Dragon God System Chapter 52: Celestial tribulation


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Alan wanted more information about the bandit groups and their bases, he wanted to face a group in the top 20 or top 10, he thought that it was only them who could increase Alan's pressure, but with his current level, he couldn't beat their leaders. His objective was to move on to the basic foundation.

Alan tried to find a quiet spot, but in such a place it was complicated, suddenly he thought about the groups he had destroyed, he thought he could go to their bases, but he thought there were no survivors left so he didn't know the way. He decided to enter a small forest a few kilometers from there to find a cave.

Suddenly he saw a boar, it was only a beast of the body refining, but behind it was a cave. Alan killed the boar without even noticing it and entered the cave. As he entered the cave, he put himself in position. He took out an herb from heaven and an energetic fruit.

The grass of heaven was of spiritual quality, after having been in his little world for so long with such spiritual energy, the quality had increased in a surprising way.

The energetic fruit was also of spiritual quality because it was orange in color, an extremely beautiful orange, if the world saw the fruit and the grass, it would cause a war. Alan thought that with the grass and fruit, the basic foundation realm would arrive extremely quickly.

After that, he ate the grass of heaven and then the energetic fruit, Alan was not an alchemist so he couldn't turn the grass of heaven into a pill and in the system it would be too expensive. When Alan swallowed the grass of heaven, he felt that all the spiritual energy was made for him and with the addition of the energetic fruit, Alan's cultivation skyrocketed, it was every cultivator's dream.

After about ten minutes, Alan switched to the 8th realm of spiritual refinement, after an hour and 20 minutes, he switched to the 9th realm of spiritual refinement, he climbed the realms so easily that it seemed like a game to him. Of course this was mainly due to the method of the Dragon God who helped him a lot. Without it, even with grass and fruit, it would take much longer.

Suddenly after 30 minutes, the grass from heaven had been used, Alan's cultivation speed became normal again. Of course the energetic fruit was not fully used, there was still a large amount of energy to be used in it. Alan focused, moved on to a larger higher realm was more difficult.

Alan closed his eyes, the hours passed, the night came, Alan was still immersed in the refinement of the energetic fruit, if it was a normal cultivator, it would take him years to refine it but Alan was not a normal person, he had one of the most powerful bloodlines and an extremely resistant body. Someone normal would have already broken through long ago because their energy resources were much less than Alan's, for Alan who had an overwhelming strength and an extremely abundant Dantian, it was necessary that he needed much more energy than the others.

As the night passed, the sun crossed the forest as the sun's rays lit up the entrance to the cave, in the cave you could see Alan who was still in position, his eyes closed. Suddenly his body shone with light, if it was night, you would think that day would have come. Suddenly the sun shining in the sky was replaced by clouds, you could hear the sky roaring! Alan opened his eyes, he was about to move to the basic foundation stage, but there was something blocking him, suddenly he noticed the grey/black clouds outside, he frowned, he had never seen such a thick black cloud before.

"System, what's going on?"

[You have triggered a heavenly tribulation, i. e. the sky does not tolerate your existence, this is because your strength defies the heavenly laws too much]

Alan completely shocked by what the system just said. From what Feng Chan had said, the celestial tribulation is a legend, it is said that to leave the mortal world and cross the immortal realm one had to go through a celestial tribulation, but Alan was facing a celestial tribulation to go to the realm of the basic foundation. It was far too shocking.

Alan was rather smiling, he was not afraid of lightning because he had immunity, the lightning of the celestial tribulation could only improve his strength. Alan came out of the cave, as soon as he came out, the sky roared.

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"BOOM" Suddenly a red flash came down from the sky, hit Alan directly without his being able to react, Alan didn't even move, he was surrounded by red flashes that he refined, it was the first flash. If Alan didn't have resistance against the lightning element, he wondered if he would still be alive.

The sky roared even louder, he was furious that he couldn't kill a simple human, suddenly a second, even bigger flash hit Alan, like the first flash, Alan was sitting in a position to refine the lightning that fell on him. If someone from the higher worlds saw this, he would be extremely shocked, the sky was a symbol of power and invincibility. If someone who swore to heaven, if he lied, he would be killed, but now a simple mortal could resist a tribulation to the realm of basic training, it was shocking.

Suddenly a third flash prepared itself in the sky, if Alan opened his eyes, he could see that this flash formed a snake, if someone from the immortal realm saw this, he would say "Tribulation of the snakes"

The snake tribulation was the weakest celestial tribulation to pass into the immortal realm, but even if it was weak, it took an incredible genius to bring it in, but Alan was only in the realm of the basic foundation!

The snake was about ten meters long, it ran directly towards Alan, Alan felt that the lightning was at least ten times more powerful than the second, it was incredible, Alan refined it with great speed, all his body emitted small red flashes. After that, the tribulation finally stopped.

When Alan opened his eyes, an incredibly powerful burst of electrical power swept through the area. Alan had just faced a tribulation that could harm someone who entered the immortal realm. If a martial emperor was near Alan he would be dead. These were the remnants of the tribulation that Alan had not been able to refine.

"I have finally moved to the realm of the basic foundation and my flashes affinity has evolved to become red flashes like tribulation! "Alan was excited, his power was now absolutely shocking!

[Ding, congratulations to the host for reaching the realm of the base foundation.

You have received a gift package and the resale and lottery functionality of the system!

The system will now evolve to add its two new functions. It will only take a few hours.]

After that, the system's voice stopped, even if Alan spoke, he didn't receive any answer, but Alan didn't care, he was eager to have the new features and open the gift pack. Then he sat down in a meditative position again and consolidated his cultivation.

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