Dragon God System Chapter 66: Little Miu on fire


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"Well if that's all, I'm leaving nothing is interesting to discuss with you. It's a real shame... you can be a genius by following the emperor's voice, but you stopped in a small empire like this... a wasted talent. "Alan says his words and then leaves, his words were cold. Before, he had a good opinion of the emperor thinking that he was a genius who followed the emperor's voice, but in fact, he was mistaken, the genius he believed was only a man who had wasted his talent and used his family to get what he had.

The emperor was angry, but he knew that Alan was telling the truth, he was considered a genius since his childhood but he didn't like the voice of cultivation, he thought he had a powerful family so for him it was no use cultivating. He could have anything he needed as long as he asked. He had even practised the emperor's voice by not losing any fight. He had an above-average strength, a genius who could fight above his level of cultivation. But he fell into laziness, becoming emperor, he had everything he needed.

"Even if I stopped here, I can still go back on my way, I just cultivate to increase my life span. "Even though he was angry, he was always calm, it was a talent that even Alan had respect for.

"But the life span can be very short even if we can live 1000 years," Alan said laughing, after that he left. He left the emperor and the man stunned. Alan had nothing more to do in the Chan empire, he didn't even want to go to the Long empire anymore, he thought it was useless and that he was wasting time, he wanted to adventure into the outside world, to settle into a sect. He knew that in the sects, there were always tournaments or ancient lands where you could find ancient things that could help to cultivation he wanted to go to his places and discover the world and the history of the continent.

"Where am I going to go? "That was Alan's question, he knew nothing about the outside world and where he could go. He thought he could have asked the emperor, but he rejected the idea because if he said that, wouldn't that mean he had no power behind him?

Alan sighed. He'll find someone who knows the outside world. Suddenly, he thought of the 3rd prince's master, wasn't he going to come to take revenge on him? What if he asks him questions? But Alan thought he wasn't strong enough, his master must be someone in the intermediate stage of the terrestrial realm. He was no match for him. He went directly to the inn to cultivate.

On his way to the hostel, he was surprised because the hostel was on fire. Alan was shocked, there was the army surrounding someone. When Alan approached, he formed an "O" with his mouth, because what he could see was the little Miu on fire, she was burning. The army surrounded little Miu but didn't dare approach.

Alan did not understand why, he was not afraid for her, because the flames do not affect the little Miu, but he always wondered, how she was covered with flame?

"Big brother, I'm burning! "Alan was awakened by the voice of little Miu who was crying, even if she didn't feel anything, she saw flames on her body, she was just a young girl, so what was weird for her made her cry.

Everyone was looking at Alan, there were murderous looks because she burned down the store and probably some people but mostly looks of sadness because he saw a little girl on fire running towards his brother, everyone thought they were both going to die.

"Don't be afraid, Miu, your older brother is here, with me why are you crying? "Alan comforted little Miu who was now in koala on Alan. Of course, Alan didn't care, he was insensitive to flames like little Miu. It just gave him a warm feeling.

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"But big brother, why am I burning! "Little Miu couldn't control herself, tears were flowing, she even thought she was going to hurt her big brother because he was now in the fire with her.

"Try to control your internal energy, the fire in your body won't hurt you, it's there to protect you. "Alan tries to comfort little Miu as much as he could, he wanted her to concentrate on looking at her body and trying to control the flames.

"I'll try" Little Miu calmed down in front of Alan's words, closed her eyes and concentrated. The flames that were burning were just the flames of his body, even if they were not the real flames of the true solar spirit body, they were powerful flames. As her body emitted the flames, she could naturally control them.

"Big brother! I did it! I did it! "Little Miu jumped for joy, after a few seconds she controlled her flames and extinguished them. It made little Miu overwhelmed with joy, she had done what Alan told her to do and she succeeded, for her, it was the happiest thing in the world.

"Hey, if you couldn't have done it, you wouldn't be my little sister! "Alan laughed as he carried little Miu in his arms and blew her up.

The spectators were naturally shocked by what they had seen, almost everyone thought they were both going to die, but not at all, on the contrary, the flames did not do them any damage.

Alan looked at the person who ran the inn and handed him a royal coin while saying, "This is my refund, I'm sorry, my little sister had a problem with her cultivation. »

When the person saw the coin in his hand, he trembled, the coin gave off a strong aura, it was a royal coin! A royal coin is worth 1000 gold, which is enough to keep it alive all his life. The manager of the hostel trembled and then bowed down and said, "Thank you, sir, the damage is nothing, you can even burn the hostel down again if you want! "He was so ecstatic that he didn't know what else to say.

Alan smiled, burned down the inn? It wasn't his goal at first, now he was just wondering where he was going to sleep. He needed to find another hostel to spend the night and especially so that Alan could cultivate.

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