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Alan slept for 2 hours before waking up, after which he checked his statut.

[Host: Alan Cheng]

Cultivation: body refinement 4]

[Body cultivation: the Divine Dragon has 1 claw]

[System point: 4290]

[Bloodline : Dragon God 100% Purity]

The talent of Bloodline: The aura of the king, the breath of the dragon, invulnerable to the 7 elements (water, earth, air, fire, lightning, darkness and light), the understanding of the 7 elements and the claw of the dragon].

[Competency: None]

[Cultivation technique: Dragon God culture method]

He had 4290 system points, it was a lot, he decided to set up his cultivation to the maximum to prepare for the main quest. He had two original pills left, so he decided to eat them. But before that, he had to buy pills to consolidate his culture.

"System, look for me pills to strengthen my culture," Alan asked, because without a solid culture, many problems arise.

[Ding! Research in progress...]

[Basic consolidation pill → 150 system points]

(average consolidation pill → 300 system points)

(high consolidation pill → 500 system points)

(Perfect consolidation pill → 1000 system points)

Seeing this, he found them very expensive but still bought 2 perfect consolidation pills, he wanted to have the most perfect base.

[Ding! The host received 2 perfect consolidation pills]

He then swallowed an original pill, felt a crazy energy inside and went straight to the 5th level. He then took a perfect consolidation pill, after 1 hour his body felt refreshed, his culture was now very stable. He then took the last original pill and climbed to level 6 and took the perfect consolidation pill.

"Ahhhhh..;I feel refreshed, I feel like I can destroy a mountain, Alan thought to himself, he felt a monstrous force in his body and felt like he was at the top of the world.

"System, how long before the egg?" Alan asked Alan, he had planned to cultivate the Dragon God method to have more strength and maybe even to break through.

[Ding! There's 1 day left 14 hours and 42 minutes]

Seeing that Alan was happy, he would soon have a companion, "System, wake me up when there's only an hour left before hatch. " Alan asked and immediately put himself in position.

5h later, Alan was diving his world, suddenly he was sucked in, he could see that he was in a plain with many plants, trees and harmless animals.

"Where am I?" Alan thought, he knew it was only his spiritual being who was here, but he didn't know how he got there.

"Hello human, heir to my divine bloodline" When Alan heard this he was shocked, he turned around and the mouth opened.

He could see a giant Dragon ten thousand kilometres long, he couldn't see the end of it. This dragon was giving off a king's aura, he was the king of the beasts.

"Alan greets the Dragon God" says Alan while putting 1 knee on the ground

"No need for this form of respect, I am just a spirit who has waited millions of years to seek my descendant," said the Dragon while looking at Alan.

When Alan heard this, he got up, looked at the dragon and was shocked. The dragon was no longer there, instead of the dragon, there was a middle-aged man with golden hair and golden eyes who could pierce the soul, Alan felt like he was naked in front of her eyes.

"Lord, why did you call me here, it must not be just to see your descendant, must it? "Asked Alan because for the dragon to suddenly summon him in the middle of cultivation, it was that he had something to say.

"You're absolutely right., child, I have called you to tell you certain things and also to give you a gift as a descendant of the Dragon God," said the dragon smiling.

Alan was happy, receiving a gift from the Dragon God in person, must be something huge that defies the sky.

"First of all as a descendant of the Dragon God, you have 1 primordial task to accomplish, is to remake the Dragon Clan, number one in the divine world." Said the dragon directly, he didn't waste any time.

Alan was shocked, he didn't know what the divine world was, "Lord what is the divine world?" Alan asked, because he knew nothing.

"On this planet, culture must stop at the level of the martial emperor, after the realm of the martial emperor, sky is pierced and the immortal world opens, and after the immortal world, there is the divine world. There is even a legend that says that after the divine world, there is the world of the true gods. But no one knows if this is true," said the dragon as he recalled his past.

Alan was shocked, it was like a bomb that had just fallen on him. He was much too weak, the divine realm, even the immortal realm; he did not know if he would ever go. He must first reach the martial emperor, but how long would it take? Thinking about this, Alan took a deep breath and repressed his thoughts, with the system, he will surely reach heights greater than the Dragon God.

"Lord, what happened to the dragon clan?" Alan asked, because the dragon clan must be a monstrous clan, especially with a God.

When the dragon heard this, he thought about his past and had revealed a trace of fear. When Alan saw this, he frowned, who could scare a God? Repressing his thoughts, he listened to the Dragon God.

"Our clan was the leader of a part of the divine continent, the others were ruled by the heavenly emperor, the clan of the golden lion of God and the clan of the devil. Our 4 clans coexisted, even if there were battles between each clan, nothing serious happened.

One day, the devil's clan was exterminated in 1 night, it should be known that the emperor of the devil was as strong as me but he was decimated in 1 night, the whole divine kingdom was trembling with fear, because even if the 3 other great powers allied themselves, he could not defeat the other great power in 1 night.

The next day, the heavenly emperor, the Golden Lion God and I had a meeting about what happened. In the middle of the meeting, a gigantic beast with such a strong aura that the three of us, considered as divine beings, were on our knees before its presence. For the first time in my life, I felt fear, and the thought of being weak, much too weak, this world is too big, we can't pretend to be at the top. He looked at us and said his words that frightened all three of us: "You, divinities of inferior low, my king wants you to work for him". When we heard that, we trembled, but despite everything, we had dignity and we refused. Before they killed us, we asked this person who he was and what his rank was to have such strength, and we were still afraid, much too afraid. I felt like I had lived like an ants" I am only a small subordinate working as a slave, my strength is far too weak to be put in the eyes of the king, but I was assigned to this task because my strength would soon break through and become an inferior subordinate. This task and as a mission before the advancement of my status "Before I died, thanks to a secret technique I divided my soul in two, to finally meet you millions of years later. I simply ask you to put my clan back on top, and even if you reach the top of the divine world, never be arrogant because you are an ant in the eyes of some people," said the dragon.

Alan was shocked, such a story, a simple slave beast with a bloodline and a deeper strength than the Dragon God, he was both excited and full of fear, he knew that with the system he could have bloodlines as strong as the Dragon God when he unlocked them. But he didn't think there would be stronger ones, maybe even much stronger ones.

[Ding! Primordial quest activated!

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Return the dragon clan to the top of the divine kingdom

The dragon clan has lost its God for millions of years, unlike humans, a very rare and dragon god.

Time: 500 years

Reward: 700 million system points, Nirvana Pill x5 (locked rank), Bloodline of Qilin with jade eyes (locked) and eye of God.]

Alan trembled when he saw the rewards, he knew nothing, but when he saw 700 million points, he almost knew he had vanished, he came to his senses and said: "I will do everything I can for the dragon's clan, but I have never been arrogant and I never will be, because I know this world is infinite, when you claim to be at the top, there will always be people above you" said Alan looking at God Dragon with great determination

Seeing this, the Dragon God nodded and smiled at his attitude, he was happy to have a descendant as determined and intelligent as he was.

"Well, now I'm going to give you my farewell gift," said the dragon as he stretched out his hands.

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