Dragon God System Chapter 45: King of the underworld


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When the battle has stopped, everything is calm again, in a few hours the cloud is scattered. Alan was still unconscious, he had used all his spiritual energy, he needed a long moment of rest.

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The beast was staring at Alan, she waited patiently for Alan to wake up. Of course, the 3 empires were alerted, but they did not even dare to send people to see the situation. All they could see was two-thirds of the forest gone.

There was a lot of people in front of the forest, waiting for someone to come out and especially to hope to see who was victorious in such a fight.

In the distance you could see a masked girl, behind her was an old man.

"Fei'er, do you really think it was Alan who fought the ruler of the forest? The one who spoke was the imperial ancestor of the royal Yan family.

"Grandfather, he left in the forest to join the Zao empire, and as luck would have it, a fight broke out in the forest, I think he wanted to defeat the ruler of the forest to test that force. The woman who spoke was Yan Fei

1 day passed, there were fewer people in front of the forest, in spite of all, there remained many people of the 3 empires. As two-thirds of the forest was destroyed, the three empires were almost no longer defined by the forest.

"Hmm" In the forest a groan was heard, the beast next jumped a little. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and said, "Where am I? The youth was Alan, after a day of sleep, he had woken up. Suddenly, Alan noticed the beast in front of him. Taken by surprise, he stepped back pushing on those legs. He did not have the strength to run and even less to fight.

Then suddenly, Alan thought about the quest, if the beast did not hurt him, would that mean he managed to defeat him? Alan was happy, trying to get up, he walked towards the beast. The beast surprised that Alan approached him instead of fleeing as he had done was happy.

"Roaar" A little roar was heard from the beast, it was not a roar of fight or anger, but a roar of happiness as if he was happy that Alan was awake. Seeing this Alan smiled, he was extremely happy. But he was even happier because he had had a lot of reward, he searched his mind and found that the system told him a day before.

[Tiger of the underworld defeated

Reward: Underworld Tiger Beast Core and 28,000 System Points + 500% for Legendary Bloodline

Total: 168,000 system points.]

[Congratulation to the host for completing the secondary quest

the rewards were put in the storage ring. The beast is now revived to its strongest state and becomes your mount.]

Alan was happy with 168,000 points for a single beast, but he deserved it because he had almost lost his life fighting. But the most important thing was not this reward, but the rewards of the secondary quest. He now had the beast as a mount but also a divine quality pill and the first 3 movement of the Asura sword technique.

The divine quality bloodline boost pill was no help to him because his bloodline was already above divine quality. So he will give it to this new mount. But what interested him was the Asura sword technique, there were only the first 3 moves but it was already a high holy rated skill!

"System, what are the Asura? Alan was curious, if the Asura were able to create such a skill, he must be extremely powerful.

[In response to the host, the Asura are the most powerful warrior race in the universe, there are not many, but each of them have a scary force. The asura are the kings of the massacre.]

If we saw Alan at that moment we could see that his mouth had the shape of an "O". Which was normal, Alan lived on a small planet, he often looked at the stars and said to himself that the universe is immense and we just told him that this race was the most powerful. How could he not be shocked?

He decided directly to learn Asura's technique, a flow of information through Alan's mind, he could now practice Asura's first move called "Annihilation of Hell" It was just the first blow, but it could destroy mountains. It was incredible, Alan wondered "what if he could practice the 15th movement? What will be its power?"

Then Alan took a few hours to heal himself, at which time he was 90% recovered, all thanks to his body which gives him an improved regeneration. Then Alan took the pill, the pill was golden with red bars on it, it was a divine pill! Even the realm martial emperor's experts would fight to get it.

"What a perfume, I feel like I'm dreaming because of its smell. "The perfume of a divine quality pill was exquisite because it takes a lot of grass for a divine quality pill and especially because the pills in the system had a quality of 100%, even the alchemist who practiced for hundreds of years a divine pill could almost not reach 70% purity.

Alan approached the tiger and handed him the pill, the tiger was as if attracted by the smell, he swallowed it right away.

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM " A rumble was heard, the sky went black again. A black sky who would cause fear has many people. It was as if hell had come to earth.

The people around the forest were frightened by this aura, they fell to the ground kneeling hoping that he could come out alive. Yan Fei and the imperial ancestor were afraid, but they did not kneel.


In the forest the tiger roared, suddenly flashes of blood red colors came to strike the tiger from the underworld, it was a tribulation! According to legends when a mortal tries to pass to the stage of immortality, he must go through a tribulation. But the tiger was just experiencing an increase in bloodline.

10 minutes later, the lightning and clouds disappeared, everyone became calm again, Alan then looked at the tiger while analyzing it and was completely stunned.

[King of the underworld

Bloodline: Variant (Divine)

Cultivation level: 7th stage of the basic foundation

Description: The king of the underworld and the lowest in the Asura hierarchy. A variant that can obtain the recognition of the Asura and cultivate the techniques of Asura specialized for the King of the Underworld.

Alan was happy, now he was sure that if the tiger wanted to kill him, it would only take him a moment. But he wouldn't do it because it was his mount!

After that, Alan checked his status because he had killed so many animals that he wondered how many points he had?

[Host: Alan Cheng]

[Age: 16 years old]

[Cultivation: Spiritual Refinement 7]

[Body Cultivation: Divine Dragon has 2 claws]

[System point: 4,482,000]

[Bloodline: Dragon God 100% Purity]

Bloodline's skill: King's aura, dragon's breath, invulnerable to the 7 elements (water, earth, air, fire, lightning, darkness and light), understanding of the 7 elements and dragon's claw.]


[Heavenly Hammer] Level 1/? = 148/500

[Nine waves of energy] Level 3/9 = (40/500)

[Nine Lightning Movement] Level 4/9=(100/1000)

[Art of the Sacred Sword] Level 2/? = (628/10000)

[Five Celestial Fingers] Level 2/5 = (100/200)

[Culture technique: Dragon God culture method]

[Intention of the sword] Initial stage

[Asura Sword Technique] Level 1/3 = (0/1000)

Looking at his points Alan was in shock, he didn't expect to get so many points, but when he thought about it, he thought it was normal, he had destroyed two thirds of the forest by taking the animals with him. It should be known that it is in the upper regions of the forest, so all the animals that were destroyed were all at least at the spiritual stage, a beast that had just passed to the spiritual stage was already worth 3,000 points.

"I'm rich aha! "Alan was happy, he had a lot of system points" Then he put himself on the back of the king of hell and came out of the forest.

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