Dragon God System Chapter 72: Bloodline fusion


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Alan had been gone for about ten minutes, after leaving the palace, he headed north, there was a mountain range, Alan was sure he could find a quiet place.

"Well, after buying all his things, I only have 350,000 system points left, it goes so fast" Alan sighs, the method of cultivation that Alan to give his mother was already worth 3 million system points. The rest of the lost points were naturally the celestial rank competence and the high-rank earth competence.

After 4 hours, Alan finally arrived at the mountain range, he rushed inside to try to find a cave. After a few minutes of searching, he found a small cave, there was no smell of animals, it was not inhabited.

Alan directly released the tower from the seven divine swords and entered inside, even if he had the artifact, he had to be in a quiet place because he could feel if someone approached or if he hit the tower, it would disturb Alan. When he entered, he called directly to the spirit of the tower to tell it that he should not be disturbed and that he would refine a drop of blood. At first, the mind was a little surprised by thinking what drop of blood Alan wanted to refine, but he shook his head thinking that it must be a treasure of a deadly continent, so nothing worthwhile to him.

Alan opened the jar directly when the jar was opened, a great power escaped from the drop of blood, it was filled with murderous intent. Even the tower trembled in the face of power.

"A simple drop of blood has such power? "Alan was stunned, he also thought that the jar was not ordinary to contain this drop of blood.

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Alan swallowed the drop of blood when the drop of blood entered his body, he felt that his body was going to explode, the drop of blood was in a constant battle with his own body.

[Ding! Bloodline detected]

[Ding! The bloodline is more powerful than the host's bloodline, so the system can't help the host merge it.]

"More powerful! "Alan was stunned, it was the first time he saw a bloodline more powerful than that of the Dragon God. Alan tells himself that the Asuras were the most powerful in the universe. After being shocked, Alan closed his eyes and concentrated.

Alan's body was being rebuilt, if anyone saw that, he would be in shock, because you could hear the bone fractures coming from Alan's body. The bones broke and rebuilt in a matter of minutes.

Alan's body was undergoing a rebirth, the meridians, bones, tendons, heart, skin, all of Alan's body was changing.

2 weeks later, Alan's body emitted a red aura, Alan's body had finished rebuilding itself.

After one month, Alan's hair was red, his eyes were now red with a golden pupil.

After two months, Alan's cultivation reached the terrestrial stage, Alan was not aware of his rise in cultivation and all his changes at that time they were trying to merge the bloodline of the Dragon God and Asura. The coexistence of the two bloodlines was extremely complicated.

The system could merge the weaker bloodlines alone without Alan having to do anything, but Asura's bloodline was more powerful than that of the Dragon God, so it was all Alan's work.

Meanwhile, the tower spirit had been watching Alan for 2 months, he was still in shock. Since he saw Alan take out the drop of blood and the tower shaking, he had been looking at Alan. He saw Alan rebuild himself, every day there was a change "What is this bloodline? What race has such an intention to murder? "Suddenly he thought, "Red hair, red eyes? ASURA!" The body of the tower's spirit trembled.

"A god is born, what is the fate of this kid? There is already someone who must be at the top of the 9 worlds who has left a trace of consciousness in his body and now he inherits Asura's bloodline, moreover seen the power, it must be the royal bloodline, the purest! "He was naturally talking about the one who almost killed her when he tried to take Alan's body.

"Rumble" The tower of the seven divine swords trembled, suddenly the body of a gigantic Dragon appeared behind Alan. The dragon was fuzzy, but it didn't fit in the tower. The dragon was golden in color with red wings and a black tail. It emitted a divine aura mixed with an extremely strong murderous aura.

"DRAGON GOD! This kid's merging bloodlines, is he crazy? If successful, this child's path will break the rules of the world and go to the top of the nine worlds." The spirit of the tower sighed, he had dared to take the body of a child who had such a destiny, thinking about it, he laughed. Then he looked at Alan again and said: "As a child, I hope one day you will be able to reach the mythical realm of the god of swords, since ancient times no one has ever succeeded, not even my first master and my former masters."

Of course, Alan knew nothing of the words of the tower's spirit, at that moment Alan's hair was up, his body was surrounded by a red aura as if it was swallowed by it.

After 3 months, Alan's body was floating in the air, he was levitating, the dragon behind him had not disappeared, but he was becoming more and more blurry. Alan sucked the dragon behind him into his body.

After 6 months, the dragon behind Alan had completely disappeared, Alan's cultivation was now in the 3rd stage of the terrestrial realm. His body was overflowing with deadly energy. Alan's blood-red hair made him look like a demon.

A few days later, Alan opened his eyes, when Alan's eyes opened, a murderous intention hundreds of times more powerful than Asura's transformation before the merger, escaped. Even the spirit of the tower shook for a few moments.

"Asura, even at the time of my first master, they were legends and a race that had been supposed to be extinct since the ancient era, so who is this kid and who is this person who prevents me from taking his body?" The spirit of the tower was in full reflection.

Alan looked around him, at this moment he looked at his new body, his inner and outer changes. When Alan stood in front of a mirror, he was in shock, his red hair and red/gold eyes were his biggest changes, his skin was tanned.


[Host: Alan Cheng]

[Age: 16 years old]

[Cultivation: 3rd stage of earth realm]

[Cultivation with the solar body: 7th stage of earth realm]

[Body culture: Asura Dragon God body with 5 claws]

[Soul Cultivation: Soul child final stage]

[System point: 350,000]

[Bloodline: Asura Dragon God (Fusion and variant) 100% Purity]

[Bloodline's skill: King's aura, dragon's breath, invulnerable to the 7 elements (water, earth, air, air, fire, lightning, darkness, and light), understanding of the 7 elements, dragon's claw, the eye of darkness, abyss of darkness and 18 change of Asura .]


[Heavenly Hammer] Level 1/? = 400/500

[Nine energy waves] Level 5/9 = (180/2000)

[Nine Lightning Movement] Level 9/9=(10000/10000)

[Art of the sacred sword] Level 3/? = (2/50000)

[Five Celestial Fingers] Level 3/5 = (250/500)

[Culture technique: Dragon God culture method]

[Soul Culture Technique: Divine Soul Technique]

[Scarlet tribulation lightning technique]

[Intention of the sword: major success]

[18 Asura change] 3/3 = (800/1000)

1. Annihilation of hell

2. Asura Shape

3. crimson sky

Eye of darkness: Competence that allows through fear to control the person and destroy his will or spirit.

Dark abyss: Asura's illusion skill, the victim will be immersed in an illusion or the world will be at war and the ground covered with blood and corpses, demonic and human beasts will be immersed in it, it can be an attack skill or a support skill to train his army or his companions in murder and war.

Alan was happy with his two skills, plus, he now has the complete book of Asura's 18 transformations, it was a great increase for him.

"Spirit, how long did I spend inside? »

The spirit of the tower appeared directly beside Alan and said, "You have been cultivating for 6 months and 5 days. »

"6 months! "Alan was shocked, half a year! Suddenly, Alan notices something, "my strength I am in the realm of the earth! And in addition to that, in the third stage! Haha, a single drop of blood has so many effects. My bloodline is a fusion of a strong bloodline with an even stronger bloodline, making it an invincible bloodline. »

Suddenly, he noticed "Asura Dragon God body with 5 claws! My body must now be very resistant and so must my regeneration! "Alan was happy, the more the body of the Dragon God Asura evolved, the more his regeneration and the hardness of his body would increase, it was beneficial for him.

"Huh? "Suddenly Alan noticed something" In fact, the energy of the energetic fruit of divine rank was absorbed by the drop of blood, which is surely what helped me to cross over! "Alan was boiling.

[Ding! the host received a gift package for his passage to the terrestrial realm, would you open it?

"Hey, I forgot that."

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