Dragon God System Chapter 71: Gift of departure


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Two days have passed since Alan came home. When Yan Fei learned that Alan had brought a woman home, she was extremely angry, but when she learned that she was only 12 years old and that he had taken her as her little sister, she was red with shame.

Alan saw his mother, he noticed that his mother's cultivation was in the 8th stage of the spiritual realm, his mother's cultivation speed was faster than Yan Fei.

At the time Alan was in his room, there was Yan Fei next door, Mu Qianqian and Miu in front of him, Alan wanted to tell them that he was going into isolation to refine Asura's blood drop.

"I have brought you all here to tell you that I am going into isolation, I will refine a certain treasure and I don't know how long it will last. "Says Alan while looking at the girls' expressions, but strangely enough no one was sad, on the contrary, they had rather guessed why Alan called them.

"As long as you don't run away without us, there's no problem." Of course, the voice came from Alan's mother, she always had a temper. There are even times when Alan wondered if she was the same Mu Qianqian as a few years ago when they were still in the Cheng family because the change in character is huge. »

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"Big brother, Miu will work hard! "Little Miu had a willful look, she knew that if she didn't work hard enough, Alan would always have to protect her.

"Husband, you have to come back soon, I'll work as hard as I can" Since the relationship between Alan and Yan Fei was clarified, Yan Fei now calls Alan "husband. "She felt like happy, even if they were not married, she knew that he was the man she would love all her life. She wanted her mother to see the wedding, so they hadn't gotten married. »

Alan smiles at the women's answers. He was secretly happy to have a family like that. He had more and more gratitude to the one who sent him the system, without him, he would have died and could not live all this.

"Well, I'll give you gifts so that your cultivation progresses quickly" After that, Alan handed a manual to his mother telling her "This is the method of cultivation of celestial thunder, mother you have a very good affinity with lightning, this will allow you to cultivate much faster because it's a method of cultivation of spirit rank, this will allow you to control the lighting as you want and become the lightning itself. " When Alan said his words, Yan Fei and the others were completely stunned, they all wondered "what is a method of cultivation of spirit rank?"

Alan understood, in the Yan empire, everyone believes that the land rank is the maximum, the methods of cultivation or martial skill of sky rank are legends, as for those above, no one knew it.

"The skills and methods of cultivation are divided into a mortal, earth, heaven, spirit, holy and divine, so mother you have a technique of spirit rank, which is very powerful. »

"Alan, where did you get this? "Mu Qianqian's hands trembled, it was a treasure she had in her hands

" Hey, don't ask questions like that, you'll all be later" Alan didn't want to talk to others about the system, it was his secret and his own.

After that, Alan took 15 herbs out of the sky, and 15 energetic fruits, of course, the fruits were of heaven rank, there was just one of spirit rank. The three women received 4 fruits of heavenly rank and 1 of spirit rank, if Alan gave them divine or holy fruit, their bodies would explode. As for the grasses of heaven, they were all of the spirit ranks, he didn't have much grass of holy rank.

"This is the herb of heaven, its herbs are all of the spirit ranks, as the skill and method of cultivation, the herbs and fruits are divided into a mortal, earth, heaven, spirit, holy and divine. The herb of heaven will allow you to cultivate 16 times faster for 1 hour, you have 5 each. As for the energetic fruits, there are 4 of heavenly rank and 1 of spirit rank, this fruit is filled with spiritual energy, this is a good combination with the grass of heaven, your cultivation will advance by giant steps. "The three girls looked at Alan as if they were looking at a monster, Alan said his words as if they were nothing to him.

"Alan, is that why your cultivation is progressing so quickly? "Yan Fei and Mu Qianqian asked, as for Miu, she didn't care, it was a gift from Alan.

"It is true, but the fruits were of divine rank, I still have energetic fruits of divine rank, but your body will not support the amount of energy contained within and will explode. "Alan wasn't going to lie, after all, it was his family.

Yan Fei and Mu Qianqian nodded, their hands trembled because what they had in their hands could buy the 5 empires gathered more than a hundred times. Mu Qianqian looked at her son as if she was discovering him, her son had changed too much in just 1 month.

"Well, now I'm going to give you 3 skills, this will allow you to be much stronger and have a great fighting ability. "After that, Alan took out 9 books, of course, there were just 3 skills, except that Alan asked the system to make copies.

"This is the "plum blossom sword" skill, an intermediate skill of heavenly rank. This is the "Nine Lightning Movement" skill, a high-ranking ground movement skill, if cultivated to the maximum, it can be a low-ranking sky skill. The last one is the "Sea of Flames" skill, a high-rank land skill "Alan had chosen carefully, the plum tree's flower sword skill could make them enter the voice of the sword, moreover this skill was specially designed for women, the second one was a movement skill, Alan had chosen the same as him because his mother had a very good affinity with lightning, moreover, it was an excellent movement technique. The last skill was a very powerful area skill, if cultivated at most, it can kill hundreds of enemies.

The three women were once again stunned. Alan gave them skills that could cause a war between the 5 empires, especially the first skill.

The 3 women did not ask any questions because Alan had secrets, they would be sure that he would tell them in the future.

"Well, now I'm going to leave and isolate myself. I'll come back when I'm done, after that, Alan disappeared without a trace.

"Hmph, he left like a thief without saying goodbye." The voice came from Alan's mother.

"Mother, he must be in a hurry to refine his treasure, I'm sure that after that we can visit the outside world and discover geniuses may be stronger than Alan" Yan Fei says his words, even if she had a little more trouble at the end of his sentence, she said it anyway, during his two days, Alan had told him about the outside world, the forces of rank 3,4,5 and above.

"Father, Mother, I had a good son, even if I don't know where you are, I hope one day you will be able to see him" Mu Qianqian was smiling when she thought of her parents, she had never seen them before, but she thought that one day, maybe, she will know why.

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