Dragon God System Chapter 60: Moon sec


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Alan had the full attention of the crowd, at the same time, he was surrounded by a hundred guards. There were many murmurs in the public, some had pity for Alan, others did not understand why and as for some rejoiced, saying that it was necessary to listen to the royal family.

Of course Alan didn't care, he was smiling and walked in a relaxed way, which surprised most people, even the guards around him. They did not understand how someone could be so calm and smiling when he was summoned to the emperor's house for an act against the royal family. Either this man was crazy or it was someone who wasn't afraid. But for the guards anyway, he thought Alan was crazy.

After a few minutes of walking, they arrived in front of a huge luxurious palace, even Alan was shocked because when he was close to the palace, he could feel that the spiritual energy was twice as dense as outside. He wondered if the empire had a treasure that he kept in the palace. Alan didn't care, he had the sword tower, each floor was better than the previous one, he had made enquiries to get to the second floor, but the spirit had told him that he had to reach the origin of the sword, and for the 3rd floor, the step above the origin of the sword or then owning the tower for over 500 years and the 3rd floor would be open to help the cultivator in possession of the treasure.

Alan didn't think that Feng Chan had reached the upper stage of the sword's origin, otherwise he would be invincible in this world, he thought more than that it was because he had had the treasure for over 500 years as he had said.

Alan was anxious to reach the upper floors of the sword tower, but he was only at the initial realization of the intent of the sword on two fingers of the partial realization. He still had a long way to go.

Unfortunately at that moment he was entering the palace, he simply could not meditate on the path of the sword, but that did not bother him, the sooner he saw the emperor, the more he would go back to the Yan empire to see his family and his wife.

Alan scanned the whole palace with his spiritual sense, he was surprised because his spiritual sense was extinguished on two people, which means that both people spotted Alan's spiritual sense and destroyed it. Alan was rather surprised, he had a strong soul and therefore a strong mental energy, but he was still stopped by two cultivators in the palace.

"It's interesting, it must be the imperial ancestors to have such strength. Even if I fight them with all my strength, if they come in pairs, it will be complicated. "Alan smiled, his blood was boiling, even though he knew he only had a 50% chance of winning, he still wanted to fight.

Following the path of an emperor will lead to countless battles.

While in the palace, thanks to his extremely keen sense, he could discern some information, suddenly an information that he heard made him frown.

"You have heard, they say, that the master of the third prince will come especially to settle this matter with the one who defeated and humiliated her. »

"Yes, the 3rd Prince had one of the best evaluations in the "Moon Sect". His master is one of the 24 elders at the Silver Moon, he is a cultivator in the intermediate stage of the terrestrial realm.

Alan quickly understood that in the moon section, the elders of the outer section were elders with the bronze moon, the elders of the inner section were all elders with the silver moon and as for the chief of sect and other superiors of the main section, they are at the peak stage of the terrestrial realm are people with the golden moon.

Alan was a little surprised, he really had to increase his strength, he can't compete with someone in the middle stage of the terrestrial realm. It should be known that the difference between the basic foundation and the terrestrial realm and as the sky and the earth. When we enter the earthly realm, we lose a part of our mortal body, because our life span increases by 150 years and our body evolves, when we reach the realm of the sky we can even fly, it is against the laws of nature! This is why many people are at the top of the base foundation but cannot switch to the terrestrial realm because the difference between the two realms is extremely high.

Alan no longer seemed carefree, this time he had a serious look, he didn't think the 3rd prince had already made a reputation in a level 3 force and especially being spotted by someone in the intermediate stage of terrestrial realm.

Suddenly all the guards stopped in front of a door, the general shouted that all the guards had to withdraw. After a few minutes, all that was left was Alan and the general, the general knocked on the door and said

"General Xiu to bring the wanted criminal! »

After it was said that, a voice full of energy and extremely strong pressure resounded

"Come in" when he heard the voice, the general had a knee on the ground, then after a few moments he got up and opened the door to take Alan away.

When Alan walked through the door, he could see 5 people, two of whom had a force at the earthly stage. There was an extremely handsome man sitting on the throne, he emitted a royal aura that would make people with weak will shudder, even Alan was secretly shocked, this emperor was really worthy. There was a person behind the emperor who had his eyes closed, it was the second earth cultivator in the room with the emperor.

As for the other three, they were Uncle Chun, the 3rd Prince and a woman, Alan guessed that it was the 3rd Prince's mother because when she looked at Alan, she had a beastly look as if she wanted to jump on Alan.

The emperor analysed Alan, he was surprised because even he could not see under this mist, but especially the calm of this young man, he had the impression that the pressure exerted in the room on him was non-existent. The emperor was not stupid, he understood that this youth was not a normal person.

The emperor was not the only one to analyze Alan, because the old man behind him, even if his eyes were closed, Alan could feel that he was scanning him with his spiritual sense. Suddenly Alan had a little smile behind the fog.

Alan released a strong spiritual energy directly on the old man's consciousness, the old man was not prepared thinking that Alan did not have great soul strength so he was not protected, the energy arrived so quickly that the old man spat blood after his consciousness was destroyed by Alan.

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"Ancestor! "Uncle Chun, the 3rd prince and the mother of the 3rd prince all shouted at the same time and rushed to support the old man.

The old man ignored them but looked at Alan who was still standing looking at him with his golden eyes.

"Who are you really? "These were the words of the ancestor, even the emperor had a little frown, he didn't expect Alan to have hurt the ancestor. He thought it was the disease that was coming back because he was almost at the end of his life.

"Old man, it's wrong to send your conscience on others without protection" Alan had a little laugh at the end of his sentence as if he was making fun of the ancestor. If the ancestor were on his guard, Alan could not hurt him with his current mental strength, but as he underestimated Alan, Alan could attack.

"Well, you have the courage to attack in my palace, but why did you humiliate my son to death?" The emperor finally spoke, his voice was soft but released a strong energy shows that this man followed the path of an emperor in his cultivation and were a genius who could upset the world, unfortunately, he chose to be emperor in such a small empire.

An emperor's path means having battles all the time, the more we win, the stronger our aura gets, but with each defeat, our aura decreases, that's the path to follow. It is said that if someone does not lose any battle on the road to cultivation, he will follow the path of invincibility, the aura and his strength will be extremely powerful. Each voice has its own advantages, some geniuses can even train in several voices that strengthen their strength in a dazzling way. Of course if the voice is broken, we can lose our cultivation and find ourselves crippled

Alan follows two voices, the voice of the sword and the voice of the emperor that he wants to transform into a path of invincibility. Alan had a great determination.

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