Dragon God System Chapter 43: Two quests


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As Alan walked towards the Greenwood Forest the voice of the system echoed.

[Main Quest!

Objective: Remain calm in each situation.

Description: How to be a supreme being on the martial voice if the heart and mind do not follow? The mind improves your understanding, your speed of cultivation and allows you to think in the most dangerous situations.

Reward: Golden heart, sovereign heart technique and competence of the golden eyes piercing the heart.

Time: unlimited

Heart of gold: A heart that all practitioners on the martial path dream of having. A heart of gold means absolute calm, the heart of gold improves your understanding in a mind-boggling way. All the martial artists who have succeeded in obtaining the heart of gold are supreme beings who have upset generations.

Sovereign heart technique: Competence that has disappeared since antiquity, a technique that allows you to cultivate your golden heart to improve it.]

Golden Eye Skill Piercing the Heart: A skill made for someone who wants to become supreme, this technique allows the Golden Eyes to exert extremely strong pressure to pierce the heart and mind of the person, forcing them to submit and tremble with fear.

[Secondary quest!

Defeat the ruler of the Greenwood Forest

Description: The ruler of the Greenwood Forest is a beast that is capable of destroying the 3 small empires on its own. Eliminate it to remove the threat to empires

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Time: 2 days

Reward: The beast will become your mount, bloodline increase pill (holy grade).

Bloodline augmentation pill: Allows to increase the bloodline of beasts or martial artists from the holy rank to the legendary rank.]

Seeing all this, Alan was in ecstasy, it had been a long time since he had had a quest and he was given two.

What shocked Alan was the main quest, what Alan needed most right now was to stay calm about each situation.

"It seems like the system is trying to tell me that I need to control my mind as quickly as possible. »

Looking at the second quest Alan was surprised because the ruler of the Greenwood Forest was stronger than the 3 small empires combined, it greatly shocked her, but he wanted a battle because he hadn't had one for a long time. But it was mostly the bloodline augmentation pill, he was in ecstasy, it was a pill of holy rank!

Alan rushed to the depths of the forest to look for the ruler of the Greenwood Forest, walking around, he killed many beasts on the spiritual realm, his points increased very quickly.

Suddenly he arrived in a plain at the bottom of the forest, with his developed senses, Alan heard nothing, he wondered if he had made a mistake.

Suddenly Alan turned around, but he didn't have time to understand what happened as he was flying several tens of meters to fall on the rocks.

Alan spit out a sip of blood, it was the first time he felt like that since getting the system, Alan looked up to see who had made him fly like that.

When he looked up he saw a tiger 5 metres high and 10 metres long, he was huge.

"So you are the ruler of the forest, worthy of your reputation" Alan stood up and wiped the blood on the corner of his mouth, fortunately he had a strong body, otherwise this attack could kill someone at the top of the spiritual realm easily.

Alan then asked the system to analyze it.

[Blood fur tiger

Bloodline: Holy variant (high)

Cultivation: 3rd stage of the basic foundation

Description: A tiger that raised itself through the massacre, he killed so many beasts and humans that its fur turned blood red.]

Alan was surprised, although his cultivation is in the 3rd stage of the basic foundation, he was much stronger. It should be known that a demonic beast will always be stronger than a human, moreover the tiger has a holy bloodline variant, which gives it a greater power than normal holy bloodline. It should be noted that the variants were extremely rare, but they were much stronger.

Alan's fighting spirit was on fire, it was the first time since the Queen of Wolves that he had an exciting fight. Alan used the king's aura directly to its maximum, the tiger was surprised for a few moments, but completely broke the aura by releasing his own.

Alan was a little surprised, the tiger's aura was comparable to his, but there was a big difference in cultivation so Alan understood right away.

Alan smiled, he directly used his highest speed thanks to the movement of the nine flashes of lightning to finally reach the beast in front of him in a few breaths. Alan preparing himself hit the beast directly, but the beast disappeared directly, Alan surprised felt a shiver running through his back, he dodged directly, but it was too slow a reaction. Alan flew a few meters to finally fall on his back.

"What the hell is going on, how can it be so fast?" Alan was completely shocked, he didn't understand why the tiger was so fast.

When he got up, her dress was torn. We could see four large scratches on Alan's back. It should be known that the dress he had was precious, the dress could withstand the attack of marital artist at the realm of the basic foundation, but a few scratches and it was torn. Which shows the power of the tiger.

"Second wave energy! "Alan shouted and released two extremely strong waves towards the tigers. Both waves were extremely fast.

Suddenly the tiger opened his mouth, and a shield formed around him, which stopped the 2 waves of energies.

Alan surprised by this, but suddenly the understanding of his technique of the nine energy waves evolved, at that moment he could release 3 waves, happy by the sudden event that just happened, Alan directly released the 3 energy waves.

The first two were easily stopped by the tiger's energy shield, but the third one managed to crack the shield.

Alan took his sword from the chaos and rushed towards the tiger, freed his intention from the sword, the sword moved like the wind. It was extremely fast, even if the tiger could avoid most of the attacks, some of them hit him, but it was only superficial wounds.

Alan wondered if he should really use his bloodline powers, he wanted to have a real fight like a normal person without bloodline power, but when he saw the power of his opponent, he thought it was impossible.

"ROAARRRRR" Suddenly, the roaring tiger, Alan was not surprised by his screaming but by his transformation. The tiger's coat, which was already blood-coloured, becomes even redder, its eyes of blue origin become blood-red. There was even a little horn growing on his head, even though it was small, it was still visible.

For the first time, Alan felt that he was weak in the face of a beast. But his gaze did not contain the slightest trace of fear but rather a trace of excitement.

The real fight was about to begin.

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