Dragon God System Chapter 57: Putting pressure on a cultivator of the earth realm


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A cultivator of the earth's realm, it was the first time Alan had ever seen one, a legendary cultivator he didn't even know until he acquired the system.

He was not the only one to be shocked, the young master of the city, the two women and the old man were all equally shocked, but unlike Alan, they did not keep their cool.

Alan was shocked inside but remained calm, his face was impassive. His body felt no pressure, so he thought he was only at the beginning of the earthly realm.

"Who is the demon undercover here?" The man looked at everyone on the second floor, then stopped at the old man. When the old man saw this, he trembled so much that he knelt down and said

"My lord, I swear it is not me who has released such an aura! It's that masked young man over there." After that, he pointed at Alan.

The man looked at Alan a little surprised, he couldn't see anything in this young man, he frowned a little.

"Who are you and what is your purpose! "The man questioned Alan directly. Alan shrugged and then calmly replied, "I'm just eating in this restaurant and they came to disturb me, I'm just giving them a lesson. »

Seeing Alan's contemptuous manner towards him, the man frowned, in such a small empire, how could anyone disrespect him?

"Even if you teach them a lesson, you must know that in restaurants "the wonders of the sky" It is forbidden to fight or to release your aura! For your trouble, you deserve punishment! "After that, the aura of a cultivator of the realm of the earth spread throughout the restaurant, all the world was subjected to the extremely strong gravity of man.

The only ones who weren't under this pressure were Alan and the Phoenix, still eating their boars. Looking at Alan and the bird, one had the impression that the aura of man was non-existent.

Looking at Alan and the bird eating as if it didn't exist, the man was about to explode with anger. He is a cultivator of the realm of the earth, since when has he not been respected?

Alan turned his head to look at the man, when the man saw Alan's eyes he had a bad feeling. He felt that Alan's eyes contained all the wonders of the world. With Alan's golden eyes, the man felt as if he was naked.

Alan then activated his solar energy, Alan's cultivation soared to the 5th realm of the base foundation, Alan's energy was extremely powerful, it was pulsating in the air.

In fact, Alan's energy at the 5th realm of the base foundation was equal to the energy of the man who was at the 1st earth realm.

The man was totally stunned, the young man in front of him was as powerful as he was! But the worst part is that now, man could see Alan's cultivation, he was actually in the 5th stage of the realm of the basic foundation, what kind of genius did he provoke? Even in the outside world, he had never heard a genius as powerful as him.

The man began to realize that he had offended the wrong person, he is surely a genius of a level 5 force or even more, how could he even fight them? Even if he reported this to the chief, the chief probably wouldn't do anything.

The restaurant of wonders was a force of unknown level, no one could offend it, but there were limits, if customers would not do anything serious, the high-ranking officers would not do anything to complicate things.

Alan had done nothing, he had just defended himself, in fact he had even noticed a long time ago that the young master of the city had released his energy to put pressure on Alan, but he did not intervene because Alan gave him a mysterious feeling.

But when Alan released such an intention to kill, he thought he was part of one of the demonic clans, so he intervened. But when he saw Alan now, he doubted if he hadn't made a mistake.

"Can I continue my meal? "Suddenly, Alan's voice broke man's thoughts. He then looked Alan in the eye, who looked him straight in the eye, when he made a face-to-face with Alan, he always avoided his gaze.

"Who are you really? "The man still asked Alan what his true identity was. He wanted to try to get information about this young man. But he chose the wrong person.

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"By what right do you ask me who I am? If I hide my face, do you really think I'm going to reveal my identity to you? And also, are you even worthy to know me? "Alan didn't like it, he didn't have a good impression on the man, if he wasn't so strong, would the man have let him go unscathed?

"Even if you have an energy comparable to mine, do you really believe that you are as strong as I am, I can defeat you or even kill you easily" The man was angry, if the looks could kill, Alan would have died dozens of times"

"Oh, do you really think you can defeat me? "After that, Alan releases the second form of Asura mixed with the king's aura to the maximum. Overwhelming pressure spread through the city, a mixture of extremely sinister and majestic aura.

Alan's pressure was extremely high, a large part of the city was under extremely high pressure. The man was sweaty, he could hardly stand on his legs, and the young master, the two girls and the old man, they were lying on the floor looking at Alan as if they were looking at a demon.

Suddenly, the pressure stopped, Alan had put an end to it. The man could finally breathe, he now looked at Alan as a demon or a king.

Alan took out a few hundred gold coins and sent them to the man saying "this is for the meal". The man received the gold coins with shaky hands. It was the first time he felt that way. Alan's intention to kill was not human, it gave him chills.

When Alan left, there were a lot of people in front of the restaurant, most of them were afraid, others wanted to see who could plunge the city into a dark and majestic aura. When they saw a young man come out with a mist that hid his face, they were surprised.

"Where is my son, sir? "Suddenly, a voice resounded, you could see that the man's voice was shaking a little, when Alan turned his eyes, he could see a middle-aged man, thinking that he was the lord of the city.

"In the restaurant" Alan replied nonchalantly and prepared to leave, then he stopped and looked at the lord of the city and said "you must educate your son well, a life can be short or long. "After that he disappeared.

The middle-aged man trembled at Alan's words, he was still happy that his son was not killed. He knew he had accepted everything and had never really educated him well.

Alan now turned to capital to do what he had to do.

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