Dragon God System Chapter 70: Are you going to abandon me?


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"Hm...hm.hmm" When Alan arrived at the door of Yan Fei's room, he heard her voice. She was singing while sewing.

Alan opened the door silently, with his energy he blocked the sound of the door so that Yan Fei wouldn't notice anything, he wanted to see what Yan Fei was doing and especially to look at her.

When he opened the door, he saw Yan Fei sitting there sewing. She smiled, since she didn't have her mask on, her appearance could cause a country to fall. Looking at Yan Fei who was sewing, Alan thought he was really lucky and would protect her all his life. Even though the meeting with Yan Fei was quick, they got along very well, especially when Alan saved her and avenged her, she had a feeling of warmth in her heart. She didn't know that at first it was called love, but after a while, she realized that she loved this man. Since the first time they slept together or had their first kiss, she had developed strong feelings.

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Since Alan left, she felt lost, she couldn't see her beautiful face and smile that would make almost every girl's heart fall. She knew Alan was coming back, she wanted to please him by trying to be a normal woman, her mother before she left taught her a lot of things like cooking, sewing and other manual activities.

"Mother, I hope one day I can see you again and show you that the man I love is wonderful. "Yan Fei mumbled his words with sadness, what he was missing now was his mother and his family would be complete. She could probably live a happy life."

Suddenly, Alan, who was watching from afar, felt a drop of water running from his cheek, the drop of water fell on his hand when he saw it, he couldn't help but think "A tear? ", he had dropped a tear from his eyes, even he was surprised. He had never cried, he had experienced the difficult life, the blows, the humiliation, he had never cried, when he was about to die, he always had a strong will, but there, Yan Fei's words had caused a feeling that Alan had never experienced.

Yan Fei had a very keen sense, so she naturally heard a sound coming from behind when she turned around, she saw Alan, she was filled with joy, unable to control herself she jumped into her arms.

"Alan, at last, you're back... "mumbled Yan Fei in Alan's arms, now that he had returned, could she live normally? She wanted peace and to live peacefully, but she knew it was impossible, her man was a blessed genius, and there was her mother to find.

"Yan Fei, I'm back" Alan came to his senses and said his words. He appreciated this moment, he didn't know if it would last if the woman he loves would be able to follow her because she didn't have the system. But he'll do anything to get her to come with him.

After a few minutes, Alan released Yan Fei's embrace and then analyzed it, he was surprised "Yan Fei, you are at the top of the spiritual realm, soon you will be able to move to the stage of the basic foundation" Alan was happy, in 15 days, she had increased her cultivation by a lot. If Alan gave him heavenly herbs of a rank saint, and energetic fruits, Yan Fei could surely follow him.

"Hmm, I encountered a bottleneck in my cultivation and my technique of "12 ice transformations". "Yan Fei was happy with her man's compliments, then she thought of something" Alan, I can't even feel a trace of aura coming from you, your cultivation must be impressive, I know I won't be able to follow you, will you abandon me? "Suddenly says Yan Fei with red eyes ready to shed tears.

Shocked by Yan Fei's question, Alan answered directly, "You are my wife, the one I love, I would never abandon you, with me, your cultivation will never be far behind, I promise you. »

"Thank you, Alan, thank you... I'm yours, just yours. "Yan Fei smiled, she was really happy.

Suddenly Yan Fei's body trembled, Alan naturally felt that it was Yan Fei's sign of breakthrough at the basic foundation stage, he withdrew and let Yan Fei make it break through quietly.

Perhaps, what had worried Yan Fei for about ten days had finally disappeared, the bottleneck had also naturally disappeared, she could finally breakthrough at the basic foundation stage.

The spiritual energy around Yan Fei intensified extremely quickly, Alan was shocked because the energy was extremely cold. Alan threw a barrier through his spiritual power, he didn't want everything to freeze.

The energy continued to accumulate, the room temperature had dropped by at least 50 degrees, it was incredible.

"A normal cultivator in the intermediate stage couldn't have withstood this power" What Alan was saying was true, the temperature wouldn't do any damage, but the force Yan Fei was releasing to break through at the basic foundation stage wasn't something that any cultivator in the early and intermediate stages could do. Of course, that was only normal people, the genius cultivators in the intermediate stage could surely resist.

Suddenly, the energy around Yan Fei disappeared and she opened her eyes, first, she saw Alan smiling. When she saw this she smiled too.

"Thank you, it's all thanks to you" Yan Fei smiles, she knew why she was blocked, Alan's words were a trigger.

"Hey, how are you going to reward me? "Says Alan with a mischievous look. He didn't know why, but he wanted to tease that girl.

"You scoundrel, who are you looking at with such a look. "Yan Fei's face was red, now she knew she was Alan's wife and that there was no doubt in their relationship.

But she took her courage with both hands and walked towards Alan, she prepared to kiss Alan on the cheek, how could Alan let an opportunity get lost, he took Yan Fei in his arms and kissed him on the lips while his hands ran across his back and his round buttocks.

"Hmm" Surprised by what just happened, she only realized now that Alan was putting her hands on her buttocks, she bit Alan's tongue, then kicked and ran into her room with a red face.

Alan had his tongue out, it was red and it hurt him, he suddenly thought, "I thought she wasn't shy anymore, during our first kiss or when we slept together, she wasn't like that... what happens in a woman's head?" Alan smiled and then followed Yan Fei into the room.

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