Dragon God System Chapter 51: Blood Plain


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Being on the Phoenix's back, Alan felt like a divine being, he could fly on the back of a divine beast, it was simply incredible. Of course Alan, wouldn't show the Phoenix until it became powerful enough because otherwise even the rulers of the Jiang continent would come forward.

Even if the Phoenix couldn't speak, he understood very well when Alan spoke to him. A normal beast could not understand human language until it reached the realm of the earth, but Alan's two beasts were divine beasts, therefore not normal beasts. A beast can communicate by voice transmission from the earth realm and take human form when it reaches the Houtian realm. It is said that in ancient times, the lord of the continent was a huge snake that measured more than 10 kilometers, all humans were subjected to it. One day the humans cooperated and directed all their energy towards a single human being with an ancient technique to successfully kill him.

Alan was a fan of his stories and legends, it was often his mother who told them. Alan thought that he too would become a legend of the continent and that he would be mentioned in the history books that would be told to children years later.

After 1 hour of flight, Alan had come down from the Phoenix, the Phoenix returned reluctantly to the inner world. A few kilometers from Alan's position, he was normally in the most dangerous place of the 5 empires. It was called the "blood plain" because millions of people have died here, it is said that there are many groups of bandits, including leaders who are at the top of the base foundation.

It is said that there are more than 1500 bandit groups, there were battles between them often, the only ones who never fought were the 10 largest bandit groups. Because if someone from the top 10 challenges someone from the top 10, he will lose much more than he will win because the others will take the opportunity to directly finish off the weakened winner.

"So this is the blood plain, what a strong smell of blood" Alan was prepared for that, but the smell was directly besieged even though he was still several kilometers from the plain.

Alan was on Indra while leaving for the blood plain, he wanted to know the taste of a battlefield, it was a good thing to improve his heart, his mind and especially his fighting skills. Nothing beats a real fight, especially against bandits who fight only with the intention of killing.

Suddenly in the distance saw a battle of about 150 people. Alan was able to determine their cultivations, it was that in spiritual realm, they were only small groups of bandits, but Alan would not miss it, he especially wanted to test this new skill the "18 Asura changes" the first change.

Suddenly the bandits felt a great strength a few hundred meters away from them, when they turned around, they saw a young man with a metal mask sitting on a tiger that gave off an extremely sinister aura. Suddenly the man jumped from the tiger and walked towards them.

"Who are you" One of the bandits screamed, his scream was full of intent to kill, he had at least killed thousands of people to possess such an intent to kill.

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"Just someone who comes to have fun in the death zone" Just after that, Alan unleashed the Asura technique, the first change annihilation of hell, suddenly the sword of chaos bathe in a black aura, a few moments later, Alan released the aura of someone who had killed millions of people. It was the aura of an Asura, the aura of someone who was born to kill!

Even the bandits weakened their knees in the face of such an intention to kill, they who had been fighting on the battlefield for years had never known such an intention to kill. It should be known that the aura of an Asura was not only the intention to kill, but there was a dark aura, much more powerful than a simple intention to kill mixed with it. Even if Alan did not have the royal bloodline of an Asura, thanks to the first movement of the 18 changes of hell, he unconsciously reproduced the aura of a real Asura.

"Annihilation of hell! "Alan shouted, a wave of dark aura from the underworld swept directly over the 150 bandits.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" The bandits shouted in despair, but there was nothing he could do to wait for death. A few moments later, all the bandits were dead, there was a crater in the middle or the bones of some bandits were not destroyed.

"What a powerful attack, there is almost no remnant of a human body, all have disappeared! "Alan was shocked, worthy of a holy category skill."

Alan suddenly thought of something, the 18 changes of Asura contained a strong intention to kill and gave off an extremely dark aura, if Alan stayed here in the plains of death while training on the 18 changes of Asura, thanks to the strong death energy, will the 18 changes of asura improve quickly?

"Status" Alan didn't waste any time and looked at

[Host: Alan Cheng]

[Age: 16 years old]

[Cultivation: Spiritual Refinement 7]

[Body Cultivation: Divine Dragon has 2 claws]

[System point: 4,382,000]

[Bloodline: Dragon God 100% Purity]

Bloodline's skill: King's aura, dragon's breath, invulnerable to the 7 elements (water, earth, air, fire, lightning, darkness and light), understanding of the 7 elements and dragon's claw.]


[Heavenly Hammer] Level 1/? = 148/500

[Nine waves of energy] Level 3/9 = (40/500)

[Nine Lightning Movement] Level 4/9=(100/1000)

[Art of the Sacred Sword] Level 2/? = (628/10000)

[Five Celestial Fingers] Level 2/5 = (100/200)

[Culture technique: Dragon God culture method]

[Intention of the sword] Initial stage

18 Asura change] 1/18 = (100/1000)

1. Annihilation of hell

"As I thought" Alan was happy, if he stayed here, he could easily reach the 3rd change of asura.

Alan continued to move using the nine flash movements, several hours passed, Alan had killed thousands of men. Suddenly he has an enlightenment.

2nd Asura change " Asura shape ! "BOOM after that, an icy aura rose in Alan's body followed by a murderous intent 10 times stronger than the 1st change. Alan's hair and eyes turn blood red, Alan was like a demon, of course he had kept his rationality.

Alan's strength was at least tenfold with the 2nd change, if he used the 1st change under the effect of the 2nd change, his strength would become destructive. But he soon noticed that this was exhausting his spiritual energy.

"Well now, let's go see the leaders of the region! "After that, he disappeared.

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