Dragon God System Chapter 47: Conquering the Zao Empire


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"You have two choices."

When they heard Alan's words, everyone was in shock, but the most shocked was the imperial ancestor of the Zao empire, he knew there was nothing more he could do about it.

"Is there a grudge between this man and this old man?"

"Shh, you don't know that he is the imperial ancestor of the Zao empire, the strongest man in the empire," said another.

A tumult broke out between the spectators. Alan did not bother to listen to the discussions and continued to speak while looking at the ancestor.

"The first choice and to become subordinate to the Yan empire"

"Second choice, die"

Alan's words were not strong, but resonated everywhere, everyone heard, the imperial ancestor was sweating, he thought that if he chose the first choice, it would become a disgrace to the Zao empire, but if he did not accept, he would be killed, the Zao empire would no longer have any protection.

"Why go so far? "Finally the ancestor spoke up, he did not want to become a subordinate of an empire.

"Hey, why? What question, your empire tried to kill my wife and even killed the best geniuses in our empire after I fought a wolf and destroyed a large part of the forest, but tell you why I go so far? You're really stupid" Alan made fun of the ancestor, humiliating him in front of everyone.

"You... how dare you make fun of me! "Angered by anger, he ran at Alan. He had completely forgotten that Alan was with the ruler of the forest.

Seeing the imperial ancestor running at him, Alan laughed, "I knew you were stupid, but I didn't think your stupidity would have reached this stage. "After saying that, Alan increased his energy to the maximum, even if he wasn't afraid of him, he was still someone in the 3rd stage of the basic foundation, which was more powerful than the ancestor of the Yan empire. Alan understood why he had dared to declare war.

"Three waves of energy" Alan stretched his fist and 3 waves each more powerful than the others headed at high speed against the ancestor of the Zao empire.

The surprised ancestor Zao got on the defensive, he was able to resist the first wave, the second one made him move back and shook his organs a little, when he saw the third one, he didn't have time to understand what had happened that he was sent to several dozen meters with a large trace of point on his abdomen. All his organs were displaced, his ribs were broken and he had trouble breathing.

When Alan saw this, he was a little surprised by the strength of the 3 waves and at the same time he thought, "The body of a beast with a legendary bloodline is really incomparable with the human body. »

All people had their mouths wide open, someone who is at the top of the three empires was destroyed by someone who was under 20 years old, how could we not be shocked? When did a divine genius like Alan appear? Or does it come from the extremely dangerous outside world, or the legendary cultivators who can break mountains and fly in the sky? So many questions arose in the minds of the spectators.

The imperial ancestor was seriously wounded, could no longer stand up and was forced to lie on his back.

Alan approached and said "Submit or die" Alan didn't want to kill him because a cultivator at the basic foundation stage is rare in this small corner of the Jiang continent. He wanted to increase the Yan empire and put it on an equal footing with the great powers of the world, of course it would take years to do that, but Alan had all the time in the world and he knew that with the system everything is possible.

The imperial ancestor of the Zao empire could no longer do anything, he was trembling with rage but could do nothing about it, it was a humiliation he had never seen before. As he bit his lip, he said in a weak and trembling voice, "I submit to the Yan empire".

Alan smiled when he heard his words and then said, "Well, you'll see that you've made the best decision of your life, you can even reach a new cultivation realm if you're faithful. »

The body of the imperial ancestor was shaking, what a new realm meant, it was a realm above the basic foundation, something that had never been seen for hundreds of years. But this young man told him that if he was faithful, he could reach him. When he heard the words, he didn't believe them, but when he remembered Alan's strength before the age of 20, he thought it was possible.

Alan bought two 3-star pills to heal the ancestor's wounds.

"Here, it's a three-star bone recovery pill and a three-star vital recovery pill, it will allow you to be in shape in two days, then you'll go back to the Zao Empire and announce the news.

The ancestor was incredibly shocked, the young man in front of him gave him two three-star pills as if they were candy. When the ancestor had the pills in his hands, he felt like he was holding treasures. Two-star pills were incredibly rare even for the royal family and three-star pills were treasures. The ancestor was even more convinced that Alan was someone from the outside world.

"Thank you, thank you very much, I would follow all your orders" The ancestor said to himself that being subordinated to someone like that was not humiliating but on the contrary it would be beneficial for him and for the empire.

"You will not only follow my orders, but those of the king or a member of the royal family of the Yan empire, but don't worry if someone abuses his position and asks you to do humiliating things, you have the right to retaliate, of course without killing I would conduct an investigation to handle this case.

The ancestor nodded, at least the young man in front of him was not a tyrant who would humiliate everyone just because he was stronger, but he still treated him as a human being.

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Anyway Alan was not aware of the ancestor's thoughts, for him there were two people, one deserving to die, the other not deserving to die. The ancestor did not deserve to die because he had done nothing. He didn't even know about the plot against the princess of the Yan empire in the forest. For Alan everyone was human beings, he would never humiliate anyone, except for those who would humiliate him in front of people.

After that, Alan went back to Yan Fei's side, he didn't want to rush to the Liang empire, on the contrary he knew that the Liang empire after hearing the news would submit directly to the Yan empire if he wasn't stupid or at least he would send gifts or other to show that loyalty to the Yan empire.

"The conquest of the five empires begins! »

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