Dragon God System Chapter 73: You want to take my wife?


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Congratulations to the host for learning alchemy, the art of the talisman, craftsmanship, animal taming.

You have received "eternal flame"

You have received "cauldron of the nine dragons"]

Alan was surprised, he had learned all the trades, what surprised her the most was that he wondered why the system hadn't given him all this before?

[Ding! The eternal flame requires the host to cultivate the earth realm. The eternal flame makes it possible to make 100% pure pills.]

Alan now understood, he then looked at the cauldron, will cauldron gave him an extremely old feeling, he knew that it was not an ordinary cauldron. Suddenly he noticed his status, things were added.

Alchemy level 1 → 0/100

Crafting level 1 → 0/100

the art of the talisman level 1 → 0/100

Only three trades had a level because beast taming just required the strength of the soul or directly put pressure on the beast with a much greater force than it.

It had been a week since Alan opened his eyes, at that moment he was getting used to his new power and skills, Alan's hair had turned black again and his eyes golden. When his eyes turn red/gold it is because Alan uses the "eye of darkness" and when his hair turns red it is when he transforms into the form of Asura. Since these are two bloodlines coexisting, Alan naturally had both bloodline transformations.

Alan hasn't started training in alchemy and other professions, he thinks he'll start when he's in a cult. Right now he just wanted to go home.

"Well, it's time to go home" More than 6 months have passed, Alan was eager to return to the Yan Empire and find his family and then leave for the City of Light.

Alan took only 30 minutes to return to the Yan Empire, his speed was extremely fast as he switched to the earth realm.

When he entered the Yan empire, he saw that the situation was not very happy. Suddenly Alan heard a conversation

"You have seen, the young master of a sect called "moon sect," asked the princess to marry him, everyone knows that the princess is with that young man who defeated the king of the Greenwood Forest. »

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When Alan heard his words, he frowned, but an evil smile formed on his lips.

"Well, moon sect? I was just missing system points, "If anyone saw Alan's smile, he'd tremble.

Alan arrived at the Imperial Palace without being noticed and used his divine sense, then he suddenly noticed strong energy "Summit of the terrestrial realm? This idiot has figured out how to protect himself," Alan smiles.

"Princess Yan, normally it is an honor for you to become my concubine, you can have glory and wealth and if you do not accept, your empire can be destroyed! "The one who spoke was naturally the young master of the moon sect

"I already have a husband, he's better than you, how many times do I have to tell you? "Yan Fei frowned, she didn't like this man, she had disdain for someone like him, he only thought of the woman and not even of his cultivation.

"Be careful with your words" The old man released his aura on Yan Fei, but Yan Fei didn't flinch at all and said "Just you? If my husband were here, you'd already be dead," Yan Fei laughed.

The old man was naturally surprised and angry, a little girl was laughing at him, how could he not be angry?

"Yan Fei, don't go all the way, how can this trash can compare to me? He was angry, really angry.

"Hmph, you just switched to the realm of the base foundation and you dare to say that my husband is trash, 6 months ago, my husband could kill you by snapping his fingers, as I can now" after that, Yan Fei released an energy so cold that it froze almost the whole room.

"You... you... Uncle Qin, I want it, I want it! "Absorbed by rage, he had only one idea in mind: to take Yan Fei by force"

"Do you want to take my wife?" Suddenly a voice that shook the whole palace resounded, then a silhouette entered the room.

"Not good" Uncle Qin knew that this voice came from someone who was no weaker than him. The power of the voice was tremendous.

"Husband! "Yan Fei was overjoyed, she threw herself at Alan.

"My little wife, did you miss your husband?" Alan teased Yan Fei not putting the two people in his eyes.

"Hmm, I missed you so much! "Yan Fei who had a cold face a few minutes ago was now a little girl who rested obediently in Alan's bosom.

"Brat, who are you? If I want to take your wife, I'll take her! "The young moon sect master shouted as he looked at Alan, with his uncle Qin, he thought no one could touch him.

"Young man, don't offend people you can't fight with." Even though he knew that this young man was extremely strong, Uncle Qin believed that Alan was afraid of a level 3 cult.

"With just you, a waste at the basic foundation stage and an old crouton at the top of the earth realm, it's just poor. If you don't want the annihilation of your sect to take place, otherwise don't blame me for being cruel. "Alan had a cold feeling that made the eldest and young man shiver.

"Kill him, kill him! "The frightened young master pointed to Alan while shouting at the eldest Qin to kill him.

The eldest Qin sighed in front of the young master, but he had to listen to his orders, he looked at Alan and said "I'll offer you a quick death" After that he ran at full speed at Alan.

"Oh?" Alan smiled, suddenly his eyes turned red, a frightening murderous intent enveloped the eldest Qin, Alan had used the eye of darkness.

The eldest Qin who was advancing at full speed towards Alan stopped suddenly, his body trembled and he knelt. He looked at Alan while trembling with fear and said, "You... who are you? You're a demon! "Unable to control himself, he was lying on the ground, smelly fluids escaping from his pants.

"Well die" After that, Alan cut off the head of the eldest Qin.

[Ding! You received 200,000 system points]

Alan was happy, it was a lot, he then looked at the young master of the moon sect who had still not recovered from the shock.

Alan approached him when he saw Alan, the young man trembled and said, "I am the young master of the moon sect, please don't kill me, I can give you plenty of wealth! »

"Moon sect I'd go for a walk to destroy this force" After that, Alan killed the young master of the moon sect

[Ding! You received 20,000 system points]

"So little, what a waste" The difference was huge, for Alan 20,000 points was too low now.

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