Dragon God System Chapter 61: Inflexible Emperor


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Faced with the emperor's direct question, even Alan was shocked, he was really direct, but he asked the question without any visible emotion.

"Shouldn't I? "Alan says with a little laughter.

"INSOLENT! "Suddenly the woman next to her screamed, she was irritated by Alan's behaviour, he didn't even respect the emperor. How can she tolerate that?

"Shut up" Suddenly the emperor's voice resounded, it was not loud but full of royal energy, that calmed the empress directly. Even if thanks to her son, she had become the empress and the strongest woman in the empire, she was nothing before the emperor.

"Of course you have the right, but you need a good reason" After that sentence the emperor gave a little smile on the corner of his lips.

"Hey, any reason? Of course I am, why would he come to me and a few moments later, he would have a murder intention against me? I'm just teaching him some manners. "Alan's voice was filled with ridicule towards the third prince. The third prince was red with anger, but he dared not say anything.

"Well, you're really interesting, I really like it" The emperor had a little smile, we didn't really know what he was thinking, if the sentence was true or if he pulled it out like that, but it made the Empress, the Third Prince and Uncle Chun angry, because they didn't think the emperor would like Alan. Even though he had lived with the emperor for more than 20 years, they hardly knew him. It was someone who was cold, distant and rarely smiled. The emperor was young, he was under 50 years old and he was already a land cultivator. It is said that a level 4 force had even said that he could become an external disciple when he was under 20 years old. It was someone that all the empire respected.

"You are also interesting for someone who is still in a small empire" Alan was not lying, the man in front of him was extremely mysterious, he was powerful, calm and had a strong and royal aura. Even if Alan should fight hard, he is not sure to stand up to him because the emperor was in the 3rd stage of the earthly realm, but he must have a strength above him.

It is important to know that if someone could defeat someone at the same level with less than 10 breaths, we could be considered as a genius, defeating people above our level, we would be monster quality or other nickname.

Given the strong aura that the emperor gave off, Alan was sure that he was a monster and could defeat people above his level, then there were several levels of "monster". Someone like Alan who could defeat almost 1 realm above was extremely rare, but that is always possible, each generation has its share of "monster" and genius.

"Well thank you for the compliments, but what are you doing in my empire, you must be one of the geniuses of force 4 or higher, right? "The emperor remained calm, he didn't even flinch, it was the behaviour of an expert.

"Unfortunately you were wrong, I'm not part of any force, I'm just walking around" Alan replied laughing, he didn't want to lie. Even if Alan played the expert by saying to people who thought they were geniuses or were too arrogant "You are weak in the outside world" or other phrases like that, it was because he had learned the true geniuses of the outside world from Feng Chan and he knew that geniuses who thought they were unbeatable in small empires like the Chan Empire or people like the 3rd Prince who was extremely arrogant, they were nothing in the outside world. If he had never met Feng Chan, Alan would have a different view of the world, even if he knew, thanks to the Dragon God and the system, that he was just an ants. For example, even the divine geniuses of the 3 continents were only considered ants in the immortal realm and the geniuses of the immortal realm were also considered ants in the divine realm. It was the difference between realms and spiritual energy but also between the laws of the world.

After saying his words, everyone was in shock, even the emperor had moved an eyebrow, which was rare, even he could not believe that Alan was not part of any force. He was under 20 years old but could easily defeat Uncle Chun with his aura and the 3rd Prince considered a genius even in a level 3 force, it was really unthinkable, would it mean he grew up alone?

"HAHA so if we kill you, we won't have any enemies" Suddenly the woman's voice was heard, when she heard that he was not part of any force, she burst out laughing. Alan had humiliated her son, but he had no support, how could she let him go?

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"That's true... but you must already have the strength to kill me." After that, a wave of murderous aura fell on the woman, despite the strength of the empress, she had pissed herself directly on herself, when she looked at Alan, it was no longer the beautiful golden eyes she saw, but golden eyes mixed with red, as if her eyes were injected with blood.

"MOTHER! "The 3rd prince shouted when he saw his mother on the ground who had peed himself while sweating, the beautiful image of the empress was reduced to this, but he knew that his mother was facing the same murderous intent as he was and Uncle Chun had suffered.

Suddenly the emperor moved his arm, the murderous aura evaporated completely, the empress who could finally breathe looked at Alan while trembling with fear, she would never have imagined that this man was so terrifying.

But the most shocked was Alan, he didn't care about the empress's shocked look, but the emperor who directly dissipated his murderous aura had shocked him greatly.

"Well, forget what my wife just said, we could say she got what she deserved, you just taught my son and his uncle a lesson, so I'm going to let the matter pass, because for me there's nothing serious, defeating arrogant people should be a meritorious act, if you want we can even have a drink while we talk. "The emperor was inflexible, his woman was humiliated, he dissipated Alan's frightening murder intention as if it were a fly and he even wanted to invite Alan for a drink?

Even Alan thought that he could not take control of the empire, but rather that he could help the Chan empire take control of the Long Empire.

"With pleasure" Alan naturally agreed to have a drink with the emperor, he really wanted to get to know this mysterious man better.

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