Dragon God System Chapter 76: Jade box


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When he arrived in front of the building, Alan was a little surprised, the building had an old aura. As he entered the interior, he discovered that the energy was very dense, but looking at all the treasures there were, Alan was not shocked.

On the first floor of the building, there were many boxes, books, and many chests. When Alan opened the boxes, he discovered that they were all spiritual pills. Even if they were level 1 pills, they were the best because, one tablet could improve the 50% chance of breaking into spiritual realm. For a level 3 sect or even level 1 or 2 empires, it was extremely useful.

"There are a few hundred of them! "Alan was a little surprised, when he opened all the boxes, he counted about 680 pills. It was an incredible number, he is certain that he could make a lot of money with it.

Looking at the books, Alan realized that they were all low-ranking earth skills, they were useless to him, even if he wanted to sell them, it wouldn't bring him much because where he was going, the low-ranking land skills were common.

After getting everything back, Alan went up to the second floor, the second floor was filled with alchemy grass, Alan was happy. When he settles into a sect, he will start learning alchemy, so having a lot of ingredients made him happy. Even if they were all ingredients for 1, 2 and 3-star pills. Alan wasn't even a one-star alchemist, so he has to start with the basics. After recovering everything, he planted them in his little world, the herbs will naturally become better.

Going to the 3rd floor, Alan felt that the source of the high energy came from there, the energy was dense, even if it would not improve the speed of cultivation so much, it would improve the purity of his energy and help stabilize his cultivation after a breakthrough.

When Alan went to the source of the energy, he saw a strange stone, it was white and shiny, Alan was surprised, he had never seen it before.

"System, what is this stone? »

[Low-ranking spiritual stone, almost exhausted.]

"Spiritual Stone! "Alan was shocked, in the memories of the Dragon God, there were spiritual stones, it is said that spiritual stones are divided into low rank, medium, and high quality. It should be known that 1 low-ranking spiritual stone would be extremely expensive. It was certain that even the sect leader did not know that it was this stone because a low-ranking spiritual stone could easily buy the Moon sect of level 3.

But when he learned that the spiritual stone was exhausted, he sighed with disappointment, it would not improve his cultivation much.

"I'm going to give it to little Miu, it will help her. "Alan smiled, thinking of that innocent little face he had accepted as his little sister.

Alan took all the things from the 3rd floor, there was still a lot of grass for alchemy because the energy was much denser in this floor so the grass was of better quality. These herbs were mainly resources for 3-star pills. On this floor, there were also a few dozen 3-star pills. Even some pills were useful for Alan, but he wouldn't use them and give them to his relatives, because his pills contained a lot of impurities, so poison. It should be known that the pills mainly made by the alchemists were about 60-70% pure. The remaining 30% were the impurities in the pill, which means that it was a poison if consumed in large quantities. Of course, if a 9 rank alchemist made a 1-star pill, the pill would naturally be above 90% purity.

After that, Alan entered the 4th and the last floor of the building, when he arrived on that floor, he saw that it was filled with dust and that there was nothing.

"What is it?" Suddenly Alan spotted a strange green box on a shelf at the back of the room. As he approached, he discovered that it was a box of jade, jade was a rare material to refine spiritual celestial weapons is above so Alan was a little surprised.

Alan took the box and tried to open it, but even with all his strength, he was unable to open it.

"A simple box dares to resist me. Take that!"Alan pulled the sword out of the chaos and sent a terrifying amount of energy to the box.

"BOOM" A shock wave has spread throughout the fourth floor. Alan coughed, the dust was dense.

"If the spiritual energy of the world were as dense as the dust in this room, cultivate would be much simpler. "Alan laughed at himself. If we could see the energy with our own eyes, it would mean that the amount of energy was extremely abundant, but what Alan didn't know was that when he cultivated in the tower of the seven divine swords and swallowed the grass of heaven and the energetic fruit of divine rank, this phenomenon occurred.

After the dust had finished floating in the air, Alan was able to see the jade box, but it had no scratches and showed no trace of dust on it. This reinforced the idea that the jade box was not ordinary jade and that it contained a treasure and that it had been deposited there for many years because no one could open it.

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"Well, I'd wait until my cultivation is strong enough to be able to open the box, then I'll naturally see what's in it. "Alan thought, he had all the time in the world, after all, if he can't open it now, it would mean that what's inside is not made for its current level.

"Well, it's time to go home, if destroying sects pays so much, if another sects offend me, I'd be happy to annihilate them. "A diabolical smile was formed on Alan's lips.

Alan climbed on the Phoenix, then left for the Yan Empire, the departure to the City of Light was near, Alan was looking forward to visiting the outside world. Many practitioners love legends from the outside world. Alan was also one of those people who liked it. Who has not heard their parents tell them that in the outside world, cultivators as strong as gods and who could raze mountains, control millions of people and steal existed.

Alan had only one ambition, which was to become a legend, Alan wanted the next generation, the legends that parents would tell the children, to be the legends that Alan had produced. He wanted to become the strongest and best-known cultivators on the continents and even on the continents.

What would Alan's reaction be if in a few dozen, hundreds or even thousands of years Alan came back to the Jiang continent and saw that everyone was telling legends about him, who wouldn't like that? This was everyone's goal and this is what motivated the children to cultivate and go beyond their limits. Strength brings wealth, women, fear and above all freedom.

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