Dragon God System Chapter 58: 3rd Prince


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After more than a day's travel, Alan could finally see a gigantic city in the distance, the city was at least ten times larger than the capital of the Yan empire. The ramparts were almost 25 meters high, it was huge, Alan felt very small in front of it.

There was a huge crowd waiting to enter the city, there were merchants, tourists, practitioners. Of course there were inequalities, for example, the nobles did not need to queue to return, unlike the peasant or the small merchants.

Alan had all the time in the world and so waited patiently. Of course, he was immediately noticed. Someone who hid his face with a mist and wore a golden dress with dragon motifs was unheard of, no one knew the technique used by Alan and above all no craftsman could make this dress.

"Sir, you don't need to wait in line for his peasants, you must be someone very high ranked, so you can come in for free and without queuing" Alan turned to the right to see who spoke to him, when he saw the person, he was a young man, the man was about 20 years old, he could be considered very handsome, he had to capsize a lot of women, but the most shocking was that cultivation. He was in the 4th stage of the realm of the base foundation.

"Third prince who is this person? "A man's voice came behind the young man"

Alan understood, he was one of the royal princes, in a level 2 empire, he must surely have been the greatest genius to reach that level. He even has the potential to wait for the realm of the earth to see more, if he goes into a good sect.

"I was just telling this young man that he didn't need to wait in line and that he could even come by for free" When he finished saying that sentence, the 3rd prince looked at Alan, so the old man followed his gaze, when he saw Alan with a mist covering his face, he was shocked because it was the first time he had seen it.

The old man was in the 8th stage of the realm of the base foundation, he should be a high ranking member of the empire. It should be known that a level 2 empire had some cultivators of the earth's realm, but they were all between the 1st and 3rd stage of the earth's realm.

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"Thank you very much, but I'll wait, I have plenty of time," Alan replied without the slightest emotion. Why continue to talk with him, when in a few days, the Chan empire will surely be his?

He just had to increase his strength even more to be able to face the strongest of the empire. And even former princes or members of large families who have gone into a sect and come back. Alan didn't have the strength to handle a level three force.

Surprised by Alan's answer, the 3rd prince took another look at him, but he was no longer looking at Alan with a good intention, but with a small intention to kill. Of course the prince quickly retracted it, but it did not go unnoticed by Alan's senses.

"Young man, you face the prince, normally you should kneel before a royal presence! Moreover, you refuse to take the Crown Prince's good intentions. "The old man released a strong aura around him to try to bring Alan to his knees in front of everyone. Everyone turned around in fear, when the people saw who was the one releasing such strength, they were shocked.

"Third Prince"

"The eldest Chun! »

Several exclamations were heard, but suddenly they all noticed Alan wondering who this young man was and how he had offended the 3rd prince.

"Do you really think you're above everything? "Alan released a strong intention to kill mixed with a royal aura which destroyed all the aura emitted by the elder Chun. Alan then turned around to face the prince and the old man.

The 3rd prince and the eldest Chun panicked, how did this youth have such an intention to kill? It was unthinkable. They were practically on their knees with sweat drops running down their faces, they didn't even dare to move.

"Listen, even if you are a royal prince or a genius in this empire, know that you are only an ants in front of so many others. "After that, Alan retracted his intention to kill and returned to his normal form and then moved on to finally enter the city.

Strangely enough everyone let him pass, when Alan was walking, everyone stood on their side. They had seen Alan bring an imperial elder and the third prince to their knees. He was certainly a very powerful person, someone who should not be offended, so it was better to give him the place.

Alan didn't say a word and walked to the entrance, then he came in front of the guards. Of course the guards had already seen everything, he trembled just thinking of the terrifying energy he emitted a few moments ago.

"May I come in? "Suddenly Alan's voice woke them up, but they didn't even dare look at him. One of the guards then took the courage to speak up and say "Yes sir, for you it will be free". The guard had a trembling voice, he had trouble articulating.

Alan only smiled through the mist and threw a gold coin at the guard who had spoken to him and said, "This is for your courage, a real guard must always answer even in fear".

The guard couldn't believe it, a gold piece! It was more than a yearly salary for him, he wanted to bow down to Alan, but when he looked in Alan's direction, he saw that he was no longer there.

Alan had already gone to visit the capital. The capital was divided into three zones, the trading zone, where most of the poor traders sold their belongings, it was often a poor zone, even the dwellings were commonplace. The second was the noble district, there were many luxury shops and all the pill shops, weapons and others are here. Then the last and the royal zone, where all the royal members were housed, there were also shops and others, but only those who have a royal pass, the generals of the empire and the royal family can access it.

Alan was a little surprised. It was so big that he didn't even know where to go. Suddenly, as he walked he noticed an old lady sitting, in front of her there was a small table full of dust with objects on it, he suddenly felt an immense familiarity with one of the objects on the table, he had the impression that it was a part of him and that it called him. Looking closer, Alan saw that it was a drop of blood in a vial.

Shocked, he stepped forward to find out what it was.

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