Dragon God System Chapter 65: level six force, sect of heavenly mysteries


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Alan spits out a sip of blood, even if he made it look like he had nothing, it was false, his internal organs were practically destroyed. If he didn't have a powerful body or switched to the body of the divine two-clawed dragon, Alan would have died.

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Alan grunted his teeth. He bought a pill to treat himself, fortunately the system was benevolent, the level 1 to 3 pills only cost 5,000 system points, the system wanted to keep Alan alive. They were only low-grade pills because the level 4 to 7 pills cost 5,000,000 system points, it was completely crazy and the level 8 and 9 regenerative pills cost 50,000,000 system points, it was just crazy.

Alan felt poor, but he regained his mind directly because at that moment he was far from being at the top of the mortal realm, when he reached a certain stage, he was certain that millions of points would be nothing to him, perhaps even a demonic beast or a human would give him more.

Alan took the level 3 pill, his body recovered quite quickly, the quality of a 100% pill was fantastic. If Alan sold it at auction, he would probably have attracted many outside forces, a 100% quality pill was like a legend, just having it could offer many blessings to the alchemists. Alan didn't know anything about it, he had it all thanks to the system.

"I was waiting for you" Suddenly, Alan was awakened by the emperor's voice, when he looked in front of him, he saw a big table with a man sitting at a corner of the table. This man was of course the Emperor Chan Wushang.

Alan made no greetings, he now doubted the emperor, it would be normal, someone so powerful was behind the emperor himself. The emperor didn't care, he always looked at Alan with a smile on his face as if he didn't know anything.

"Who is this man and why did he attack me?" Alan didn't waste any time, the more he knew about this man, the more chance he had of getting revenge later. »

"Just an elder from an outside courtyard and someone from my family, he probably attacked you because he wanted to know who I invited, it's his temperament. "The emperor normally answered him as if he was already waiting for the question.

Did Alan frown, was it just his temperament? Alan smiled coldly and said, "If I didn't have a strong enough body, I probably wouldn't be here, tell me what strength it came from. »

"A force you can probably never enter into in your life... it's the sect of heavenly mysteries, a level 6 force... you already have to deal with a level three force for humiliating a genius disciple. "The emperor smiled, it's true Alan still had to take care of the 3rd prince's master, but he didn't care, if he wanted to, he could leave without anyone seeing him.

"A force I would probably never see? Hey, you think too much, do you think this little world can hold me back? "Alan's voice was full of contempt, he was 500 years old to rebuild the divine world and put the dragon clan back on top like such a small mortal world could hold it back? He had one of the most powerful cultivation methods and one of the most powerful bloodlines, how could he compare himself to the emperor and his sects of level 6 and above? At the moment Alan was only an ant in front of them, but in a few years, the roles will surely be reversed.

The emperor shivered, he didn't know why, but Alan's confidence was so strong that he believed in Alan's words, but he came to his senses and said, "A level 6 force has cultivators that you can't even imagine... "But before finishing his sentence, he was interrupted by Alan" just cultivators from the realm of heaven for that old fool who attacked me and if not martial lords and a martial king to guard the sect? Do you think you are all powerful in the world, there is always someone above, a simple level 6 sect does not even deserve to be mentioned. »

"You... you, the emperor was shocked, it was the first time he lost his temper, how could this young man say things like that, but it was true. The problem is that in empires like the Chan Empire, everyone believed that the terrestrial realm was the limit of the world, almost no one went very far in the outside world. He just knew that in the outside world, there were forces that normal people considered "divine" because it was a force that would make you dream.

"I'm just telling the truth, telling this old man not to be too arrogant because he's in the realm of heaven because otherwise, he'll die soon enough" Alan smiles coldly, if someone saw this, he'd be shocked because someone at the basic foundation stage disrespecting someone at the realm of heaven, it was inconceivable. Of course Alan was making assumptions, he was only an elder of the outer court, so he would be at the beginning of the realm of heaven while an elder of the inner court would be a lord martial when to the great elders, sect leader and others in the main court, they would surely be king martial.

"Do you know that you can die in front of the words you said? "The emperor regained his calm, but his heart was restless, it was bad for his voice of the emperor, but there was nothing he could do about it, this young man was far too mysterious, even the vocal transmission of his uncle who was the old man who attacked Alan, he could not see anything of him, it was far too mysterious.

"You can... but after you face the consequences, maybe your cult will no longer exist or your family... who knows? "Alan smiled, of course, he was lying, but his temperament was so calm that no one could tell it was a lie.

The emperor shivered, he didn't dare to believe it, how would someone from a force of level 7 or higher do in a level 2 empire like this? what would be his goal? But Alan's calm made him believe that it was true, he couldn't see any fluctuation in his voice and his heart was as calm as water.

"Why should I believe you? "The emperor finally spoke, if he could spot the slightest doubt in his voice, it would mean that he was lying and could feel comfortable, especially his uncle who was much stronger than him, was also watching.

"Why not? "Alan smiled, as usual calm was now Alan's specialty, he could almost finish the main quest to stay calm in every situation.

The emperor's hands trembled, even the man above had cold sweats, who had he offended? Alan was laughing inside him, if they knew that Alan was from a small clan that wasn't even a level one force, they would probably spit blood.

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