Dragon God System Chapter 55: Empire Chan


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Leaving the forest, Alan headed for the Chan Empire, he still had a long way to go. There were still 4 days to go if Alan didn't hurry.

Alan used the movement technique "movement of the nine flashes" so that he can perfect this skill. The experience went up extremely fast, in a few hours, it was already half the experience needed to level up, if it would have been normal, it would have taken much longer.

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It is important to know that the combat and movement skills were divided into beginner, small success, success and perfection, at that moment Alan was at the stage of small success if we relied on someone normal. It may take several years to learn a combat skill at the small success stage, especially for a classified land technique. If Alan could increase the level of competence, he would be at the stage of success, which would greatly improve Alan's speed.

In more than a day, Alan finally increased his movement skills, at the moment he was going twice as fast, if you looked at Alan on loan, you could see small flashes of lightning when Alan was using the technique.

Since Alan was very comfortable with the lightning itself because he had even tamed the lightning of the tribulation, Alan's speed was even faster.

By using the technique for more than a day, Alan has made great progress, he was only 2 days away from his destination.

Two days later, Alan was finally able to see a big city of the Chan empire, after visiting many villages, Alan decided to stay here for a day or two. The city was called Ancient City because it was the oldest city of the Chan Empire.

The city was strong, it was a force of rank 1, so a city of the Chan empire is worth an external empire like the Yan or Zao empire, it was quite shocking, but with the current force, Alan didn't care.

Alan had not eaten for a few days, he decided to go to a popular restaurant that is located in each empire "the wonders of the sky" a very dominant name for a restaurant, Alan already went there to eat with Yan Fei and his mother when they arrived in the Yan empire.

As he entered the restaurant, Alan had a mist covering his face so no one could see him except the people stronger than him. The technique was called "Mist of Wonders"

Mist of Wonders: Passive technique that hides the user's face, leaving only his eyes.

When the girl who greeted Alan on sight Alan, she was shocked because she had never seen this technical genre or anything that could hide her face through a mist, the girl didn't see it as a mist, but a holy light.

When the girl looked at Alan's eyes, she felt like she had entered an unlimited world, she felt that Alan's eyes could pierce her heart and mind so much that Alan's eyes were beautiful.

After a few seconds, the girl quickly came to her senses and took Alan to the top floor, the floor where only the high class nobles could go. The girl knew that Alan was not an ordinary person and even looking at the many cultivators at the top of the realm of the base foundation she had met, she had never before put herself in such a state just with a look, it is important to know that she was at the top of the spiritual realm herself, so she was not a normal girl, especially considering how young she was.

Alan followed the young woman, Alan had become the center of attention on the first floor, most of the men were also filled with jealousy. Who didn't want a pretty girl like her to go with her? But no one dared to make a noise because someone who can go to the top floor is not a normal person.

When Alan arrived on the top floor, he could see that there was almost no one there. It was quite empty, at the same time, here the food was extremely expensive, especially the one on the top floor that was reserved for the noble of high class.

Alan sat at a table by the window, when the girl says that she says, "Sir, this place is the favorite place of the son of the city master's"

Alan didn't even turn his eyes and nonchalantly said, "I'm the first to arrive, if he wanted this place, he should have been there first. »

The girl kept quiet, she knew that this man was not ordinary, she had the impression that for him this city was not worthy of his eyes, so she said nothing more and left.

Alan smiles through the mist. He knew that this so-called son of the city lord must be an arrogant person. The face-to-face meeting was inevitable, but he forgot about it and waited for a waitress to order the meal.

Suddenly, three waitresses arrived near Alan, the waitresses were dressed in a beautiful short skirt that would make most men crack. They all had a charming smile on their lips, which would make them want to kiss them.

"What will your order be, sir! "The three girls spoke at the same time.

Alan had already chosen it orders, he says calmly "A 500-year-old bottle of wine and a fiery red boar.

The fiery red boar was a beast at the top of the spiritual realm, it was an extremely expensive dish, Alan had taken this, because he wanted to give it to the Phoenix. The Phoenix could change size, so when it came out it will be seen as an extremely beautiful blue and red bird.

The three waitresses were a little shocked by Alan's order, it should be known that Alan's order was worth thousands of gold pieces, even the nobles would not spend so much on food. But they didn't ask any questions and all nodded and then headed for the kitchen.

Alan called the Phoenix by conscience into his little world and told him to be the size of a little bird. The Phoenix nodded and came out in the form of a common bird.

After a few minutes, the three girls came back with a huge boar and a bottle of wine. When the girls saw the little bird next to Alan, they were shocked where the bird came from but this thought was quickly replaced by a "How cute he is".

Alan smiled, even if no one could see him. The Phoenix was staring at the boar, he didn't even notice that the girls were looking at him as if she wanted to take him.

Suddenly, Alan heard four footsteps coming to this floor. Alan smiles through his mask and then says "A little action"

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