Dragon God System Chapter 64: Solar spirit body


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Upon entering the inn, Alan asked for a new room with two rooms because now he had someone with him.

"BIG BROTHER! Show me your face " The sudden scream of little Miu made Alan jump, she really knew how to get noticed thought Alan.

"Hey, little sister, close your eyes" Alan of course played with her, so let's give a little more suspense to little Miu.

Little Miu nodded vigorously and closed her eyes. She patiently waited for Alan's voice to tell him to open his eyes.

"You can open them" Alan's voice echoed, little Miu opened her eyes directly. When she saw Alan and made an "O" out of it.

"WAAA, big brother, you're really too handsome! "Little Miu stared at Alan with star-filled eyes, Alan felt uncomfortable because little Miu even after a few minutes didn't turn her eyes.

"Are you finished?" Alan woke Miu up by slapping her head slightly because it seemed as if she had got stuck in front of Alan.

"Big brother! When I grow up I'll marry you! "Little Miu was now looking at Alan as a prince charming.

Alan smiled, he didn't take her words seriously because she was still very young, she saw that the man who had taken her was strong and handsome, so she became in love, but as she grew up, she will naturally change her mind... at least that's what Alan thought.

"Well, stop talking nonsense. "Alan smiled and rubbed Little Miu's head, suddenly he thought of something, he asked the system to analyze Little Miu's body.

[Solar spirit Body

The solar spirit body and one of the many divine bodies, it allows the user to cultivate much more quickly in the face of sunlight, it is a body that has one of the best control of the element "fire". If the solar spirit body is awakened, the user can become like the sun itself, his body will have the effect of a solar pill.]

Alan was completely stunned. He was now looking at little Miu who looked at him smiling with a shock look. She had a divine body! Alan didn't even know what it was, but given the name, it must be a rare body.

A divine body is a body that is tuned by the heavens, it is normally accompanied by a manifestation of the sky that often characterizes the element of the body. But he wondered how Miu could wander around this city when she had a divine body? Normally even a force of rank 9 would fight for her. But instead of being in a holy place of cultivation, she was just a servant in a store to sell animal nuclei.

"What did she experience? Who are his parents? So many questions arose in Alan's mind. Meanwhile, little Miu looked at Alan with big eyes.»

"Big brother, why are you looking at me like that? "Miu's voice woke Alan, looking at little Miu, he saw that she was looking at him with big eyes and wondering what Alan was thinking.

"I look closely at the beauty of my little sister" Alan smiles. When little Miu heard her words, she had a big smile.

"In an hour, I have an appointment with the emperor, you'll stay home quietly and wait for me to return. "Says Alan, if he missed the appointment time, it would be a lack of respect. He didn't want to take little Miu because she wouldn't understand anything.

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"Big brother, you won't abandon me, will you? "Little Miu was looking at Alan with tears in her eyes.

"Idiot, I'm just going to have lunch with the emperor and talk to him, after that I'll come back" A trace of sweetness emerged from Alan as he was wiping away little Miu's tears.

He didn't know why little Miu would say that, maybe she was afraid of being abandoned because she had never seen her parents before.

When Miu heard his words, she stopped crying, her eyes were red, but she was happy. "Big brother, it's a promise! "Little Miu held out her little finger, of course Alan understood that, smiled and took Miu's little finger with his own and said "Promise".

After that, Alan left the inn, he told little Miu to start farming by giving her a high rank land cultivation technique that he bought for 500,000 system points, he did not have enough for the special cultivation techniques that would allow his body to wake up and deploy all its capacity because his cultivation methods were at least in the divine rank. This proves that his body was fantastic and extremely rare in the deadly world.

The technique of cultivating the little Miu that Alan gave her is called "Burning Body Method" This allows those with a strong fire attribute to exploit it and manipulate the fire as they please, even if the solar fire and the normal fire were like the difference between heaven and earth, it was still a good start.

When he arrived in front of the restaurant, he was greeted like a prince, one could say that the emperor had already prepared everything. There were a lot of people on the first floor as usual and a little less on the second floor.

When people saw Alan being transported to the 3rd floor, they were all shocked, all of them were nobles of the empire with unfathomable wealth, but they never had the right of access to the 3rd floor and there they saw a young man being transported directly to the 3rd floor. How can they not be shocked?

Alan didn't care, he used to have a lot of eyes on him, but he didn't mind. When he arrived on the third floor, enormous pressure fell on Alan, even Alan, who had a powerful body, felt his internal organs retract to the point of exploding. Suddenly, a voice was heard.

"Who are you? The 3rd floor is not do for someone like you" The voice was cold, but there was a little bit of shock in his voice because his pressure couldn't make Alan, who was in the 2nd stage of the basic foundation, fall.

"I have an appointment with the emperor" Alan says that. Even if he had trouble talking, he doesn't weaken.

"Oh! it's you, I didn't know that little Chan Wushang invited children" There was a trace of surprise in this man's voice.

But the most surprised was Alan, Chan Wushang? So that's the emperor's name? But who is this man with an unfathomable strength, Alan was sure that it was someone in the realm of heaven, see above, but what does such a person have to do in this little empire here? What is the real identity of this emperor? Alan smiled, but he didn't appreciate the welcome.

"Although I don't know who you are, when I'm strong enough and see you, I won't show any mercy" Alan smiles coldly, the intention to kill suddenly rises, but disappears directly.

The man who had put a lot of pressure on Alan was shocked, Alan could walk straight after he was under such pressure, but the intention to kill this young man is not normal.

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