Dragon God System Chapter 68: Defeat a earth cultivator with a single punch


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In the royal palace, an old man was standing, this old man by his expression was angry.

"Chan Wushang, do you think I can't kill you now? Why did you take sides with the man who humiliated your son and especially my disciple? "The old man was naturally the master of the third prince. He had been arriving for 2 days, he had searched the whole city for Alan but he had no trace of him, it annoyed her a lot.

"I am the emperor, so I make the decisions, just because it's my son that I have to be on his side, he's the one who started it so he's the one who has to deal with the consequences. But of course, if you kill him, I wouldn't do anything, it's not my problem. "The emperor was always calm even in front of the master of the third prince.

"Well... well, what an arrogant emperor, I'll go get him and humiliate him by making him be a guinea pig for poisons. "The silver moon elder was angry, he was his first disciple and he had been humiliated, he didn't want to accept that.

"Do as you wish. "The emperor shrugged his shoulders, he didn't believe that this old man could defeat Alan, especially the so-called strength behind him was terrifying. He felt sorrier for the Moon sect than for Alan.

"Well, I'll bring his dead broken body back here and give it to the third prince so he can get revenge without killing him before he becomes my guinea pig. "The eldest smiles maliciously, he wanted to humiliate Alan.

Meanwhile, Alan came out of the tower of the seven divine swords, when he came out, he could see that the room in which he was standing had increased by at least 10 degrees, the heat of little Miu's body was terrifying.

As we went into little Miu's room, Alan took a heatwave in his mouth, little Miu's room had become a stove, it had increased by almost 20 degrees, it was just crazy.

When little Miu heard the door open, she opened her eyes, when she saw Alan, she smiled at heart, her little red dimples were extremely visible, which made her extremely cute.

"Big brother! "Little Miu ran to Alan, she was really happy to see Alan, she had been alone for ten days, it wasn't fun for her, but she had to do what Alan told her.

"Little sister, you've become much stronger, you've even become much cuter" By saying that, Alan pulled on little Miu's cheek while laughing. Little Miu was now in the 7th stage of body refinement, she grew extremely fast, at first, she was only in the 3rd stage, but in ten days she had reached the 7th stage. He suddenly thought of his half-brother who was considered a genius of the sky because he had reached the 6th stage of physical refinement in 8 years. It was hilarious when he thought about it.

"Big... Br... stop... "Little Miu had trouble articulating when Alan pulled her cheeks. But Alan didn't listen to him and kept pulling Miu's cheeks for a few seconds.

"Big brother, you're intimidating Miu! "Little Miu crossed her arms on her chest and pretended to sulk, which revealed her big cheeks and two beautiful dimples even more.

"Hey, your older brother is just happy to see you, how can I resist my little Miu's charm" Alan laughed, but right now he wanted to pull little Miu's cheeks again.

When she heard her words, little Miu stopped sulking and then pulled out her tongue at Alan and said: "Hey, big brother loves Miu".

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Alan smiled and then suddenly he said, "Well, it looks like he's in the city, let's see what my strength is now. "When Alan said that, he smiled, he was anxious to fight with the 3rd prince's master, now he was no longer afraid of a level 3 force. It was certain that with his solar body, he could beat a cultivator at the top of the terrestrial realm.

"Big brother, who arrived? "Little Miu questioned Alan while blinking. Since she didn't feel anything, she wondered who happened.

Alan had much higher senses than normal humans, especially now that he is close to becoming a terrestrial cultivator, he could naturally feel strong energy coming from the palate. Of course, he couldn't feel the man behind the emperor and the one who attacked her.

"An enemy that your older brother will kill so he won't cause unnecessary trouble," Alan replied calmly.

"But big brother, killing is wrong. "Little Miu had a sad face, she was still young so, normally, she should be told that

"Little sister, you will see that the world of cultivation is cruel, if you want to survive, you have to kill, but don't worry your older brother will protect you until you become old enough to explore the world. "When he said that, he tapped little Miu's head, he knew that a 12-year-old girl knew nothing about the world.

"Miu will listen to big brother" Little Miu was now smiling, she didn't care if her big brother killed people, as long as he was always with her.

"Well, your older brother is now going to find this person and then he'll come back, okay? "Alan squats down while looking at little Miu.

Little Miu nodded, she knew it wouldn't take long, so she didn't show any sadness.

Alan smiled and then disappeared from the room, his speed was extremely fast now that he had reached the stage of perfection of the "nine lightning movement". You could almost see Alan floating in the air with lightning spinning around him. Of course, Alan wasn't stealing.

Suddenly Alan arrived in front of the palace and shouted "Elder at the silver moon comes out if you want to avenge your useless disciple" Alan's scream alarmed everyone in the palace and even many people in the city, many wondered who would have the audacity to shout like that in front of the palace and especially provoke an elder at the silver moon.

"So it's you, at least I don't need to look for you, you came to accept your death, right? "When Alan looked ahead, he saw an old man come out analyzing his cultivation, he saw that he was in the 5th stage of the terrestrial realm. Alan smiled and said, "Come on, I don't have your time. »

Alan wanted to finish the fight as soon as possible, he wanted to ask the eldest about the forces of the outside world and cities before killing him.

"Well... well, you have courage" The eldest was angry, he rushed towards Alan at a dazzling speed, she was comparable to Alan when he used the nine lightning movement.

"BOOOM" Alan and the eldest's first faced each other, a shock wave swept through the area. What shocked the people around most was that one person flew in the air but the person was not Alan, but the older ones at the silver moon.

"He went from the 2nd stage of the base foundation to the top of the base foundation in ten days, who is he? How can its improvement be so rapid?" The one who was talking was the emperor of the Chan empire, he was watching the fight from afar.

Suddenly a shadow landed next to the emperor, it was none other than the old man who had attacked Alan, he frowned and said, "The most shocking thing is his fighting prowess, it forces is superior to someone in the intermediate stage of the earthly realm. Even the golden sword sect does not have a disciple with so many fighting skills. "The old man was shocked, he even had a few drops of sweat. He was wondering who he had provoked?

The golden sword section was one of the level 8 sections that governed about ten levels 7 forces and dozens of level 6 forces. It was a majestic sect where every 3 years, the disciples of the forces of level 6 and 7 could participate in a contest and try to join the golden sword sect.

"You... what body do you have? How can you be so strong! "The eldest one couldn't believe it, he was beaten with a punch, it was a humiliation for him.

Alan walked up to him and said, "I have a question for you... what are the sects of level 5 and above, I want the ones closest to here."

Shocked by Alan's question, the elder replied, "There is a level 4 force called, the mysteries of the world, it is in the city of jade a few thousand kilometres from here to the south. As for the force level 5, there is the sect of the five elements, in the cities of light. "The elder spoke for about 10 minutes and answered Alan's questions.

Alan made a brief overview of what the elder just said, there were five levels 5 forces in the City of Light, they governed a hundred level 4 forces, Alan was shocked, the continent was huge, there were thousands of level 3 forces and full of level 4 forces.

The city of light was to the east, it would take 2 months for a terrestrial cultivator to reach the city of light, this proved that the continent was gigantic, but with the Phoenix or even the king of the underworld, he was certain that he could reach it in less than a month.

"Well, thank you you can die in peace" Alan killed the eldest directly at the silver moon, he didn't even have time to say something, that he is dead.

[Ding, you received 135,000 system points.]

"Huge!"Alan was shocked, just someone at his level had given him 135,000 points, it was crazy. After that, Alan left without a trace, leaving the eldest at the silver moon dead on the ground while many people could not believe their eyes.

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