Dragon God System Chapter 50: Transformation of the Phoenix


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Alan didn't take long to find Mu Qianqian because she wasn't very far away, Alan followed her to try to see if she would find Yan Fei like that, it would save her from looking for her too.

Alan was right, a few meters further on, Alan saw Yan Fei who was in a noble clothing shop. Alan didn't take the time to look and walked towards them very quickly.

Yan Fei and Mu Qianqian directly felt that someone was heading towards them at full speed, she were on their guard. Suddenly the silhouette that advanced towards them at full speed stopped.

"ALAN! "Mu Qianqian and Yan Fei were stunned when they saw Alan, even though Alan had changed hair color, he still had the same face.

Alan smiled at them and said, "I have something to discuss with you, it's going to be pretty quick. »

"Why did your hair change color? "Mu Qianqian and Yan Fei had completely ignored what Alan said.

Alan sighed and then said, "I just changed because of a skill, it allows me to have hair like everyone else, of course I can come back as before.

"No, stay as you are! "Yan Fei says this directly, she was completely stunned by Alan's beauty, if she was told that a few days ago, no one could surpass Alan's beauty, well today Alan has surpassed himself his previous beauty.

Alan smiled at Yan Fei's word, but suddenly his smile disappeared and he said "I have something to tell you"

Surprised by this change in emotion, the two ladies frowned.

"What's going on? "Yan Fei replied, she had a sad little look in her eyes.

"I'm going to go to the two outer empires alone. "Alan said it calmly, but what he didn't know was that it caused a shock to both ladies.

"Why Alan, you told me if you left, you'd take us! "Unable to control her emotions, Yan Fei shouted, she who was eager to go see the world with Alan had now become sad. »

Unlike Yan Fei, Mu Qianqian was not very surprised she said while comforting Yan Fei, "Don't worry, he's not going to the outside world, he's just going to visit the other 2 empires to get experience, we're still too weak, which gives us time to train. »

Alan nodded, he was happy that his mother understood his intention. When Yan Fei heard this, it was like a shock to her, as soon as she heard that Alan was leaving, she felt like she was being left out, but when she heard Mu Qianqian's words, she felt a little ashamed. She knows she's upset for nothing, but she was still sad not to go with Alan.

"How long are you leaving for? "Even if she had calmed down, she wanted him back as soon as possible to finally go to the outside world.

She had two reasons to go to the outside world. The first was to have information about his mother and know where she is, the second was to discover the legendary cultivators of the continent with their divine geniuses.

"I don't know, it won't be long, I think 1 month" Alan didn't really know how long it would take to control the two empires.

When she heard his words, Yan Fei sighed with relief, a month wasn't that big a deal, she thought Alan was going to be gone for a year or more.

Yan Fei's morale had improved a lot, she smiled at Alan and threw herself into his arms saying "Take care of yourself".

Alan kissed her on the forehead with a sweet kiss and then left Yan Fei's embrace to say goodbye to his mother who was pouting.

Alan smiled and then hugged his mother, his last family.

After that moment, Alan said goodbye to both and disappeared without a trace, after Alan disappeared, Yan Fei burst into tears and squeezed Mu Qianqian who also had wet eyes.

Alan, unaware of this, was rushing at an extremely fast pace. Suddenly Alan shouted "INDRA!"

"ROAARR" After shouting that a deafening roar was heard. The roar came from the king of the underworld that Alan had fought.

Suddenly a figure rushed towards Alan at a speed that even Alan couldn't match. The figure took Alan and threw him on his back to finally disappear from the capital.

The name Indra and the roar had shaken the capital, all the people below the spiritual realm bled from the ears. Only two people were smiling when they heard the human scream and roar. It was Yan Fei and Mu Qianqian looking away in the direction of the voice.

Alan and Indra continued their journey to one of the outer empires, the journey would last a week even with their speeds. Of course if they didn't rest, the trip would last 3 days, but Alan didn't want to rush.

Suddenly he felt his inner world shaken, Alan knew it was the Phoenix because there was only him alive in it. Alan took the Phoenix directly out of the inner world.

When the Phoenix came out, he released a cry that could split the sky, suddenly an absolutely gigantic energy spread to the Phoenix.

"Let's go! "Alan told Indra to leave, even with their strenght, he wasn't sure he could resist that.

The sky was red and blue, it was as if fire and water descended from the sky to head towards the Phoenix. Looking back, Alan saw that the Phoenix was growing, judging by it, he knew that the Phoenix had reached a new level in its bloodline and a great increase in its cultivation.

"BOOOOOOOM" Tornadoes of fire appeared in the sky followed by torrential rain. Fortunately, Alan was no longer in the empire's capital but a few hundred kilometres away, otherwise the capital would no longer exist. Looking up at the sky, Alan felt like he was fighting. Fire and water were two elements that did not love each other. Having them both were against the laws of nature, Alan will have to face that too.

After a few hours of shows, the sky finally calmed down, when Alan approached, he saw a new Phoenix. The Phoenix had a wingspan of 15 meters with a length of 8 meters. He was old enough to carry a few people. Alan then analyzed the Phoenix.

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[Icefire Phoenix Hell (variant)]

[Bloodline : Legendary (Average)

[Cultivation: base foundation 4]

[Skill: Enhanced regeneration, Hellfire, Ice Wing, Phoenix Cry, Fire Tornado, Supersonic Flight.]

Fire Tornado: Extremely powerful fire tornadoes that can burn anything that is a hundred meters away.

Supersonic flight: The Phoenix can now fly at a speed 6 times faster than its cultivation.

Alan was completely stunned by the Phoenix's new capabilities, the most surprising thing is that even with a legendary bloodline, it was still low, it shows the power and size of such a bloodline.

Alan called the Phoenix to get on it, the Phoenix was extremely happy, he could now be useful to Alan.

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