Dragon God System Chapter 75: Moon sect destroyed


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Upon hearing his words, the chief of the sect shivered, he had seen the crystal of his son's life breaking. He was extremely upset, but he also thought to himself that there was someone at the top of the earthly realm beside him, so the person who killed his son were as strong as him, but right now, in front of him, there was a young man who was no more than 16 years old. He had seen the young man kill an elder in a bronze dress, but he still doubted that he could kill someone at the top of the earthly realm.

"Young man, even if you are strong enough to kill an elder in a bronze dress, do you think that with the 3rd stage of earth realm, you can face us? "Suddenly, an old man next to the chief of the sect spoke, when his words were heard, all the elders in the golden robe analyzed Alan, then they confirmed that he was only in the 3rd stage of the earthly realm.

"My cultivation is more than enough to take care of you," Alan says with a smile.

"Arrogant! Let me teach you a lesson! "The one who spoke was naturally someone at the top of the earthly realm.

"Well, I'll show you that cultivation doesn't make a person strong. "After that, Alan pulled out the sword of chaos, thanks to Alan's cultivation, the sword of chaos was now a low rank spirit quality weapon, it was an extremely powerful weapon.

When the sword came out, a strong sword intention came with it, Alan had reached the major success of the sword intention, with his strength taking care of the cultivators at the top of the earth realm were extremely easy.

When the elders saw the sword, they were all stunned, the power of the sword was much stronger than the sword of the chief of sect. It should be known that the sword that the chief of sect carries was a weapon of high rank sky, an extremely rare treasure, they had to give a lot of money to a force of level 5 to buy it, it was the treasure of each chief of sect.

"Spirit quality weapon! "The old man who was going to attack Alan shivered, but a hint of lust appeared, if he had a spirit quality weapon, he could fight with someone at the first stage of the realm of heaven. It was the strength of a high quality weapon.

Suddenly around Alan, a dense sword aura formed. Then suddenly he made a movement, the movement was very simple, he pointed his sword at the old man, when he pointed the sword at the old man, the dense aura of the sword that turned around Alan disappeared and a few seconds later, the old man fell perfectly cut off his head.

[Ding, host received 200,000 system points]

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A total silence, no noise was heard.

"Intention of the sword! This the legendary intention of the sword. ! "Suddenly the chief of the sect spoke, his voice trembled, he had read in the books that there were different voices with weapons that increased the force in a dazzling way, he had read that there was the intention of the sword, the intention of the spear, One with the bow, and many others. Only the geniuses of the powerful forces could touch the intention of the sword or others.

"You... Who are you!" The head of the sect was no longer as calm as before, a cultivator at the top of the terrestrial realm no weaker than him had just died without even knowing how.

"Just a young man who wants revenge, your son wanted to take my wife, I annihilate your cult, the world respects the laws of the strongest, if I wasn't strong enough, my wife would surely be raped and she would have killed herself. In your next life, if you have a son, educate him well. "After that, Alan rushed to the head of the sect and the 11 elders in the golden robe.

"Let us attack the whole, even if he understood the intention of the sword, he is only in the 3rd stage of the earthly realm while we are at the top of the earthly realm! "The head of the sect shouted. The 11 elders in the golden robe attacked together, the nearest disciples were killed, they could not resist such strength and pressure.

"Insignificant competence." Alan spoke with disdain, he swung his sword, his movements were fluid, thanks to his movement technique cultivated to perfection, his speed was extremely fast. Alan could no longer use the movement he had used against the old man, because now they were all on guard.

[Ding, host received 200,000 system points]

[Ding, host received 200,000 system points]

Two cultivators at the top of the earthly realm died in a few seconds, now fear appeared in the eyes of the 9 elders in the golden robe and the chief of the sect.

"ROYAL FIST! "Suddenly the chief shouted, he had used the strongest skill.

"Look at the chief of the sect uses the most powerful skill in the sect, it is said to be a skill of intermediate rank sky. "The disciples were all surprised, it was a skill that only the elders in the golden dress and the main disciples could learn.

"Unnecessary competence. Dragon's Hand! "On the hand, five enormous claws were formed in heaven, the aura of a sovereign emanating from these claws, an extremely strong energy swept through the entire sect, killing the disciples of the spiritual realm and seriously wounding the disciples in the realm of the basic foundation. As his body evolved, on the dragon's hand, there were as many claws as his body. At that moment, Alan had the body of a five claw dragon, so there were five claws on his hand, the power would be five times stronger than if he had a claw.

"What is this competence! »

"What power! »

"My knees can't even hold up anymore. I have the impression that the ruler of the world has come! »

The disciples around were completely fascinated by the hand in the sky. The disciples who had a fairly high cultivation and who were able to resist the strong energy were now all on their knees.

"BOOOOOOM" A claw went down to face the royal fist, a huge shock wave swept the whole area, some buildings could no longer resist, dead bodies were swept hundreds of meters away. But what shocked everyone was that just one claw was enough to destroy the sect leader's royal fist, so there were 4 claws left.

"Impossible! That's impossible! "The head of the sect did not believe it, the skill in which he was most proud to have was so easily destroyed.

"Nothing is impossible, now die. "After that, Alan suddenly increased his power to the maximum, he transferred almost all the energy from his body into the 4 claws. He wanted to completely destroy the Moon sect in one go.

Alan climbed quickly on the Phoenix and went into the air.

"BOOOOOOM" A huge noise and an extremely strong shock wave propagated in the Moon sect destroying all in its path.

[Ding, host received 200,000 system points]

[Ding, host received 200,000 system points]


Alan had received more than a thousand notifications, it should be known that he had used 80% of his spiritual energy. Alan knew that the dragon's hand was an extremely powerful skill, he couldn't even get a ten-thousandth of the power of a claw. The cultivation was still too low.

"The 12 elders in the gold dress and the chief of sect, the 23 elders in the silver dress and the 47 elders in the bronze dress are dead. The system points increased extremely quickly, it was completely crazy, Alan was happy.

"When the system had finished reading all the notifications, Alan was extremely happy. He had gained 18,975,000 system points, it should be known that everyone died in the sect, the four claws completely swept everyone away.

Alan looked for the bodies and then took everyone's storage rings, he was extremely happy, the rings of the elders in the gold, silver and bronze dress and the head of the sect were extremely abundant, there were many Royal Stones.

Suddenly, Alan looked in one direction, in the direction where Alan was looking, there was a black building, it was the only building still standing in the whole sect. There wasn't even a scratch on it.

"It must be the building where all the resources of the sect are, let's see what wealth has a level 3 sect! "Alan headed straight for the buildings.

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