Dragon God System Chapter 62: partial realization of the intention of the sword


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Alan's answer made the emperor smile, even his family had almost never seen him smile, but there with Alan in a few minutes, he had smiled several times, it showed that the emperor loved Alan's personality very much.

"Well, I'll wait for you tomorrow on the 3rd floor of the restaurant "The wonders of the sky". After that, the emperor disappeared from everyone's view like smoke. This came as a great surprise to Alan because he had not seen his movements.

"3rd floor? I thought there were only 2 floors" Alan thought so because in the old city and in the capital of the Yao empire, there were only two floors, but there the emperor told him that he was waiting for him on the 3rd floor. But Alan didn't care, 2nd or 3rd it was the same for him. Besides, he didn't have much money left, almost all the money Alan stole from the cultivators in the blood plain and the nobles they had killed while going to his hometown had almost disappeared.

He no longer thought about it and disappeared so quickly. Everyone was still in shock in the room, no one expected it to end like this. Everyone thought the emperor would help the third prince, but they were all wrong

Alan was not aware of the thoughts of others, at that moment he rushed to his inn, he wanted to move on to the partial realization of the intention of the sword, this will greatly improve his strength.

When he got into his room, he went to the tower of the seven divine swords. As he entered, he was greeted by the spirit of the tower, as usual, he had no visible emotion. He went into the room to meditate on the path of the sword.

Hours passed, Alan was standing with his eyes closed in front of the front tree, he could cut 60 leaves perfectly before they hit the ground, but now he had gone over a hundred, and the cuts were much cleaner and straighter. It was the partial realization of the sword's intention. Alan had had a big change. He was now emitting a strong sword aura. Of course only people extremely sensitive to this kind of aura or those of the much higher realms could feel it because the aura was still extremely low.

"Finally I made it! "Alan was really happy, he had been stuck in the initial realization for several hours, but finally he was able to overcome the bottleneck and enter the partial realization. He still had a long way to go before he improved, but he will not give up. He knew that going from the initial realization to the partial realization in 1 week would be considered as a divine talent. For sword geniuses, it would take months or even years.

Alan was still training with the art of the sacred sword, he now knew that this technique had an extremely strong connection to the sword path and greatly helped him.

Alan also knew that there were many treasures he could buy to improve himself even more quickly on the way to the sword, but he kept his points to buy a cultivation technique for his mother. His mother had a medium quality deadly cultivation technique, he wanted to buy a "saint" from her. He knew that even with all the resources of the system, if the cultivation technique was bad, it would no longer be able to grow.

So Alan wanted to give him a gift, he also wanted to take one for Yan Fei, but Alan knew that Yan Fei with the 12 transformation of the ice transformed his physique, it was a technique that had no rank like the art of the sacred sword or the celestial hammer.

Alan had almost never improved the celestial hammer because he had other things to improve before, the celestial hammer was a long distance technique, for the moment Alan did not need it.

Alan came out of the tower of the seven divine swords, it was already dark, Alan had several hours in it, so when he saw the moon, he thought he would stay another 2 hours before daybreak, Alan used this time to improve himself.

He took a herb from the sky, the herb was spirit grade, so it will increase Alan's growing speed 16 times, it was just huge. Only the most powerful forces on the continent could have this herb and it will take hundreds of years for it to bloom.

He took the grass directly and chewed it and then put himself in a position and absorbed the energy from heaven and earth to increase his cultivation.

In 30 minutes, he was already at the top of the 1st stage of the base foundation ready to move to the 2nd floor, it was a crazy pace. But what helped Alan the most was the Dragon God's method because without it, even with grass, it would take weeks. Alan's talent was mediocre, all thanks to the Dragon God's bloodline system and method of cultivation.

At daybreak, Alan opened his eyes, 2 hours it was over, the grass had been finished for more than an hour but Alan was still meditating to consolidate his cultivation, at that moment he was at the top of the 2nd stage of the base foundation, if he used solar energy, he could now reach the 6th stage of the base foundation

In one night, Alan had improved greatly, he was happy, the stronger he was, the freer he would be because only the strong make the law in this world and he had seen it well.

He had an appointment at noon with the emperor on the 3rd floor of the wonders of the sky, waiting for Alan to visit the city. In the noble district of the capital of the Chan empire, you had to be rich to afford things. Alan decided to sell the spiritual beast nuclei he had killed when he was in the Greewood Forest because he had many of them but had never sold them.

He went to the shop specialized in the sale of spiritual nuclei, it was a big shop where all the mercenaries and hunters came here to sell their loot. Most of them were beast nuclei of corporal refinement or at the beginning of spiritual realm.

"Welcome sir, what do you want to sell? "Suddenly, a young girl's voice was waiting, Alan turned his head, he could see a pretty girl of about 12-13 years old welcoming him with a smile. Alan smiled even if she couldn't see him.

"I would like to sell about a hundred spiritual nuclei from beginning to end. "When Alan finished speaking no more voices were waiting in the store. Everyone was watching Alan in shock.

The girl who had welcomed Alan was amazed by what Alan had just said, she came to her senses a few moments later and said, "Wait here, I'll get the master. "After that, she ran to the second floor.

Alan had now become the center of everyone's attention. Alan sighs inwardly, just spiritual beasts and they reacted like that?

After a few moments, the girl went downstairs with an old man. Alan looked at the old man and discovered that he was at the top of the base foundation.

"Good morning, sir, please follow me. "The old man politely greeted Alan, he couldn't see through this mysterious young man, so he had great respect.

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Alan followed the old man and climbed to the 2nd floor while being watched by everyone, the girl timidly followed Alan and his master.

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