Dragon God System Chapter 44: A fight that shakes the fores


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The tiger's energy was extremely strong, it increased from second to second, it was something shocking, Alan took a few steps back so that the beast's power would not affect him.

After a few minutes, the tiger finished transforming, looking at the tiger, Alan discovered that it was much smaller than before, it was 3 meters high and 6 meters long. But its appearance is complementary and different.

A red/black color with red eyes and a medium horn on the head "Is it really the same beast? "Alan was in a state of misunderstanding, he wondered how the beast had evolved so much?

"System analyze this beast for me"

[Underworld tiger

Bloodline: Variant (Legendary)

Cultivation level: 4th stage of the basic foundation

Description: A beast that has obtained the help of demonic forces. The evolution of the blood fur tiger, a beast that increases its strength on the path of blood and slaughter.]

Alan was completely stunned, how could he kill that beast now, but suddenly the voice of the system rang again.

[Update of the secondary quest

Defeat the Forest Sovereign of Greenwood

Description: The ruler of the Greenwood Forest is a beast that is capable of destroying the 3 small empires on its own. Eliminate it to remove the threat to the three empires.

Time: 2 days

Reward: The beast will become your companion, bloodline enhancement pill (divine grade) and incomplete Asura sword technique (high Holy Grade)

Bloodline augmentation pill: Allows to increase the bloodline of beasts or martial artists from legendary to divine rank.]

Incomplete Asura Sword Technique: Incomplete version of the supreme Asura technique, it includes only the first 3 movements, the complete 15 movement version.

Alan was crazy about his rewards but he didn't have time to check because the tiger was already looking at him. Alan stopped laughing at all and increased his aura to the maximum.

"Dragon claw! "Alan didn't wait any longer, he used the dragon's claw directly, a giant claw pierced the sky facing the tiger.

The tiger didn't even move, he opened his mouth and a red ray came out going straight for the claw.


A staggering explosion spread, so if the fight between Alan and the Queen of Wolves did a lot of damage then the explosion caused by both skills was at least 10 times stronger.

Alan flew because of the shock wave, he tried to stabilize in the air, but he couldn't. After a while, he landed on the ground, his dress was torn everywhere, Alan stabilized, he didn't even wait any longer and threw the dragon's breath with the mixed fire element.

Alan always hoped to understand the other elements, but there was nothing in an empire like that to understand other elements, fruit was too expensive.

A huge radius much larger than the one used against the wolf queen, but instead of 80% of her forces, he used only 20%. This ray swept through the forest, killing the animals within a radius of 1 kilometer.

You could see in the battle area that it was no longer a green plain with trees around it, instead it was an extremely hot area with large craters a few hundred wide.

Alan tried to look for the tiger, but he couldn't find it, there was smoke everywhere, it was like a battlefield. Alan had used 40% of his energy.

"ROAAARRRR "Suddenly a roar was heard, Alan looked in the direction of the sound and saw the tiger. The tiger was wounded, he had a wound on the right side of his belly that was deep, his fur had turned black on most of his body.

"ROAARR" The tiger roared again but this time the sky changed, the original blue sky began to have clouds. Alan surprised by this looked at the change.

"BOOM" An extremely loud sound can be heard in the sky followed by an explosion of energy, Alan shivered, it was an extremely dark energy, an energy that had an intention to kill terrifying.

Suddenly the sky roared and a red lightning bolt struck the battle zone at a terrifying speed. Alan was completely stunned by the lightning, the lightning was completely terrifying.

Suddenly a lightning rush fell on the forest, Alan dodged the lightning, he looked at the tiger, the tiger did not move, no lightning fell on him. He understood that the terrifying lightning came from him. But suddenly he thought of something, he had the bloodline of the dragon god that allowed him to understand and resist all the elements, Alan then looked at the sky and did not move.

Suddenly a lightning bolt struck Alan, but instead of hurting him. The lightning was being eaten by Alan.

Alan, happy with this discovery, absorbed all the lightning that fell on him and tried to recover the others in the area.

A few minutes later, the clouds came off, Alan had a happy smile, his dress had holes everywhere, revealing his well-defined muscles.

"Haha, I finally got the flash element and it's an extremely powerful flash. "Alan was happy. He then looked at the tiger, but he only saw that he was no longer there.

Shocked by this, Alan turned quickly, turning around he saw an extremely powerful ray moving towards him.

Alan didn't have time to duck. He was swept away by the red ray through the forest.

"BOOM" A huge shock was heard in the forest, hundreds of trees disappeared in smoke, Alan was lying on the ground soaked in blood.

Alan was covered with scratches and burns caused by the sudden attack of the tiger, Alan got up directly, but instead of being tired, he was excited because he finally had the strength to beat the tiger.

"Suddenly he condensed almost all the energy in his mouth to throw the dragon's most powerful breath, but at the same time with the rest of the energy, he condensed it in his palm.

"DRAGON BLOW, 3 WAVES OF ENERGY" Alan shouted, suddenly the breath of the dragon that burned in the flames was now filled with lightning, in the breath of the dragon, there were 3 waves of mixed energies, making it Alan's most powerful combined attack.

The combination of the two attacks made the ground tremble, the ground crack over tens of metres.

The tiger, when he saw it, dropped his largest ray to try to resist the attack.

"BOOOOOOOOOOM" The shock of the attacks shook the sky and the earth, in the sky, we could see a cloud of smoke that spread at a terrifying speed covering the entire forest.

The shock wave swept through the entire upper and middle region of the forest, leaving only dead trees and charred animals, two thirds of the forest no longer existed.

"Father, what's going on? "In a room, a girl was in a state of panic, this girl was of course Yan Fei. In front of her her father looked in the direction of the forest.

The fight was heard in the capital of the Yan empire, even if the two powers were not strong enough to cause damage from the forest to the capital of the Yan empire, the sounds were heard.

"There was a fight in the forest, a huge fight, a fight that could destroy all of the capital on its own. "The king even if he remained calm was extremely shocked inside, how can such a power exist?

"Father, do you think Alan is the one who started the fight? "Yan Fei is aware of Alan's power, but after seeing the cloud that covered the entire forest. She couldn't help but panic.

"Clac" Before the king could answer, the door opened, the character who entered was an old man, but he gave off a strong energy.

"Imperial Ancestor" Yan Fei and the king bowed to this man because he was the strongest man in the Yan empire.

"If I'm not mistaken, the one who fought with your friend was the ruler of the Greenwood Forest. »

"THE SOVEREIGN OF THE GREENWOOD FOREST! "Yan Fei and the king was completely stunned, the ruler of the Greenwood Forest was a beast that alone could destroy the 3 empires around him. But he didn't do it because he knew that the 2 outside empires would kill him.

"Alan" Yan Fei whispered his words with tears in his eyes praying that nothing had happened to him.

In the Greenwood Forest (or rather the remains), you could see a human lying on the unconscious ground and a few hundred meters from him, there was a beast soaked in blood, we didn't know if it was dead or alive.

The man was Alan, he no longer had any energy in his body, he was now in the lower forest stranded on a tree. While the beast that was the tiger of hell was in a crater about ten meters deep covered with blood.

Suddenly the voice of the system echoed.

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[Underworld tiger defeated

Reward: Hell Tiger Beast Core and 28,000 system points + 500% for the legendary bloodline

Total: 168,000 system points]

[Congratulations to the host for completing the secondary quest

the rewards were put in the storage ring. The beast is now resuscitated to its strongest state and becomes your mount.]

Alan was completely unaware of this because he was in a state of sleep. But the hell tiger protected him while he slept so that nothing would happen to him.

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