going to the City of Light in three days, do what you have to do, I'll find Mother and Miu."

Yan Fei was surprised by her words, but she was happy, finally she was going to discover the outside world, she nodded and then left for her room.

After that, Alan went to see little Miu, as usual, when she saw Alan, she jumped on him. Alan removed the spiritual stone from his storage ring and gave it to little Miu while telling her to increase her strength during her three days. Little Miu nodded her head full of times.

Then he went to see his mother to tell her the news, his mother was very happy when she heard Alan say that, so she went to pack her bags.

Three days passed extremely quickly, Yan Fei naturally spent the most time with her father, for the first time she would leave her father for an indefinite time.

After gathering, the king looks at Alan and says, "My daughter is in your hands, I hope you can protect her and make her happy. »

"Father! "Yan Fei had tears in her eyes, even if she wanted to see the outside world, leaving her father after so many years was difficult.

"Don't worry, if someone touches Yan Fei's hair, I'll cut off his head. "Says Alan while kissing Yan Fei.

The king smiles at Alan's answer. He was happy to have a son-in-law as strong as Alan and as protective, so he had great confidence in Alan's words.

"Let's go" Alan smiled and then left the palace followed by Little Miu and Mu Qianqian, while Yan Fei first hugged her father for a few minutes and then ran towards Alan.

After leaving the capital and being far enough away, Alan summoned the Phoenix, when he appeared everyone was surprised except the little Miu, the little Miu shouted for joy and then she jumped right on top.

"Alan, what is this beautiful bird? "Says Mu Qianqian, Yan Fei had the same question in mind.

Alan looks at Yan Fei and Mu Qianqian and says, "It's a Phoenix, a legendary beast." Alan's response shocked both women, especially Yan Fei because she remembered that in the Greenwood forest when they met, Alan had a little bird that said it was a Phoenix, and now this bird is huge.

The little tiger in Yan Fei's arms screamed as if no one was paying attention to him now.

Alan looked at the little tiger, it had been 6 months, but he was already in the intermediate stage of spiritual realm.

As for Mu Qianqian, she was shocked when she heard it was a Phoenix, she looked at Alan in shock and wondered "what had he lived in the forest to change so much? »

"Climbing on the Phoenix" Alan told the two women who were still in shock. When they heard Alan's scream, they woke up from their amazement and climbed onto the Phoenix.

"Direction City of Lights! "Alan shouted at the Phoenix.

"Screech! "The Phoenix answered and flew away at a dazzling speed. According to Alan's estimates, it would take them two weeks to reach the City of Lights.

Two weeks was short, Alan naturally gave the three women cultivation resources, as for Alan, he also cultivates.

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Before leaving, little Miu had finished cultivating with the spiritual stone, now the spiritual stone looked like a normal stone. Little Miu had reached the 7th stage of the basic foundation, which was shocking.

In her two weeks, there was a lot of improvement, Yan Fei who had moved to the 2nd stage of the terrestrial realm, Mu Qianqian who had moved to the 1st stage of the terrestrial realm and the little Miu who reached the 8th stage of the basic foundation. As for Alan, he has reached the top of the 3rd stage of the terrestrial realm, he may soon break through to the 4th stage.

Alan with his extremely strong sight could see the city of lights from afar, so he told the Phoenix to come down and enter the little world.

The Phoenix naturally accepted, then the 4 headed for the City of Lights.

"The energy of the outside world is so pure! "Yan Fei was amazed, the difference between his Yan empire and the outside world was shocking. She understood why the maximum realm in the Yan Empire and others nearby was only the basic foundation.

"Yes is still, it is not the best energy on the continent, do not forget that we are in an area where it is only level 5 forces, there are level 6,7,8 and 9 forces, they must have a greater amount of spiritual energy. "Alan reminded them, Of course for him this energy was weak, he had the tower of the seven divine swords or it was the energy that came from the world of the immortals.

All three nodded, they were really looking forward to it. After a few minutes, the 4 arrived near the city of lights.

Looking closer, there were a lot of people, there were also a lot of young people around 25-30 years old and under. Most of them had a cultivation at the beginning of the terrestrial realm or at the top of the base foundation. It was shocking.

"Why are there so many young cultivators?" Yan Fei asked.

"Perhaps the selection of the disciples of the five sects will soon begin. "Says Alan. Even when he saw this, he thought only of the selection of disciples, otherwise why else would he have so many young cultivators.

"Well, let's go. "Alan and the others paid 10 gold coins to enter, which was a fairly high number, but for Alan who had robbed a level 3 sect, it was nothing.

Looking at the city before his eyes Alan said in his head "The City of Light and the beginning where I Alan would make myself known all over the world and make my name a legend! »

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