Dragon God System Chapter 49: Teaching a lesson


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A few days later after the news of a young man who defeated the ruler of the Greenwood Forest and subdued the Zao empire spread through the five empires. Even the 2 external empires were very attentive to these actions. Even the 2 outside empires were afraid to offend him because someone under 20 years of age could tame the ruler of Greenwood was not a simple person.

Meanwhile, Alan knew nothing about what was going on outside. At that time, he was training in the Tower of Seven Swords to improve his sword skills.

Although he did not reach the intermediate stage, he was happy with his progress, at first he could cut 45 leaves before it fell to the ground, now he had gone to 60. The speed of his sword and the power put into it had become much stronger. The biggest change was above all its accuracy because all the leaves were perfectly cut.

"Well, even if I haven't made any progress in my cultivation, I think the intermediate stage of the intention of the sword is finally within reach. "Alan was happy, he was in no hurry, if he wanted, he could have gone to the basic training stage but his skills would still be low, so he preferred to train before he broke through.

"What I miss now is combat and exploration, it may be time to leave the Zao empire and head for one of the two outer empires. "Thinking about this, Alan's heart beat," the outside world? Who didn't want to visit it? But many people are not strong enough.

Alan had decided, he would go to the Chan empire, one of the two force two empires. But he wanted to travel alone as long as he integrated into the two foreign empires because Yan Fei was not yet strong enough.

Alan came out of the tower, thanks to his dress, he was never sweaty and he didn't need to wash because it was special, at the same time for 100 000 points the dress should at least provide that. Alan came out of his room to tell his mother and Yan Fei that he was leaving for at least several weeks.

After visiting Yan Fei's and his mother's room, he could not find them. He was wondering where they could be. After thinking about it, he thought she should shop in the capital. Alan shook his head and left the imperial palace.

He put on a mask because he didn't want to be the center of attention. Walking in the streets, there were many people, despite his mask, many people looked at him, especially for his golden hair.

"I have to change my hair color to black, I can't even hide! "At first, Alan was happy with his hair color, but there he wanted to go back to his long, shiny black hair he had.

"System, can I go back to my old hair color? »

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[To answer the host, to return to your old hair color or eyes, just pay 1000 system points.]

"I pay for the hair! "Directly after the system's voice, Alan paid.

A light surrounded Alan, for a few moments Alan was caught in a light. A few breaths later, we could see Alan. He no longer had golden hair, but extremely beautiful shiny black hair. Of course, he still had his face and golden eyes that could charm the hearts of all the girls.

"Look, what skill he just used, his hair has changed color! "A man shouted in the distance, alarming all the others.

Except when everyone turned around, there was no one there.

"Why are you screaming for nothing! "A man shouted

"I'm sure I saw someone change their hair color and be surrounded by a light! "The man who saw Alan change his hair was shocked, even wondering if he hadn't hallucinated.

In a corner a few dozen meters away " I had forgotten that I was in town, fortunately only one person didn't pay attention to the shops. After that, Alan took off his mask and went back to get Yan Fei and his mother.

Walking, Alan hardly attracted attention because he no longer had his golden hair so no one looked at him because they preferred to look at the shops. But if someone really looked at Alan, he would think that his beauty did not come from this world. Pure black hair and golden eyes are a perfect combination. So Alan's beauty has been enhanced.

"I'm the one who bought the flash pill! "Suddenly a woman's cry was heard.

When Alan heard the scream, he turned around, he was surprised because the scream came from his mother.

"Even if you bought it, I am the young miss of the Lan clan, the strongest clan behind the royalty, you better give it to me if you don't want to have any problems. "Alan could see that the young woman who spoke was about 20 years old, she had 3 bodyguards behind her, all at the beginning of the spiritual realm. While she was still in body refinement.

"What a waste. "Alan didn't like it, the girl had no talent but she had been spoiled since childhood.

"Oh just you, a simple clan that isn't even superior to royalty want to take what I bought, you really don't know how to measure your opponent, do you? "After Mu Qianqian's words, a strong aura emerged from her, there were even flashes of lightning fighting when she released her aura.

"4th stage of spiritual realm and the power of lightning! My mother is a genius!" Alan completely stunned, if she was only in the 4th stage of spiritual realm, Alan would have just nodded, but she managed to control an energy of nature and one of the most violent. Alan knew that for others to control a natural energy was extremely difficult. For Alan, he just needed to have the required fruit or just go to a region where the element he wants to control is the most abundant. That's what happened with the fire and the lightning.

"I'm just going to look at how she's going to handle this" Alan had seen that her mother was more than enough to deal with the three guards and the young miss of the Lan clan.

When Mu Qianqian released her aura, all three guards backed away while the young miss could barely breathe.

"Young lady, don't be arrogant, because even if I kill you, your family could do nothing and could even be exterminated. "After saying that, she dropped her aura and left.

The three guards finally came to their senses and walked up to the young miss who was still in shock to see how she was doing.

"I swear I'll make you pay! "She gnashed her teeth and prepared to leave.

Alan had seen everything and knew she would try to get revenge, he disappeared and finally reappeared in front of them.

The 4 backed away, surprised by the appearance of someone in front of them. The three guards were surprised by the young man's age while the young miss was fascinated by the beauty of the man in front of her. He was like a god.

"I would advise you not to take revenge on my mother, otherwise your family could be killed. "Alan says this calmly as he looked at the three guards and the young miss.

"How dare you, even if that bitch was strong, our clan has a lot of men stronger than her, our young miss has been humiliated and you don't want her to take revenge! "One of the guards could no longer contain himself and shouted at Alan.

Alan kept his cool but there was a frown especially when the guard insulted his mother. Alan looked at the guard while increasing his aura and said, "I would advise you not to insult him again, otherwise your life could end now like the rest of the Lan clan. »

The three guards were suffocating, Alan's aura had brought them to their knees, he had never seen such a strong aura in their lives. It was at least 10 times stronger than the Lan family's ancestor.

Alan had checked her aura so that she would only go on the Lan clan guards. The young miss didn't feel anything.

Alan released his aura and then said "It was just a warning" After that, the guards could finally breathe, he thought they could finally leave when suddenly "Oh I forgot, you insulted my mother by saying she was a "bitch" no? "Saying his words Alan all his strength and aura that went to the guard who insulted his mother.

The guard even had time to react only to each bone, organs of his body exploded.

Kidneys, Femur, Lungs...

After a few breaths of suffering, the guard died bleeding from the seven orifices.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! "The young miss unable to hold back screamed, it was the first time she saw a murder, the guards were soaked with sweat, if the young man in front of him could kill warriors at the spiritual stage with his aura, what was his strength? Even the royal family couldn't do that.

The two guards took the unconscious young miss and took her directly to the Lan clan.

Alan went back in his mother's footsteps, but he wondered why Yan Fei wasn't with Mu Qianqian, otherwise none of this would have happened.

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