Dragon God System Chapter 56: Cultivator of the earth's realm


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When Alan scanned the 4 characters, he saw that the one in the lead was wearing a beautiful white dress, there were two beautiful women at his side who were above average and an old man behind.

Alan guessed that whoever wore a white dress would have to be the son of the city lord and the two daughters were either his concubines or two daughters he wanted to have in his harem. Everyone dreamed of a harem full of beauty, even Alan, but he knew that there was something else important than women for the moment, he already had Yan Fei and that was enough for him.

The young man was greeted like a king, he had a marked arrogance on his face, the two women next door were also arrogant, as for the old man, he cared nothing.

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Suddenly the young man noticed that his favorite place was taken by a stranger, he frowned. He knew that the people who could go up to the 2nd floor was not ordinary, but he had never seen this young man before.

Seeing that he was looking in one direction, the two girls also looked in the direction, what they could see was a man in a golden dress with dragon marks on it and a hidden face with a strange mist. There was also a little bird that ate the boar on the table.

Shocked to see such a small bird eaten so much, he knew it was no ordinary bird. But what he shocked hir was the dress Alan was wearing, such a dress didn't exist in his empire. Even the most gifted craftsmen could not make such a dress.

"How cute he is! "Suddenly the two girls next door shouted when they saw the bird, the bird was extremely beautiful.

"Young master, the bird is really too cute can we have it! "The two girls looked at the young man with eyes of love. At first he didn't want to offend this person because he was releasing something mysterious. But he was in his city, there was no one to scare him, so he might as well show off to the girls.

The old man looked in Alan's direction and frowned, he couldn't see anything in him. Meanwhile the young lord of the city advances towards Alan with a dominant aura. You should know that he was at the top of the spiritual realm at the age of 18. He was a genius in the city and even in the capital, it is said that he was born with a body of fire at his birth, that is to say that he could understand fire and be insensitive to flames, it is a body that appears every 1000 years. Even the outer sect, which was a level three force, had praised him and designated him as a genius rarely seen.

Alan of course noticed that the young man was moving towards him, but he kept eating, which upset the young man.

"PAM" Suddenly he slammed his hand on the table where Alan and the Phoenix were eating and then said, "Who are you? You don't know that this is my favorite place, if you want to live give me your bird and leave. "Dominant and arrogant, he used his status to oppress Alan.

"Just you? "Alan spoke in a nonchalant voice and continued to eat, the Phoenix wanted to teach the young man a lesson, but when he saw Alan not paying attention to it, he continued to eat.

Being coldly reprimanded, the young man had an ashen face, he was so angry, but he was holding back.

"Young man, this is the wrong choice, you shouldn't offend someone without knowing who they are." Suddenly the old man's voice echoed, the voice was of course directed at Alan.

Alan looked at the old man, a little shocked because the old man released an aura of the 3rd level of the basic foundation, but it was stronger than someone on the 3rd level, it looks like he's about to break through, that was Alan's thought.

"Only with you, a simple cultivator from the 3rd level of the basic foundation? You're just an old man who doesn't know anything about the world. »

The body of the old man trembled, if the young man in front of him could declare his cultivation at a glance, it was either because he was stronger than him or because he had a special technique, but thinking of the mist on his face, he thought it was the second option. How could someone who's not even 18 be stronger than him? Even though Alan masked his face, his voice and body didn't give him more than 18 years old.

"It's not by using a weird technique like the mist on your face that you're going to scare me. "The old man had a dismissive look in his eyes thinking he knew everything about Alan.

"You have three seconds to get down on your knees and give me your pet"

"What arrogant man how dare he despise the young master? »

"Yes, he got himself into trouble, he should have listened to the young master when he asked him only for his animal.

The two girls expressed their thoughts, if Alan had shown them his face, she would surely have changed sides.

Alan turned to face the young man and the old men, when they both saw Alan's eyes, they were petrified, thinking that Alan's eyes could pierce their hearts and discover all the secrets in them.

Suddenly, an extremely strong intention to kill emerged on the second floor of the restaurant. Alan had released the Asura aura, he just wanted to teach a lesson and know that if it was someone else, he could have been killed.

The aura was so strong and full of intent to kill that the young man pissed his pants. He, who had never killed anyone and even never known blood, was petrified in front of this aura, the old man was the same, even if he was a veteran of the battlefield who had killed several thousand people, he was sweating a lot.

The old man looked at Alan with a trace of fear, who is he? How can a young man have such an intention to kill, it's inhuman! How many people did he kill? So many questions in the old man's head.

The temperature on the 2nd floor dropped a few degrees, even people on the first floor were sweating profusely. Even if Alan had restricted the aura of the Asura, it was still an extremely powerful aura.

"Who dares to release such an aura in my restaurant" Suddenly an extremely powerful pressure spread in the room, tearing apart Alan's intention to kill. Everyone was shocked, even the young lord of the city.

"Cultivator of the terrestrial realm! "Alan frowned, he had never thought that a cultivator at the earthly stage was hiding here, worthy of the most popular restaurant in the Jiang Empire, there was even an earthly protector.

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