Dragon God System Chapter 63: Becoming rich


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It should be known that the nuclei of the magic beasts were the easiest method to increase its cultivation. The nuclei were filled with spiritual energy and therefore extremely sought after by the cultivators.

Alan went up to the 2nd floor, he then arrived in a large room, the room released a dense aura of beast. Alan thought all the spiritual nuclei and above were here. That is why the piece had a wild aura but full of spiritual energy.

"Sir, please show me all your nuclei. "The old man said with a smile, he was looking forward to all his nuclei.

Alan nodded and took out a few hundred spiritual nuclei, the energy released by all the nuclei put pressure on their bodies, of course this was very minimal, only Alan was able to feel it because he was much more sensitive than the old man.

When the old man saw all the nuclei, he was filled with shock, most of the nuclei were in the intermediate stage of spiritual refinement and the others at the beginning and end.

After a few minutes, the old man had finished counting the nuclei with his spiritual energy, he looked at Alan and said.

"64 nuclei at the beginning of spiritual refinement, 142 at the intermediate stage and 36 at the final stage, for a total of 8 royal pieces. "The old man says that with a smile.

Alan nodded, 8 royal coins was equivalent to 8000 gold coins, it was an extremely strong wealth, only the nobles could have a wealth like that in their pockets.

Alan took the 8 royal pieces directly and prepared to leave, He didn't know why but when he saw the wealth, his eyes lit up. He knew that in legends, dragons loved wealth and even bathed in it. Alan thought he was developing the character of a dragon. Suddenly the old man's voice echoed

"Sir, if you hunt other beasts and want to sell their nuclei, don't hesitate to come back! "The old man would do everything he could to get Alan to come back and sell his nuclei here.

Alan nodded, he had mostly sold the nuclei because he was poor and the nuclei were of no use to him, but if he has a nucleus of a realm beast from the earth or at the top of the base foundation, it could be beneficial on his cultivation.

As Alan walked out, Alan met the girl, and when the girl saw Alan, she jumped and lowered her head. Alan didn't understand why she was like that, but he laughed a little.

As Alan went out, he met the girl, and when the girl saw Alan she jumped and lowered her head. Alan didn't understand why she was like that, but he laughed a little.

"Sir wait! "Suddenly, the young girl ran to Alan's side while holding his arm. Alan surprised by this looked at the girl with a puzzled look.

"What's the matter? "Alan asks, his voice was sweet, the girl felt extremely well.

"May I come with you, sir? "The girl asked timidly, she didn't know why she was asking this, but when she was next to Alan she felt extremely well and her mind was at ease.

Surprised by the girl's question, Alan got lost in his thoughts. The girl was always looking at Alan with a cute face.

"Why do you want to follow me? "Finally, Alan asked a question. The girl immediately replied

"I feel good with you sir, my mind feels refreshed and I feel that there is a kind of kinship with you! "The girl spoke with that little voice, Alan couldn't help but smile, she was cute, later she will become a beauty that will captivate the hearts of many men.

But the girl's answer surprised Alan, then when he analyzed, he felt as if there was a connection between them, it really surprised Alan. He was wondering why.

"Well, what's your name? "Alan wouldn't refuse, he knew the girl had a secret about her that she herself didn't know about, he'll ask the system later.

"They call me Miu, but you can call me little Miu! "She replied with a big smile on her face, she was really happy.

"Well, little Miu, but if I take you, will your boss say something? "Alan really liked this little girl, he was going to treat her like that little sister, travelling alone is a little tiring but with this young girl, it will be much more fun.

"No, he won't say anything, there are many maidservants like me, so if he loses one, he'll find one. "Little Miu shook her head, she knew the old man very well.

"Well, let's go" Alan nodded and headed out, little Miu followed Alan while jumping joyfully. Alan took a look at Miu from time to time, he couldn't help but smile. If he would have had a sister like her instead of his stupid half-brother, maybe his life would have been more fun.

"Sir, what's your name! "Suddenly Miu's little voice echoed behind Alan. Alan turned around and looked at Alan with big eyes waiting for that answer.

"My name is Alan" Alan replied with a little smile.

"Alan! Alan! Alan! "Little Miu jumped joyfully while shouting Alan's name, many passers-by laughed when they saw her, some men jealous that they didn't have such a cute little sister.

Alan smiled, he loved this little girl more and more, she would make Alan's journey less lonely. But he thought when he went to the blood plains, he probably wouldn't take Miu. Alan sighs, he will have to change his program again. He thought he would take her back to the Yan Empire to introduce her to Yan Fei and his mother and then go to the blood plains.

"Big brother, why do you have smoke on your face?! "Suddenly, little Miu's voice resounded, Alan smiled at Miu's question, he had almost forgotten that he was hiding his face with that skill because Alan didn't feel anything.

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"It's to hide my face, because otherwise your older brother attracted too much attention" Alan had already considered Miu as his little sister.

"OH! Is it because big brother is ugly" Little Miu said that with no genes, which almost made Alan cry with laughter.

"You'll see it when we get back" Alan laughed a little and then ran across town to return to the inn.

"Wait for me, big brother! "Little Miu's voice echoed in the distance, Alan saw that she was running towards him all laughing joyfully.

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