Dragon God System Chapter 74: Great increase in women's strength and go to the moon sec


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After ending this, Alan turned around to look at Yan Fei with a loving look, more than six months had passed, even if it was not long for some, for them it was still a long time.

Suddenly, he analyzed Yan Fei's strength and was extremely surprised because she was at the top of the 1st stage of the terrestrial realm, one step further and she was at the 2nd stage, it was an extreme cultivation speed. Even if it doesn't compare at all to Alan, for the geniuses of the continent, it was almost impossible, only the number one genius of the Jiang dynasty and the others in the top 10 could compare themselves, of course, what greatly helped Yan Fei were the herbs and fruits that Alan had given him.

"Yan Fei, you were afraid not to follow me, you almost caught up with me in terms of cultivation. "Alan all smiles as he embraces Yan Fei's thin waist.

Feeling the perfume she was waiting for, she smiled and replied, "Even though I have almost the same level of cultivation as you, I am nothing compared to your strength. "Yan Fei shook her head, she had seen Alan terrorized a cultivator at the top of the earth's realm just by looking at him, for her it was impossible.

Alan smiles because she was right, thanks to his skills and cultivation method, he could easily defeat someone superior, by adding the Asura bloodline, it considerably strengthened his strength.

"Where are mother and little Miu? "Alan asked.

"They went shopping, they'll come back tonight" Yan Fei smiles.

"Well, they've made a lot of progress too? "Even if Alan knew the answer, he always asked.

"Yes, especially Miu, its cultivation speed and the most terrifying and its flames even more so. It is already in the 4th stage of the basic foundation. As for mother, she is at the top of the base foundation. "Yan Fei says.

When Alan heard Yan Fei's words about growing little Miu, he almost choked, it's a much too fast-growing speed! To spend 2 great realms in 6 months, if the continent knew that, it would make a war to get it. Alan was satisfied with his mother's cultivation, Alan wanted to make her as happy as possible, he had not seen her smile and laugh for 8 years. For Alan it was an achievement, he wanted it to last, so his mother's cultivation was important.

"Worthy of a divine body," Alan said to himself.

In the evening, Mu Qianqian and little Miu came back, when they saw Alan, they were extremely happy, especially the little Miu who ran directly towards Alan without even warning. As for her mother, she looked away with a warm smile.

"Well, since you're all gathered together, I'm going to tell you a little bit about the outside world and where we're going after that.

When the women heard this, they were happy, well, they were going to travel.

Alan smiles and then says, "We're going to go to the City of Lights, it's a city where five levels 5 sects are inside, we're going to join one of the sects to improve.

"Alan, what is a level five forces? "The question came from little Miu, but it was also a question that Mu Qianqian and Yan Fei asked themselves. Even though Yan Fei knew the stages of cultivation, she did not know the classification of forces.

"A level 5 force and a force where there is a martial lord, the martial lords are above the cultivators of heaven who are themselves above the terrestrial cultivators. »

When the women heard this, they were incredibly shocked, they could finally see legendary cultivators, of course, Yan Fei had already seen someone of his level because his mother was a martial lord.

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"But before that, I have to go to the Moon sect and destroy it" a murderous intention developed thinking of the Moon sect, of course, he retracted it directly.

The women nodded, they were happy, when Alan comes back, they will leave together to the outside world.

Alan spent a few days with Yan Fei, his mother, and little Miu, he guided them in their fighting skills and spent good time with them, at night he teased Yan Fei, even if he didn't take the last step, Alan could afford to do everything, he touched the most sensitive places of Yan Fei.

The next day, Alan said goodbye to everyone to go and exterminate the Moon sect, he thought it wouldn't take much time. The Moon sect being in the mountains north of the Chan empire was an isolated place, so if he showed the Phoenix, he wouldn't fear spectators because he didn't want to spare anyone. Even if there were many innocent people, since he merged with Asura's royal blood, he wanted to kill more and more, Alan did not reject such a feeling because killed brings him system points that allow him to improve, Alan thought as long as he did not lose his mind, he did not care to kill.

When leaving the Yan empire, Alan summoned the Phoenix again, after more than 6 months the Phoenix was in the 6th stage of the terrestrial realm. As for the king of the underworld, he was an 8th stage of the earthly realm, both were divine beasts, even if the Phoenix had only a legendary Bloodline at the time, if he evolved, he would have a divine bloodline. Both animals had a fighting strength well above their level.

The speed of the Phoenix was extremely fast, the Moon sect was located thousands of kilometers from the Chan empire, if a normal cultivator of the terrestrial realm, it would take 1 week to go from the Chan empire to the Moon sect, but Alan took only 3 days. This proved that the speed of the Phoenix was simply well above a cultivator of the terrestrial realm.

After 3 days, he could finally see the great mountain where the Moon Sect was planted, it was really big, the spiritual energy was much stronger than outside, it was the same in the royal palace of the Chan empire where the spiritual energy was twice as important.

"Look at a giant bird coming to us! "Suddenly a disciple of the outer sect shouted, which alarmed all the others, when everyone raised their heads, he saw a giant bird that gave off an extremely strong aura and above all an aura worthy of a sovereign, everyone was fascinated by this bird, the girls had stars in their eyes, as for the boys, they were amazed.

"Chief of the Moon sect show up before I raze this mountain! "Alan's scream made the ears of the disciples of the outer sect bleed. Alan's voice was filled with majesty and strength.

"Who dares to be reckless in the Moon sect! "Suddenly a voice came from below, Alan was the only one in the air because he had the Phoenix, before reaching the realm of the sky, no one could fly without a flying beast.

The Phoenix landed on the ground, Alan went down, when Alan went down, the female disciples were amazed, they had never seen such a handsome young man, as for the men, they were jealous and eager for Alan to die.

Alan looked at the old man, he saw that he was wearing a bronze dress, he swung two waves of energy thanks to his "nine wave energy" skill

[Ding! You received 105,000 system points]

An elder of the outer sect easily died, which had amazed everyone.

"Sect Leader, I'll count to three, if you don't show up here, I'll exterminate everyone! "When Alan finished his words, an extremely strong intention to kill swept the whole area, most of the disciples fell unconscious as to the most resistant, they were already on their knees, not even able to breathe.

"Who are you? "Suddenly a middle-aged man and 12 old men arrived, all at the top of the earth's realm.

"Well, you must be the head of the sect, right? You will tell your son in the other world that you shouldn't try to take other people's lives without knowing the person. »

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