Dragon God System Chapter 42: On the way to the Zao Empire


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After a while, Alan left the embrace and looked at Yan Fei with a happy smile on his face. Yan Fei was also happy, she loved Alan's embrace and smell. This gives him a sense of security.

Alan looked at her and approached her, he took her chin and brought her lips closer to hers. Yan Fei closed his eyes not resisting and waited for the moment when the two lips would touch.

She won't be disappointed a moment later. Their lips stuck together for a passionate kiss. Yan Fei felt like she no longer had control over her body, Alan had already kissed her, but it was just a peck. While this was a deep kiss.

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Alan's tongue entered his mouth looking for Yan Fei's language, Yan Fei who didn't know how to kiss was a little lost, but she showed his tongue so that Alan could take it.

The kiss lasted several minutes, after that Alan finished the kiss, when Alan knows how to remove a net of saliva formed, it was like a pond that linked Alan and Yan Fei.

Yan Fei looked at Alan with loving eyes and a smile that could upset the hearts of all men. Alan was the same, he had a look full of love when he looked at the woman in front of him.

"I hope marriage is coming soon" Suddenly a voice woke them from their dreams.

"AH!" The two jumped at the same time and looked towards the voice to see that it was Mu Qianqian who had a smile on his face.

Alan was a little upset about his mother because she had completely dropped the mood. Yan Fei was the same, she pouted, she wanted to please Alan, but now her mother-in-law was there.

"Mother, you could at least knock on the door before you enter" Alan was completely shocked by that mother who walked into people's rooms without knocking, what if he did something?

Mu Qianqian looked at Alan and sniffed, "Hmph, I knocked at least 3 times but nobody answered, and seeing that the door was open, I came in, then I see you do that for several minutes, you didn't even notice that someone had entered! »

Alan and Yan Fei were surprised, she had knocked several times and besides she had been there for several minutes, so she saw everything. Alan was surprised by this when Yan Fei blushed so much that she smoked.

Alan took the floor again, trying to calm the atmosphere "Mother, why are you looking for me? "Alan knew that his mother wouldn't bother him for nothing, so she had to have something to say to him.

Mu Qianqian looked at his son and said, "It's true, I came to get you because earlier your pressure almost killed me! »

Alan was completely stunned, he had forgotten that his mother's room was the closest to the conference room, so even if it was a few dozen meters away, she felt a lot of pressure because she was still only at the beginning of the spiritual realm. But what surprised Alan was that his mother could recognize that it was his pressure and not someone else's, while when he hung out with them, the system suppressed his cultivation base, so that no spiritual energy came out of his body, which explains why the Marshal believed that Alan had no strength.

But he almost killed his mother, he sweated profusely, Yan Fei and then his mother, maybe he even killed the weakest people in the castle or made them faint. Alan knew that now he would have to control his emotions, otherwise it would cause a lot of trouble. He had no mercy for the enemies and could even annihilate all their families, but he would not dare touch even his family members with a finger and there he had almost killed the two he loved most. Of course, when talking about family members, he did not take into account his brother and father because someone who abandons his son does not deserve to be called "family".

Alan hugged his mother and then said, "I'm sorry, in addition to Yan Fei I almost killed my mother, my biggest flaw and correct my emotions, otherwise I could still hurt you. »

Mu Qianqian looked at his son with a deep love and said, "Alan, you were right, if someone insults your wife, don't hold back but at least try to block your aura only on him and don't let her escape. »

Alan hocha la tête, c'est vrai que d'habitude, il limite ton aura sur la personne a laquelle il veut faire préssion mais la il n'avait pas du tout réfléchis, il était absorbé par la colère, si il n'y avait pas Yan Fei et le roi qui suffoquait, il aurait tué le maréchal.

"Mother, don't worry, the next time I'll be careful. I would no longer let my emotions control my mind, otherwise I would never become a great person! "A flash of lightning shone in his eyes after the end of that sentence.

Yan Fei and Mu Qianqian looked at each other with a smile and nodded, they were happy that Alan had become a determined person, especially Mu Qianqian who had lived with him all his life knew that he no longer wanted to be the one before.

Then Alan started talking "I plan to go to the Zao Empire tomorrow, I'll go alone, it won't be long, just long enough to get him to submit to the Yan Empire"

The expressions of Yan Fei and Mu Qianqian became ugly, Yan Fei knew he was going to leave and Mu Qianqian too, but the idea of not seeing him for days made them feel sad.

Alan naturally noticed the worried and sad looks of the two women, but it was more sad looks to not see for a few days than worried looks because both had already seen Alan's power and were naturally not worried.

Alan smiles and then says, "Don't worry, once we've settled this, we'll leave the Yan Empire to discover the world together! »

The sad faces of Yan Fei and Mu Qianqian began to shine, who wouldn't want to travel the world in search of adventure? It was the dream of many martial artists, but the world was dangerous.

Mu Qianqian spoke out "Take good care of yourself, don't hurt yourself, even if you are very strong, there are always people stronger than you" There was always a trace of worry, maybe it was a worry that only mothers have.

Yan Fei looked at Alan with a look that said the same thing.

Alan smiled at the two women and then they kept talking until nightfall, of course Alan was going to stay in Yan Fei's room and Yan Fei also wanted to spend the night with him.

The next day Alan got up, Yan Fei woke up at the same time, Alan kissed him on the forehead and then whispered, "Take care of yourself during the days when I wouldn't be here".

Yan Fei smiled charmingly and nodded, Alan left the room and said, "On the way to the Zao Empire! »

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