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As he walked out of the forest, Alan didn't know which direction he was going because the forest was completely destroyed.

"Shit, I'm almost naked! "He wondered why he felt fresh air all over his body, but what he had forgotten was that his robe was almost destroyed. There were still some small pieces of fabric left.

Alan went quickly into the system store to buy a dress, there were dresses of all kinds, Alan was shocked by a dress.

[Celestial emperor's dress

Price: 100,000 system points

Description: Dress of a celestial emperor, it is characterized by its golden fabric with dragon shapes. It can regenerate itself on its own thanks to the energy of the world. ]

"100,000 points for a dress! It's really expensive, but at least I'll never have to buy another one. "Thinking about that, Alan bought it right away, entering his space ring, he took the dress. When he took it he was shocked because it was extremely light, Alan thought he was wearing nothing. When Alan put it on, he felt light as if he was wearing nothing. The dress gave off an extremely noble aura, it was in perfect harmony with its aura.

Alan climbed up on the tiger and rushed out of the forest. Suddenly, thanks to his extremely strong senses, Alan could see many people, thousands of people were outside the forest. He could even feel and see Yan Fei from afar, it is important to know that thanks to his bloodline, his senses were extremely strong for someone from his realm.

"It seems that my fight did not go unnoticed, but there is almost no cultivator above the spiritual realm. "Alan could count only 3 cultivators at the basic foundation stage. The others were only in the refining of the body or spiritual realm.

"Look, someone's coming out! "Suddenly a man pointed his finger at the forest, everyone looked, looking at the shade, you could see a shape of a beast and a human above.

Suddenly the shadow came out of the forest, everyone was in shock, there was a man of a beauty that would drive all the women in the world crazy, he wore a beautiful golden dress with dragon drawings on it, it was like a heavenly emperor who came into mortal realm. The man was sitting on a tiger that had a dark but extremely powerful aura.

"Soo... Forest Sovereign! "Suddenly a man began to stammer and scream, the man was one of three cultivators at the basic foundation stage. He was someone who stood at the top of empires, but when he saw the beast he had a trace of fear. It should be known that even if the tiger had had changes, it always gave off the same aura around itself even if the tiger had become several ten times stronger than before. At that time the tiger had almost no competitor in the realm of the base foundation.

When everyone heard the man's words, there was a great uproar, when they looked at Alan, there was adoration, jealousy and even love. Tame the ruler of the Greenwood Forest? Even the greatest masters of the three empires could not do it.

"ALAN!" Suddenly a cry of joy was heard, soon a silhouette projected into Alan's arms crying. All the men around were in shock, while the women looked at Yan Fei as if they wanted to kill her.

Alan hugged her and said, "It's okay, I'm alive, don't worry."

"Don't ever do that again, I've been so worried about you. "Yan Fei could feel that Alan had not yet recovered fully, so she knew that Alan had suffered a serious injury because even after more than a day after the fight, he had not recovered. Of course if she knew Alan was unconscious for more than a day, she'd have a heart attack.

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Alan patted his back all smiling, he was happy. He who hates everyone but his mother a few weeks ago was changing, he just thought he was born into the wrong family.

"It's the princess of the Yan empire! "The second cultivator at the realm of basic foundation recognized the princess directly, because he was the ancestor of the Zao empire, he had seen her because his grandson who died was madly in love with her.

"What! »

"So it's the famous beauty number one of the 5 empires! »

"What a beauty, if I could have a woman like her, I could die without regret. »

Many people spoke following the word that the ancestor of the Zao empire had just said, of course there were jealous people who loved the princess, but nobody said anything because he had seen the power of man.

"Quickly this news must be heard! The princess of the Zao Empire is dating a man named Alan who tamed the ruler of the Greenwood Forest. "The man who shouted was a someone who worked at the world organization, she listed the world's news in the 5 empires, of course, this organization was the best on the Jiang continent.

Yan Fei heard all this and withdrew from Alan's arms with red cheeks, she were not used to being revealed in public especially by hugging a man.

Upon hearing the words of the man, Everyone would tell the news to each other, of course there will be an editorial board writing in the weekly newspaper of the world organization.

It was the first time that Alan revealed his strength to the public, and especially showed himself in front of so many people, but he was not the least stressed on the contrary he was happy, even if he knew that Yan Fei was being pursued by nobles of the two outer empire, with the king of the underworld, he was not afraid of them, on the contrary he even wanted to take their treasures.

Then suddenly Alan looked at the man who had revealed Yan Fei's identity. He hadn't discovered Yan Fei before because she was wearing a mask, but when she saw Alan, she took it off. When Yan Fei saw Alan looking at the man, she said, "He is the royal ancestor of the Zao family".

"Oh, interesting" Alan smiled, seeing that smile, the man shivered, he knew that now the war was lost in advance, if he went there it was like going to a slaughterhouse.

Alan looked at him again smiling and said, "You have two choices."

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