Dragon God System Chapter 54: Sun energy


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Alan was getting ready to take the sun pill. This will allow him to increase his true energy to an even higher level, it should be known that he had normal energy in his body, what provided Alan's strength was his bloodline and advanced techniques, otherwise he could not fight people with higher levels.

But if he took the sun pill, his real energy would explode and finally reach a stage far above his cultivation. For example Alan is at the 1st realm of the base foundation, his true energy is also at the 1st realm of the base foundation. But if he took the sun pill, his real energy could rise to the 4th or 5th realm of the base foundation, which will allow him to have a strength at the 4th or 5th realm of the base foundation with his energy. If we add his bloodline and advanced techniques, Alan's strength will increase much more.

The true energy will be transformed into a true energy of the sun, much more powerful and purer than normal energy. Despite everything, it was only an 8-star pill, one of the lowest in the sun pill category. When he asked the system about the sun pill to get a little more information, the system told him that a real sun pill was practically legendary even in the immortal realm. They were only counterfeits, because at first it will greatly improve its strength, but when practitioners evolve, the pill will have much less effect because it is only a counterfeit.

But Alan didn't care, because thanks to the system, he can certainly buy a real sun pill if he had enough points. But even though an eight-star counterfeit cost 200 million system points, Alan couldn't imagine the price of 10-star pills or above.

"Well after all, it is still a divine pill even if it is a forgery." After saying that, Alan swallowed the sun pill.

When Alan swallowed it, he felt a great heat spreading through his body, he felt his true energy which was normal becoming suddenly boiling. Even though Alan was invulnerable to the fire element, he could still feel the heat emitted by his body, he felt that his body would explode because of the heat emitted. Despite the extreme heat, Alan was able to feel a great change in his true energy, his true energy took on the appearance of a bright sun.

After a few hours, Alan's true energy finally stopped transforming, his body shone with a golden light as bright as the sun, Alan felt like the sun, his body emitted light and heat.

Suddenly Alan activated his true energy from the sun, suddenly Alan's body shone even brighter, if there was someone who could see that, he would be surprised because Alan's true energy was no longer at the 1st stage of the realm of the basic foundation but at the 5th. It was a major change. If Alan did not have bloodline and advanced techniques, he could now fight a cultivator at the 5th stage of the realm of the base foundation.

"With my current strength, I fear no one in the five empires! "In saying this, Alan clenched his fists, the strength he had always dreamed of having, a strength that millions of practitioners would dream of was now in Alan's possession. Before he wanted the strength to take revenge on his clan and especially to put his mother in good conditions, but now he wanted the strength to conquer, to dominate. He wanted to destroy his divine geniuses and show them that there will always be someone stronger than them.

"Son of Emperor Jiang, wait, I'll show you that there's always someone above you even if you have an immortal physique! »

After that, Alan left the small forest where he was, before leaving the plains of death, Alan wanted to reach the 3rd transformation of Asura "crimson sky" With the 3rd transformation, Alan could thanks to the murderous intention released by the 2nd transformation to transform the sky into a blood red. All the murderous intent of Alan's body will be transferred to the sky, giving the blood red color of the sky. Of course, the higher Alan's cultivation is, the more red the sky will be over a long distance.

If Alan could maintain the Asura form and control the murderous intent of this form, he could move on to 3rd transformation as it requires perfect control, otherwise your friends or family or innocent people would be attacked by the murderous intent from heaven.

Alan immediately released the second transformation, the murderous aura covered the entire area. To control the murderous intent, Alan let his bloodline do most of the work because it was immune to the element of darkness and he had an understanding of it. Murderous intent was a dark form of energy, and an Asura was often seen as a demon rather than a saint.

Alan had no trouble controlling it, in a few hours he managed to control it, in that moment he could keep the Asura form without releasing any murderous intent. But it should be known that even if he did not release any murderous intent the aura itself of an Asura made people tremble, the aura of an Asura had the smell of blood. So it would drive most people away, which is why Alan would not keep this form in the middle of a crowd, and it consumes energy for him.

If Alan didn't use any techniques, he could use the Asura form for more than a day, but if he fought, it would only last less than an hour.

After understanding the second transformation, Alan had access to the third transformation.

Suddenly, as he suddenly released his murderous intention towards the sky, he changed colour from pure blue to scarlet red, it seemed as if we were in hell. The sky was red within a 10km radius, which was small, not even enough to cover the forest where Alan had hosted, but for Alan, that was enough for him, he knew he wasn't going to use this 3rd transformation often.

After that, Alan retracted the murderous intent and returned to his normal form. After that, Alan prepared to leave the forest and head for Chan's empire, he no longer needed to face the bandits, even if it will bring him system points, Alan knew that in the outside world, system points will be much easier.

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How many points will he get when he kills someone at the earthly stage? Or even what astronomical amount of points is worth someone at the top of the martial emperor? But he knew he was far from that, but one day he will surely be someone everyone will respect.

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