Dragon God System Chapter 69: Return


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Alan was on his way back to the inn, now he had finished his work. He was preparing to return to the Yan empire to drop off little Miu, after that, he will go to an isolated place to refine Asura's blood, he didn't know how long it would take.

"Little sister, I'm back" When Alan came in through the window like a thief, he called little Miu.

"Big brother, that was fast! "Suddenly, little Miu's voice resounded to his left, he smiled when he saw her.

"Of course! Your older brother is strong, how could this man compare to me?" Alan laughed as he took little Miu in his arms, then suddenly he said, "Little Miu, we're going to go to where my family is like that, you can see your big sister and your aunt" Alan says to him with a smile.

"Big brother, does that mean Miu'er will never be alone? "Little Miu stared at Alan as if she wanted to eat him.

"Of course not, me, your aunt and big sister will always be there for you. "Alan rubbed little Miu's head, he wondered why she was so afraid of being abandoned, she said it at least 3/4 times when Alan left.

"Well, pack your bags and let's go, I'll even let you steal! "When little Miu heard Alan's words and especially that she could "fly" she cried out with joy and left as fast as the light to take her luggage with her. Of course, Alan had given him a storage ring, he had so many.

"I also have the storage ring of that old bastard I just killed, I'll look at him later," Alan smiles, he wondered what it would be the wealth of a land cultivator and especially an elder of a level 3 sect.

"Big brother, I'm done! "Little Miu ran towards Alan while laughing, she was looking forward to it, Alan nodded, took Miu's hand and flew away, of course, he didn't fly, he jumped on the roofs at an extremely fast speed.

When they moved several kilometres away from the capital of the Chan empire, Alan summoned the Phoenix.

When the Phoenix came out of the small world, a majestic aura accompanied it, the aura was extremely strong and above all, it was cold and warm at the same time.

[Icefire Phoenix Hell (variant)]

[Bloodline: Legendary (Average)

[Cultivation: basic foundation 7]

[Skill: Regeneration improve, Hellfire, Ice Wing, Phoenix Cry, Fire Tornado, Supersonic Flight.]

Alan was surprised, the Phoenix had passed 3 levels, it was really fast, then he thought his animals, plants and others cultivate inside his little world, but not him. Alan wondered if he could cultivate in his little world, how high would he have reached?

When little Miu saw the Phoenix, her eyes shone like stars, she had never seen a bird so beautiful and so big. It should be noted that the Phoenix had a wingspan of about ten metres, which was very large.

"Come on, follow me." Alan smiles at little Miu while jumping on the back of the Phoenix. Little Miu happily followed Alan and also jumped on the Phoenix's back.

"Back to the Yan Empire" Alan screamed, then the Phoenix responded with a scream and flew at extreme speed towards the Yan Empire. The trip will last a few days.

Meanwhile, in a sect, an old man sitting on a chain was watching the crystal ball break with an atrocious intent to murder.

"Well, I don't know who you are, but you killed my grandson, I won't let you live." The one who was talking was the great elder of the Moon sect, a cultivator at the top of the earthly realm.

Alan was not aware of this and didn't care because he no longer had anything to fear from his old croutons at the top of the earthly realm. It had already been 4 days since Alan and little Miu had left the Chan empire.

"descent" Following Alan's scream, the Phoenix descended, it was now a few kilometres from the Yan empire, so it stopped the Phoenix so it wouldn't show itself.

Little Miu left the Phoenix reluctantly, she loved flying in the air, she felt free.

Alan naturally saw the sad expression of little Miu, he smiled and said, "Little sister, when you get stronger and reach a certain level of strength, you can fly yourself. "When little Miu, who was sad, heard her words, she jumped for joy and asked Alan, "Really, really, I can fly myself like a bird? "She was excited.

Alan smiled and said, "Of course, when did your older brother lie to you? "Little Miu was now happy, jumping joyfully as she headed towards the Yan Empire with Alan.

When he arrived in the Yan empire, Alan was happy, he hadn't been here for two weeks, he hadn't seen his mother and Yan Fei for two weeks, just thinking of them, Alan smiled.

He took the hand of little Miu and disappeared from view with a speed at which no one could see in the Yan empire. He passed the palace guards extremely easily.

Alan sought Yan Fei and his mother through his spiritual sense, Alan's spiritual sense easily encompassed the entire palace. He easily found his mother and Yan Fei. What surprised Alan was that his mother cultivate, but Yan Fei was sewing, and when he saw it up close, it was men's clothing.

"She makes clothes for me?" Alan's heart was beating fast, it was a warm feeling, he knew that Yan Fei was making noble clothes for him.

Alan took Miu to his room, he wanted to kiss Yan Fei, he now knew it was his wife, it was real woman, she was trying to behave like a normal wife by sewing or even cooking.

"Big brother, where are you going? "Little Miu couldn't understand why Alan was rushing like that.

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"Your older brother will see your older sister and aunt and bring them back here to introduce himself to you. "Alan smiles as he patted little Miu's head.

"All right, big brother, Miu'er will wait. "Says Miu while smiling.

Alan smiled and rushed to Yan Fei's room, his heart was beating fast, all he could think about was kissing that woman.

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