Dragon God System Chapter 7: Gift of the Dragon God


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When the dragon opened his hands, the world trembled, the grasses, trees, animals all disappeared. After 30 minutes, the little world one no longer existed, they were in the void, the dragon opened his hands and an orb of silvery colors appeared. Everything was being sucked into this orb.

"This is the orb of the world, this orb will allow you to have a small world inside you, it will allow you to grow things, like rare herbs and fruits. The celestial energy is as strong as that of the divine world, this will allow the growth of herbs, trees and others to be multiplied hundreds of times.

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A day indoors is equivalent to 2 hours in reality, you can improve your techniques, raise many demonic animals to train. In addition, I added some memories of the mortal world, such as different herbs, fruits, animals, objects, treasures.

Finally I put my last trace of energy into it, it will allow you to increase your strength. I hope you will keep your promise. Young human, I hope you will reach a higher peak than me. Break the barrier of the legendary Realm of the true god and meet this king who because of him provoked the war of power in the divine Realm. "Just after saying that, the presence of the dragon quickly faded, a few minutes later he disappeared completely with a smile on his face.

"It's not a promise, it's my goal! "Says Alan with determination. He took the orb in his hands and merged it with him.

[Ding! The system has detected the orb of the world

Description: An ancient object found in ruins from the era of the Gods.

The system has detected memories from this orb, do you want to merge them?]

"Yes," said Alan, after that an extraordinary amount of information appeared in his head, he roared in pain, after a few minutes, Alan was soaked in sweat. An astronomical amount of information parade by, he was happy, he thought he was like a wise man who knew everything.

[Ding! The host has perfectly merged the memories.

Does the host want to merge the orb?]

"Yes" says Alan again. With the orb gone, Alan felt no pain this time but rather a great deal of energy in him.

7th Realm body refining

8th Realm body refining

9th Realm body refining

BANG! His dantian grew at least 20 times, the energy in him was extremely abundant.

1st Realm of spiritual refinement

2nd Realm spiritual refinement

After reaching the top of the 2nd level, Alan opened his eyes, a golden light escaped from his eyes like a god looking at a mortal.

"Incredible, I have reached spiritual refinement, I feel my body overflowing with energy, I have the impression that if I don't use it, my body will explode" Alan thought to himself, he was extremely happy, he reached a Realm that couldn't even dream before, moreover his cultivation is extremely stable.

He had just noticed that he was back in the cave next to the egg. The egg had still not hatched.

"System, how long before the hatching? "He didn't know how much time he had spent.

[Ding! 35 minutes left]

Alan was surprised, he had spent more than a day indoors, but the benefits were so incredible. Worthy of the Dragon God.

While waiting for the egg to hatch, Alan plunged into his consciousness to enter his world, when he arrived, he saw a river of mountains, trees and small wild animals. You could say that it was paradise, everything was beautiful, the energy was extremely abundant, for the plants it was really perfect.

Alan decided to use the system to see what grass he could grow. "System, show me the seeds of spiritual trees, and the most useful herbs at my level" asked Alan, he was just hoping he had enough points

[Ding! Research in progress...]

[Scarlet fruit seed (Increases fire attribute) → 1000 system points]

[Rainbow fruit seed (Strengthens the skin) → 1500 system points]


[Herb of hell (Herb that reinforces the fire attribute, 100% more effective if made in pill form) → 1000 system points]

[Herb of life (Increases body regeneration, if making 100% more effective pill) → 2000 system points]


When Alan saw all this, he was in shock, there were too many and it was just in the mortal category, because the earth category was far too expensive. After 20 minutes Alan says "I choose the seed of the fruit of the titan and the grass of paradise" Says Alan

Titanium Fruit: This fruit removes impurities from the body and strengthens the skin.

Paradise herb: Paradise herb increases the speed of cultivation. The grass is divided into 5 categories, one that is mortal and increases twice, the other earth that increases 4 times, the other sky that increases 8 times, the other spiritual that increases 16 times and finally the other that is in the holy category and that increases the speed of cultivation 32 times in 2 hours. If transforming into a pill increases the efficiency by 100%.

Alan chose this herb because the energy of his world is so high that it could turn a deadly herb into an earth-grade herb. So that's a huge advantage for him. He chose the titan fruit, because the less impurity we have, the stronger our body is, even if he has the body of the Dragon God, his body is that of the weakest dragon, so strengthening its body is essential to evolve into a divine dragon with 2 claws.


[Host: Alan Cheng]

[Cultivation: Spiritual Refinement 2]

[Body Cultivation: Divine Dragon has 1 claw]

[System point: 280]

[Bloodline: Dragon God 100% Purity]

Bloodline's skill: King's aura, dragon's breath, invulnerable to the 7 elements (water, earth, air, fire, lightning, darkness and light), understanding of the 7 elements and dragon's claw.]

[Competency: None]

[Culture technique: Dragon God culture method]

Seeing his system points, he felt sad, but he remembered that he had the main mission, now he could easily finish it. But before that he looked at his primordial quest because he had not analyzed it.

[Ding! Primordial quest activated!]

Return the dragon clan to the top of the divine kingdom

The dragon clan has lost its God for millions of years, unlike humans, a very rare and dragon god.

Time: 500 years

Reward: 700 million system points, Nirvana Pill x5 (locked rank), Bloodline of Qilin with jade eyes (locked) and eye of God.]

"Nirvana pill, Bloodline from Qilin with jade eyes and eye of God, what is it?" Asked Alan to the systems.

[Ding!] To answer the host the nirvana pill is made with the fruit of nirvana, if the host wants more information, he must at least be at the top of the divine world.]

[Ding!] The Bloodline of the Qilin with jade eyes is a variant of the Qilin that does not come from this world, if the host wants more information, he must complete the quest.]

[Ding!] The eye of God is ranked 4th in the most powerful eyes of the era of the gods after the eye of creation, the eye of destruction and the eye of reincarnation. This eye allows you to see everything, to predict the future, and others. If the host wants to know more, he must complete the quest.]

Alan remained focused on these rewards, first of all supreme pills, a Bloodline that comes from a world superior to divine realm and finally a divine eye that allows us to do what we want. These rewards are unheard of.

He was awakened from his astonishment by a cracking shell, when he turned around, he could see the shell of the egg cracking.

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