Dragon God System Chapter 41: I prefer to be alone


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After this embarrassing moment, Alan spoke up "We can start"

The 3 middle-aged men frowned when Alan spoke like that, even though he had seen the king's daughter seem to be close to this young man, he was in front of the king.

The king nodded, not at all surprised by Alan's tone, then he began to speak "Our first troops will be sent tomorrow in the morning, they will have to cross the Greewood forest to arrive in the Zao empire, the commander of this first troop will be General Huo, he is step 4 of the spiritual realm, our imperial ancestor will go alone to watch the battle, he will intervene when the imperial ancestor of the Zao empire comes, Marshal what do you think?" After saying that, the king turned to one of the men, this man was the marshal of the Yan empire, someone who had much merit in the fighting.

The marshal smiled, then said "The king is right, a battle can last a few days or several months, our first troop will have 15,000 men. The first troop is mainly based on enemy intelligence, as it is particularly weak for combat. This will allow us to better choose our 2nd and 3rd troops and send much stronger people. "After saying that, the marshal stopped talking and looked at the king and the others. The other 2 men nodded with satisfaction, naturally so did the king. The only two people who didn't say anything were Alan and Yan Fei. Yan Fei because she wasn't competent in strategy and Alan because it was boring. If he wanted to, he could stop this war in a few hours.

That was naturally what had planned it, he wanted to stop wasting time in an empire like this and go straight to travel the world and move on to the basic training stage, he would unlock a lot of functionality through the system and other things.

When the marshal saw this, he frowned thinking that Yan Fei and Alan had nothing to do here, so he politely asked the king "My king, sorry to offend you by saying this, but your daughter and this young man have nothing to do here because your daughter will not participate and neither will this young man. »

The king frowned when he heard his words, but he didn't answer, he wanted to see how Alan would answer that.

Alan naturally saw the king's gaze, he smiled inwardly, then he said while looking at the marshal, "You are wrong, I would participate in this war, it will give me exercise".

Everyone was stunned by Alan's answer, will it give him some exercise? This is a war! Not a game. Even the king and Yan Fei were shocked.

"Insolent, how dare you compare a war with exercises! You think you could have some fun! It's a war, there will be blood, murders, how could someone weak like you say that! "Unable to retain these words, the marshal shouted loudly.

Alan didn't even take the time to look at him and say, "It's true I would go to this war alone, a Zao empire doesn't even deserve to be in my eyes, I'm participating in this war just because they tried to kill my wife and **** her! "After that, Alan had a fierce look and materialized a murderous intent.

The marshal was in shock when he heard his words and laughed, "You... Someone with no cultivation doesn't put an empire in his eyes, I would have seen everything in my life. I'm sure it wasn't even you who saved the princess but the disciples who died, all this and a ploy! After the disciple died and the princess unconscious, you took her with you to make it look like you saved her!"

Alan unable to contain his fury released all his strength mixed with his king's aura, the ground trembled, it would seem as if the castle was about to collapse, Alan did not even contain his aura, all the people in the room were kneeling, even those outside the room were kneeling before this presence, it was as if their minds were afraid and asking them to kneel.

In the room, everyone was on their knees suffocating and the king was not spared. Yan Fei had trouble breathing, she was the weakest of all. Alan had not contained it at all, when he saw the king and Yan Fei like that, Alan withdrew his aura and said, "If you dare say something like that, I would make sure that your body would disappear from this world. After that, Alan took Yan Fei by the hand and left the room.

The 3 middle-aged men and especially the marshal were trembling with fear, they had never imagined that a 16-year-old kid would have such strength and noble aura, it was as if Alan commanded their minds by telling them to kneel. It was the aura of a sovereign, someone who was born to lead!

The king was also in shock, but he had not imagined that Alan had such strength, even the imperial ancestor did not have 40% of his strength, but at least nothing was destroyed or killed.

He then looked at the marshal who had peed himself, with anger "never offend anyone without knowing his origins, the world is huge, don't think we are the strongest. If it wasn't for my daughter to calm him down. I wonder if you'd still be alive! "The king was angry with the marshal, but at the same time very happy, Alan had said that he would go alone to the Zao empire, with his strength, winning should not be difficult.

Outside the room, Alan took Yan Fei to his room, entering his room, Alan hugged Yan Fei in his arms and whispered to him, "Sorry, I couldn't control myself" Alan could have killed Yan Fei just with his pressure, that pressure was so strong that it could destroy someone's organs at the top of the spiritual realm in a few minutes.

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Yan Fei, who was only in the middle of spiritual realm, could only last less than a minute. Alan was really disgusted with what he had just done. He almost killed the one who loved him. He thought that now he should learn to keep control of himself, otherwise he could harm his loved ones.

Yan Fei had understood why Alan was like that, it was when the marshal talked about her, she was happy, Alan was angry with her, she wrapped her arms around Alan's body and said, "Don't worry Alan, I'm fine, I'm even happy to see that you got angry when he talked about me. »

Alan and Yan Fei remained in this position forgetting the time that passes by.

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