Dragon God System Chapter 59: Asura's Royal Blood


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The closer Alan got, the more his body trembled, it wasn't an impression that his body wanted it, but rather an impression that his body needed it, it was extremely strange. He wondered if it was Dragon blood, but he shook his head, he had the perfect Bloodline of the Dragon God, almost no Dragon could surpass that Bloodline, of course there are still variants or species from the ancient era, but he didn't think that drop of blood was several million years old.

Alan's blood was not emitting any reaction, so it had nothing to do with dragons, suddenly Alan thought of something

"Asura's blood! "Alan immediately thought of this, he had cultivated the most powerful technique of the Asura" the 18 changes of Asura " Thanks to this, his body gradually got used to the aura of an Asura, even if he had no connection with this.

Asura's 18 changes was a technique that could transform a normal person into an impure Asura, which means that he will not be able to exercise all the power and especially that it will take him a long time to understand the transformations that someone with a royal Bloodline.

Alan didn't have the learning problem, thanks to the system, it was even quite simple, but if he had Asura's bloodline, he wouldn't even imagine how powerful he would be. He had already checked the system to see how much Asura's bloodline cost, but the system told him it wasn't strong enough yet. This would prove that Asura's bloodline was extremely powerful. Moreover, thanks to Asura's bloodline, he will surely be able to learn the other changes easily.

If he could have the Bloodline of Asura with that of the Dragon God, he would not imagine how powerful he would be, especially he was sure that Asura's Bloodline was at the same level as that of the Dragon God.

Alan arrived in front of the small stand where the old lady was, and the objects on the table. Alan smiled at the old lady and asked, "Mami, how much does the drop of blood cost?" While pointing at the bottle.

The grandmother analyzed Alan and smiled, it was a mysterious man hiding his face, he gave off an aura of sweetness for her, it made her extremely confident. So the old lady answered Alan with a big smile

"Young man, this bottle is old and is a heritage of my family, I sell it to you for 1 gold coin" It should be known that 1 gold coin in its streets were synonymous with wealth, almost all the objects of the other stands was sold for a few pieces of copper and some with silver coins but this was rare.

Alan took out a gold coin and threw it at the old lady, then he took the bottle and left, the old lady was so happy that she could no longer control herself. Alan went back to visit the city and then paid for an inn room with some silver coins for one night.

When he arrived in the room, he took out the bottle and started analyzing the drop of blood, of course with Alan's eyes, he couldn't see anything, so he had to ask the system for help.

[Asura's royal blood drop]

When the system said its words, Alan's body couldn't help but tremble, he was right, it was a drop of Asura's blood, but it was even blood from the royal bloodline. It was really huge, Alan was moved to tears.

"System, what happens if I swallow this drop of blood?" Alan wanted to swallow it right away, but he knew it was a drop of divine blood. He was afraid that his body would not be able to handle it or that it would bring other effects such as supernatural elements or even a strong intent to murder like the real Asura.

[To answer the host, it is advisable to take the drop of blood from a place far from the population, the drop of blood in your body will bring unprecedented chaos to the world. He will alarm the higher realms and especially the Asuras that a royal descendant has just been born.]

Alan had an ironic smile, if he swallowed the drop of blood now, he couldn't even survive. Suddenly he thought of something

"System, could you make sure that the higher realms didn't detect anything and that even the Asura didn't detect any royal bloodline that appeared? »

[By responding to the host, this is quite possible, however it will cost 5,000,000 system points.]

Alan wanted to spit blood, 5 000 000, he had almost reached it, but he had struggled for it, at the moment Alan's points were 4 882 000. These points increased a lot when he killed the more than 100 people in the blood plains, it had brought him more than 400,000 points which was huge.

Alan suddenly thought of something, he wasn't brutal enough, in the blood plains, he didn't pay attention to the big brigand clan, yet it could bring him millions of points. He thought he should be more brutal, especially with people like them. He thought that after settling in the Chan empire, he would return to the blood plains and slaughter all groups of bandits to get points and especially rid of the world of people as perverse as they are.

Alan had already planned his program, after killing all the groups of bandits, he will swallow the drop of blood, he will have more than 5,000,000 system points, so it would be the right time in addition it was far from the population because no one wanted to go to his blood plains because it was a place of death for most people.

Alan was happy, he had his whole program built, he didn't know how long it would take him, but at least he knew what he had to do. Alan closed his eyes and fell asleep because he had not slept for a few days, even though he was a cultivator, sleeping always had benefits on the body. .

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The next day, Alan went out, on leaving, he could see a large guard group led by a general, the general had a cultivation at the top of the base foundation, which was huge. This proved the power of the empire. Suddenly, the general looked at Alan coldly and said

"You, you were summoned to the emperor's house for an act of violence against the royal family." The general shouted, it attracted all the people around, some recognized him as the one who had humiliated the 3rd prince and uncle Chun.

Alan found it amusing, he decided to go to the emperor, it will allow him to take direct action or see what the personality of the one who governs the country is like.

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