Dragon God System Chapter 5: Meet other people


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A few hours later, Alan wakes up, he had never been better, he has had the system for 1 day now and he has improved a lot, he still couldn't believe what happened to him. He didn't think about it anymore and got up, looking to the side, he still saw the egg, it had become brighter, ready to hatch.

"System, how much time is left? "He was in a hurry to see this beast, and it would be his first companion and his first friend.

(Ding! There is 1 day left 19 hours and 42 minutes.)

When Alan heard this, he got up to go hunting for training, he walked and came across a beast fight, it was two red stripe tigers, beasts to the 6th kingdom refining the body. He didn't intervene and watched the fight. You could see that it was two men fighting, probably for a woman.

Alan has decided to concentrate his dragon's breath to precisely target the tiger's heart, by concentrating the size of the beam and the power, he will surely be able to do so. He concentrated, carefully channeled the energy and opened his mouth.

"Come on!"Alan shouted and a ray came out of his mouth, it was a very thin ray, but of great power. Alan had added his fire attribute to improve the power of the attack, even if it had a small effect, it was very important to burn the inside of the body if he had missed the deadly attack.

The ray pierced the leaves and reached the tiger to finally pierce its heart and came out to finally end up on a tree.

"ROAR! "Shouted the tiger because he knew he had received a fatal wound.

The tiger fell to the ground and the other tiger looked at him with fear, ready to flee, but how Alan was going to let the points of the system pass. He threw a dragon claw and pierced the skull of the second tiger.

The host beat the red stripe tiger, you received 350 system points.

The host beat the red stripe tiger, you received 350 system points.

Alan was delighted, 700 more points is a lot for him because the pills he needs for his level are pills that cost less than 100 points. After recovering the bodies, Alan walked in another direction to find other animals.

Suddenly Alan heard screams, but they were not animal screams, but human screams, he decided to go and see what beast he was fighting.

When he arrived in the area, he hid his energy and climbed a tree to analyze the situation, he could see 5 young people of his age, 3 boys and 2 girls, he should be disciples of a sects with their clothes. He noticed the beast and was shocked, he was a monkey king, a beast with a common bloodline and at the 8th realm of body refinement. He was very powerful, he could feel the energy of the people who were fighting him. The 3 boys were at the 6th realm and the girls at the 5th realm of body refinement. They simply couldn't stand up to the monkey king.

"Chu Yan, he's a monkey king, we'll die if we keep going like this" shouts the young man to his partner.

"Yu Feng, how do you want to escape this monkey king, he's much faster than we are" Cria Yu Feng to Chu Yan. What he says is true even if the monkey king is tall and seems slow, he is still a beast in the 8th realm of body refining.

"It was because of his damn daughters that we got here, just because they found a flower near his cave. Damn it, I don't want to die, let alone because of them," shouted the other young man while looking at the two girls with a black look.

The two young girls were very upset about the situation, he was always well served, he had never known the injuries, but they saw the boys with cuts on their bodies, they cried with fear.

When Alan saw this, he despised his daughters to be treated like princesses. They were all arrogant when there was no danger but cried when he faced death. Alan took an original pill and climbed directly to the 4th kingdom by refining the body. He will channel 50% of his energy and shout "Dragon claw! "The sky opened, the 5 young men looked at the sky with fear, the monkey was not terrified by the force of the attack but by the aura it emitted, it was the aura of a king, the masters of the animals. The claw fell on the monkey, hurting him, he screamed in pain, while Alan took a pill that cost him 150 points of the system that had given him a lot of energy, he channeled the dragon's breath with 40% of his strength and pierced the monkey king's body.

[The host defeated the monkey king with a common lineage, the host received 1200 system points.]

Alan was shocked, it was too crazy, 1200 points is huge. But the most shocked was not him, but the 5 young people who were looking at the monkey king's body, he didn't know who had killed him but it was too impressive, the aura of the first attack had almost brought them to their knees. Suddenly a silhouette approached the monkey king's body, he had golden hair and eyes of deep gold, his mature face and aura worthy of a sovereign looked at the 5 young men. The two girls were fascinated, they felt like they saw a god in front of them, it was the first time they had seen such a handsome boy and his golden eyes that gave the impression that he was looking at the whole world. The 3 boys were also shocked by his aura and beauty and were secretly jealous, but they were especially shocked by his strength, he killed a monkey king in two attacks that was at the 8th realm body refinement.

"Hello sir, my name is Feng Ling" said the blushing girl.

"Hello, I am Him Xu" said the other blushing girl.

The two girls didn't waste any time trying to charm this young man, they saw their prince charming, handsome, strong and manly.

Alan turned around without even answering the two young girls to take the monkey king's body. The two girls were in a state of shock, they were always treated like princesses and many nobles tried to flirt with them, it was the first time they were ignored. The 3 boys laughed when they saw the girls being ignored.

"Hello benefactor, my name is Chu Yan" said the young man.

"Hello, I'm Yu Feng," he says smiling.

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"I am Long Yi," said the other young man.

The two girls were waiting for them to be ignored too, but it failed.

"Hello I'm Alan" says Alan, he had a good impression of them unlike the two girls.

The 3 boys smiled because Alan answered them, Chu Yan approached them and said, "We are all five, external disciples of the 5 Elements Sect, may I know which Sect you are part of? "Asked Chu Yan with interest. The others also looked at Alan because he wanted to know who was raising such a genius.

"None" replied without Alan's expression. The sect of the 5 elements was the third strongest sect in the Yan empire. Alan had planned to join the Royal Academy after his revenge because the Royal Academy is the first on the continent.

The 5 were shocked, he was not part of any sect, but he was already so strong, if he was in a sect, what level would he have? Looking back, the five young people shook their heads and asked: "Do you want to join the 5 elements sect, recruitment starts in 1 month," the girl asked.

"No, I don't plan to go." When Alan said this, he took the body, put it away and left, leaving the 5 disciples in a state of shock.

Alan went back to the cave, he had won a lot today, he prepared the monkey king for dinner.

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