Dragon God System Chapter 48: Evil plan of Mu Qianqian


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Alan left with Yan Fei and the imperial ancestor of the Yan family. On the way, the imperial ancestor had great respect for Alan, he thought that Yan Fei was really lucky to have met someone like Alan. He was also afraid because if someone from the Yan empire offended him he would not have a good ending.

Yan Fei was happy, all the way, she was hanging on Alan's arm, she knew that soon she would travel the world with him, she was impatient.

When they arrived at the gates of capital, there were a lot of people, everyone wanted to see who was the young man from heaven who could kill the ruler of the Greenwood Forest and subdue the Zao empire.

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Alan was surprised, the events had happened a few hours ago, but everyone already knew, it's incredible.

"The world organization is really fast, it's only been a few hours, but the whole empire knows about it" Yan Fei was completely stunned, the world organization was extremely mysterious, all the empires had a world organization inside, but no one dared to try to fight it.

"Look at this handsome young man, he must surely be the one who killed the ruler of the forest and subdued the Zao empire! "A young woman screamed on the side.

"He is so handsome, if I could be his maid, I could die in peace," a young noble girl shouted with stars in her eyes.

"Shh, you don't know he's the princess' man! "A man shouted, he had jealousy in his eyes.

Full of woman screams resounded in the city, Alan had a headache. Yan Fei was not jealous but proud because Alan was only hers, she was proud of it. As for Alan, he was shocked, so many women showing his love, who wouldn't be happy? But he shook his head.

"Alan! "Suddenly a girl's scream was heard, when Alan looked in the direction he could see 5 young people his age, 3 boys and two girls.

Looking at them, Alan recognized them, it was the 2 girls and 3 boys he had met in the forest and saved.

"Hello, benefactor! "The three boys were happy, who would have thought that the man who saved their lives was someone so strong.

The two girls, on the other hand, were a little shy and nervous, they knew that Alan would pay almost no attention to them, they had already seen her in the forest.

"Hello" Alan normally answered them with a smile, he had already seen himself and he liked the 3 boys rather, they had a good spirit and a strong will to protect their friends. As for the girls, he didn't like them because they were like princesses and were arrogant but in the face of danger, she cried.

Alan was surprised, the 3 boys had gone to the 8th stage of body refinement, they had gone through two realms in a few weeks, it was quite impressive.

Yan Fei had seen that Alan despised the girls, so she didn't look at them, she greeted the young men with a smile. When they saw Yan Fei's smile, they almost fell into disarray, but they quickly regained their minds.

After speaking for a few minutes Alan greeted them and then left with Yan Fei and the ancestor to the imperial palace, the 3 young men had now become the center of the crowd, but the two girls were mocked.

On entering the palace, Alan directly said that he was interfering in the cultivation and that he did not want to be disturbed. The others nodded.

Actually, Alan wanted to unlock the second floor of the Nine Swords Tower. But for him to unlock it, he had to be at the intermediate stage of the intention of the sword, which was very complicated, between the initial and intermediate stages, there were many differences.

"Hello, Master" As he entered the tower, he was greeted by the spirit of the tower.

Alan nodded and asked, "Spirit, for the 2nd floor, I need to understand the intermediate stage of the sword's intention, how can I get there as quickly as possible? "Alan knew that the spirit would give him a lot of advice, he was a sword master.

"The intermediate stage improves the understanding of the sword, you haven't had enough fighting yet. Already masters the initial stage. The voice of the sword is not something that can be understood in a few days. You must meditate, reflect and above all consider the sword as a person, that is the only way you will become a strong person on the path of the sword." The sword spirit spoke calmly, but you could see that there was admiration in his eyes, even he didn't know where the sword's path stopped.

Alan listened carefully, it was the advice of a master, so of course he listened, but what the mind didn't know was that he had the art of the sacred sword. It was a mysterious art that helped him understand the intention of the sword.

Alan went to the special room to meditate on the path of the sword, the hours passed, Alan advanced a little bit, he knew he was improving, but he had to have fights to put into practice. Alan sighed, he left the sword tower. He came out of his room, walking in the corridors, he saw his mother in the distance.

"Mother! "Alan screamed as he ran to his mother, when he saw Alan, Alan's mother smiled, when he saw his mother, Alan realized that something was wrong. Her mother was scared and a little shaky, it wasn't natural.

"Mother, what's the matter with you? "Alan wondered what could put his mother like that.

Mu Qianqian looking at Alan and saying, "There's a big tiger in my room, I'm scared, he wants to jump on me, so I ran away.

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Alan didn't know if he had heard correctly, he couldn't help but laugh. Seeing Alan like that, Mu Qianqian didn't know what to do, could it be that his son wants it dead?

"Mother, if the tiger wanted to eat you, he would have done it a long time ago, he is much stronger than me. "He had forgotten that after returning to the palace, he left the tiger with Yan Fei. Yan Fei had to go into Mu Qianqian's room and leave the tiger inside to scare him. When he saw his mother like that, he knew it worked.

"Yan Fei must be proud of her" Alan was always laughing as Mu Qianqian grunted his teeth in anger.

"Hmph, my beautiful daughter makes jokes like that to me. When her wedding comes, I'll pay her back for what she did to me. I already have my little idea hehe, look forward to the wedding "After his words, a diabolical smile was formed on Mu Qianqian's face.

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